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  1. Ready or Not, from what I see so far, plays pretty much exactly like SWAT 4, which was a fantastic game. Someone told me that the Devs even said that it's based on SWAT 4. My mates and I have just picked up the game so we haven't dived into it yet. We're still keeping very busy with Ground Branch.
  2. My squad has picked up the pre-alpha version of Ground Branch and are playing it in co-op. IMHO, BlackFoot has done a really good job on this. So far, it seems like a game where you can absolutely play it in a very tactical fashion. There a many little touches that add to the realism of the combat. And there is no HUD or player tags whatsoever. We've chalked up a lot of TKs. The loadouts are very detailed and the various options definitely affect gameplay. Right now, this game is getting more play time than Sandstorm or Arma 3 in my group.
  3. Yes, Sandstorm co-op is one the best games my squad plays. We play on customized servers that have GREATLY increased the game's difficulty making it extremely challenging.
  4. @Cheimison, Ground Branch will have 8-man co-op. It's now available at Steam as an Early Access game. It looks decent and so far, it seems, feedback is good. This game looks like it might be more similar to Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield than Ghost Recon but we'll see. If it sort of adheres to "tactical realism", GR fans may be happy. I'm keeping an eye on it and am wishing them the best. I became a supporter a LONG time ago. @Milgeek, isn't it funny that when you hear some news about a "tactical realism" shooter, the first place you think to go to talk about it is ghostrecon.net? That's exactly why I came here after a very long hiatus! Where else is the torch carried for "tactical realism" or whatever term you want to use that conveys the essence of Ghost Recon?
  5. I decided to load up OGR and do the whole SP campaign again. Having a blast! The only mod I'm using is Heroes Unleashed. I own Arma 3 so I might look into GR mods for it but I don't know anything about them as of yet. In 2016, I played a lot of Insurgency but it's not really tactical. In 2017, I played a lot of GRW but it definitely lacks something that OGR has.
  6. Most definitely, the most memorable gaming moment in my life was playing OGR. Before OGR, I had never played a military combat game nor had I ever experienced online multi-player. I had no idea what it was like. My best buddy had the game too so he convinced me to meet him in OGR online. I remember clicking the join game button and... ... suddenly my world was black and the Mission 1 castle was glowing bright green in front of me (NVGs) . I turned and was startled to see my friend (GR NPC) standing next to me and then hearing his voice! It was a total "holy crap" moment. I had entered an alternate reality. I remember all my core muscles tightening and the real world fading from my awareness as I was totally immersed in this new world. It was truly one of those very rare moments where you get pulled out of reality. I was in an alternate world, it was nighttime and I was in a combat situation. When an enemy deuce and a half pulled up and started to unload tangoes, I could literally feel the adrenaline surging. It was a surreal gaming moment that I will never see the likes of again... unless Virtual Reality improves by leaps and bounds. It's a moment I'll never forget!
  7. LOL! Couldn't had said it better myself! If you can find the right people, the game will make you a convert. Just sayin' tbis game is definitely worth investigating. Definitely reminds me of the golden days of co-op gaming. Actually the bot training can be very hard! You will be flanked! BTW, depending on server setup, if the current session sucks, start a vote and change the session.
  8. "Do you ever play it with friends?" Absolutely!... by far the best way to play. This game is completely integrated into the Steam Community environment so communication with friends and setting up games is very, very easy. There's a decent server browser as well. With Steam, you get statuses on all your friends...buddy is offline, buddy is in menu, buddy is in game XXXXXXX, buddy is arguing with his wife about how much time he spends gaming, etc. I'm doing my first from-scratch PC build in about 7 years. Going to use my current PC as an Insurgency dedicated server hopefully. The game does not have non-dedicated hosting like GR. The game many touches in an attempt at greater game "realism": - no HUD - you only respawn when your team achieves a goal - no magic magazine refills. when you swap mags, the new mag you get is whatever one has the most bullets left in it. - any bullet (from friend or foe) tbat whizzes close to you blurs your vision. This is the game's implementation of "suppression".
  9. I haven't posted in quite a while here but I wanted to say that I gave Insurgency a go and IMHO it's the best co-op military shooter since Ghost Recon. It's hard to tell from many of the videos posted because experienced players who've played the maps 8,000 times tend to move very fast...as they already know every possible detail about them. As such, it doesn't look nearly as tactical (or enjoyable) as it really is. But that's PvP...something I never play. But this game has co-op and in cooperative mode, this game has the framework to be as methodical, tactical and co-operative as you want. I think the biggest key to the success of this game is the AI. Finally, a game where the AI is a worthy and even impressive opponent. When you deathcam after dying in Bot Training, you can watch the AI flank, clear buildings, use cover for reloads and more. They'll even stop, backup and flank to come around an enemy unsuspected. This is where I found out just how good the game is. With AI mates against and AI enemy force, I've experienced what EASILY has to be the best AI-based firefights of any co-op military game I've played. And to drive that point home, it's probably the first game where, many times, after I was killed by the AI, I didn't scream "bull****" - meaning the game is simply playing God, but I died because I'm fighting a competent enemy. Many people may never play this game simply because the models and visuals remind them of CounterStrike. Yes, this game is also based on the Source Engine. To that I say, so what? We all know that gameplay reigns over graphics. There are three co-op modes. IMHO, the best game modes are reserved for PvP. What's odd is that you can play these PvP-type game modes in Bot Training against AI. So why not in-game? I'm going to try and contact the company about this. I can tell that this game does many things right. Many people, myself included, end up saying that there's something about this game that makes it feel more "real" than any other military shooter they've played. So there you go. Give it a try. It's very affordable and on Steam. The fact that I consider Ghost Recon to be the best shooter game ever made might add a little weight to this post. I'm an extremely finicky gamer. Very few games have provided good co-op military gaming since GR. Why all the fanboyism? Because I think I've waited about a decade to get this feeling again in a game.
  10. Yes, I can... https://plus.google.com/photos/106192396675975196669/albums/5927331459207158161?authkey=CILeu5D4rsfbngE
  11. I got back on Sept. 2. Moscow was great! I had a blast. Upon entering Red Square, I was immediately able to orient myself from my recollections from GR...though a lot of it is different. Theres a temporary outdoor "arena" area for performances in the middle of the open area. And that building with the super-long corridors and arches is a mega-mall called GUM. I took as many photos as I wanted...no problem. I recommend going at night - its even more impressive all lit up. I would never drive in Moscow. My Russian friend had 4 hours to go from my airport to her airport and she missed plane due to traffic! :S I actually wanted to go to St. Pete but the connections were so much easier to Moscow.
  12. I'll be visiting Red Square in about 10 days. I've seen some pics of Red Square and the insides of some of the buildings and I think GR portrays them faithfully. There is that building with very long corridors that I have seen in photos. I get the feeling that I'm going to get goosebumps when I go there. I will be sure to tell my Russian friend that I've whacked many Russian soldiers there before! Especially these days as the relations between our two countries are so warm and friendly. It's definitely going to be an ah-ha moment!
  13. Wombat, we both use Win 7 and that directory structure does not exist on my PC (substituting for Don obviously). VirtualStore was the last thing I found. And also, my IKE.LOGs were in my main GR folder, not my Users "folder area".
  14. Turns out getting us both on the same version of Heroes didn't help. Whomever is the client always crashes. I tried to get an IKE.log from my buddy but there were none in his GR folder. I had one but I don't want to refer to it as it was when we were on different versions. Will post back when I have a decent IKE.log. I'm playing this mod alone and it's completely awesome!!!
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