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OpenMMLab Image and Video Editing Toolbox


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MMEditing is an open source image and video editing toolbox based on PyTorch. It is a part of the OpenMMLab project.”

This offers e.g. GPU based image upscaling via advanced AI routines, allowing to increase texture detail at the push of a button.

Technology like this opens the door to complete visual game remakes through batch processing their entire texture catalog. Amazing stuff.

Have a look at their site and search the web for examples of amazing visual overhaul mods done with these tools.

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The advancements in AI for image and video editing, like those offered by OpenMMLab, are awe-inspiring. The ability to upscale images using GPU-based AI routines shows how technology is revolutionizing how we approach visual content. It's fascinating for projects that require batch processing of textures, opening up new possibilities for game remakes and more.

In my experience with video editing, while AI tools offer advanced capabilities, I've often relied on user-friendly software that balances ease of use with powerful features. After moving from iMovie to a Windows system, I discovered Movavi on https://www.movavi.com/imovie-for-windows/, a fantastic alternative. It's not AI-based like OpenMMLab's offerings but provides an excellent balance for practical editing. With Movavi, I can easily drag-and-drop video and audio tracks, add effects, and perform editing techniques popular with YouTubers and gamers. 

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