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  1. I may be mistaken, but I believe this was a map originally created for True Combat (or was inspired by one or a setting that was). What surprises me here is how rough R6 3 looks, remembering how great I thought it looked at the time; but even today the immersion for me doesn't come from eye candy it comes from game design!
  2. Yup, really good game. Has lots of rough edges, but progress is steady and very impressive. This looks like a real up and comer if M7 can stay the course.
  3. I believe that there was an amazing confluence of opportunity, timing, talent, and game design that has not only made the 'original' Ghost Recon an exceptional high water mark in tactical realism game design, I think it may never happen again, actually be something we should value, and a good thing! Ghost Recon was developed during and set in the height of the Cold War, where covert warfare peaked in terms of skill based tactical operator intervention. Not that this still isn't a thing today; but contemporary warfare, weapon systems and intervention are designed to obviate operator skill
  4. Not a fan of the WAPO, but I think they were actually generous in their rating of Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Ubisoft had EVERYTHING going their way, again; Wildlands wasn't 'all that' or even Ghost Recon really, but it had the right attraction, and a game design that was good enough. Ubisoft literally ignored all the most supported and vetted complaints and discussion on their forums, in fact did the opposite. In what other market or in what other company could you do that, even get away with it no less expect anything even remotely resembling a good result? I know of no company that treats its
  5. Glad to see mod talent is still here keeping the fire going. I think dropping mod support for the franchise was the biggest and most unrecoverable mistakes Ubisoft made; GRN is a great site, but there used to be thousands, in many languages, some were even GRNs equal -- surpassed it in some regards not as good in others... The lack of a current gen mod-able Ghost Recon game, the long term continuity that offered is something Tactical Realism fans value (look at ARMA) and is an enormous loss here to fans of the genre, as well as all the free marketing which is an enormous, and very well e
  6. Great article link and post ApexMods! I especially liked Jeremy Peel's reference to what used to be called Ghost Recon's 'Ghost Perspective', that this isn't and is not intended to be a first person perspective, and was something I wrote about decades ago in the context of 'there is no "I" in team' and the limitations of realistic scale view distance in realism games -- great to see someone else pick this up and ❤️ it from another well articulated perspective. Everyone here is obviously a fan of OGR has made this a great thread, even though we're 'not allowed' to talk about what's really
  7. The numbers rather suggest a lot of them were never here to begin with; many Ghost Recon fans saw what the game lacked, and never bought it. The numbers on the GRN forums show this too and are in decline with each iteration of the Ghost Recon franchise, and mirrors play share. None of this is surprising with Ubisoft continued heralding a return to the roots of Ghost Recon and tactical realism sounding more and more like little boy that cried "Wolf!", only now it's other publishers and even indie developers eating Ubisoft's lunch. I agree, but look at what else has disappeared from the
  8. Looks like Void Interactive is still hard at it; their latest Devblog 03 was just posted: (clicky) It's a relief to see serious Tactical Realism on the event horizon that's not a 'dress up combat Ken & Barbie ' RPG game to monetize naïve kids with toddler pajama pattern 'skins' and prono cos-play costumes on game design so abaft of realism, anything tactical or even to do with reality it makes you wonder why so many titles even use the word and moniker. Tiny ambitious team to be sure; but their talent, progress, content quality and prduciton volume looks like they're u
  9. So, "PVP" is just death match? No objective based realistic game modes?
  10. Not sure what you're referring to in the context of this game. While it's obvious many publishers believe that allowing free mod content, or improving what they regard as 'commodity product' intended to self-obsolesce (some even by developer admission incorporate design and flaws with this explicit intention) -- there's a lot to argue that this is not the most stable business model and certainly not the most healthy. Markets are replete with obvious examples in this and many other industries where self-obsolescence, finite life-cycle and pay to continue or expand what was already paid
  11. That their giving AI any attention at all is a relief in a realism market where FPS game AI hasn't made any significant advances in over a decade (sadly). While there may be nothing ground-breaking here the UE4 AI subsystem is very powerful, and if given enough time and attention can beat the snot out of the zerging zombie carnival targets that are marketed in 'realism' games as 'realistic' and 'tactical' and *cringe* 'authentic'... I like that that Void Interactive is focusing on explicit feature and design targets -- not vague hype, ridiculous prose, and hideous content they can sell you (L
  12. Void Interactive has posted their second dev blog -- lots of impressive attention to detail that some will love and others won't. They have a very nice HLS sight system: And very nice FF sound capture and render that's quite realistic in to small acoustic steridians: They're promising some actual game-play footage in their next dev blog. While CQC is not my or gonna be everyone's favorite realism sub-genre; it's definitely serious tactical realism, no Liberachie DLC, and it looks like they're seriously committed, making steady progress and fully intend to deliver
  13. Sorry Rocky, I won't accept responsibility for other people's 'bad feelings'... People's feelings and emotions are their responsibility not other people's... Do you or does Ubisoft accept responsibility for the ill will and disdain instigated by their dissembling, bad marketing, and lack of technical support? Not from what I've seen; it's a consenting arrangement -- no one is being forced to buy Ubisoft's games, just as no one is being forced to read my posts. Again? I've never posted anything on Ubisoft's forums to promote anything, they don't have a forum for posting about ot
  14. You're so far off the mark, and obviously have not read 'most' of my posts. I don't like Wildlands or Siege -- two games of how many that wear the 'Ghost Recon' moniker? I've even been very complementary of Siege's game design, which is quite good, but... I'm a Tactical Realism fan, I wouln't think I'd have to be an apologist for it here... There's literally nothing to like in terms of tactical realism in Wildlands, it's not a tactical realism game, and Siege runs on deplorable infrastructure -- that's not being negative those are facts.
  15. Ahh, I see and you're the final authority and abiter of what 'needs ' to be stated... Ok, have fun with your new moderation job... Just what is it pray tell EXACTLY that you object to so strenuously? Not the vague assertions of negativity -- what are you so hostile to?
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