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  1. LOL WOW! Thanks Samz707 for posting this! I remember this game, game came out, I was on a binge of buying every realism shooter that came out, just because I had a yen to see interesting one-off game engines, and love the genre (actually binge buying realism games never stopped) 🤣. I gave up on this one in frustration and annoyance, but it's cool to read someone else has actually given this a go, and gone further with it than I could!
  2. Pretty sure this is the future of the 'Clancy Franchise' as Ubisoft sees it: https://news.ubisoft.com/en-us/article/1Q7Z0YJIvdof6PHzzDUM5i/rainbow-is-magic-returns-to-rainbow-six-siege-on-march-29 For anyone that wasn't paying attention in school: rainbows are not magic, they're a very easy to understand phenomena of physics, and adult men with pink hair and beards, makeup, dressed up as pink fantasy animal costumes, with beer guts...draw your own conclusions about the kind of 'tactical realism' being applied here, but if they arrive in a candy truck, it's probably best to keep your kids in the house.. And I thought the bar couldn't go any lower than the Ubisoft Coco porn videos, was I ever wrong...
  3. My thinking on this was inspired by the staggering amount of money that's raised by many crowd funding campaigns with very marginal marketing and product presentation. Then the budgets, and revenue stream from marginal AAA games, with better marketing, that's still not particularly great marketing, but does obviously hit enough buttons to make these revenue targets realistic, even before a product is available. While I may not quite be Don Draper (that would be understating how successful and handsome I am), I have more than enough marketing, advertising sales experience to know good from marginal, and just good enough from great, and think if enough effort was poured into a proper crowd funding project's presentation, surprising amounts of money could be made. More than enough to poach top game talent from AAA studios and publishers -- which could even be exploited as part of fun bounty based revenue targets for supporting the project. It may seem a reach, but two decades ago no one thought we'd see game budgets that surpassed 'block buster movies' -- and just like people being fed-up with the MSM, game fans are increasingly fatigued by AAA game publisher's exploits. I believe the indie game development age is upon us, and will really get legs when decent incomes can be assured for capable hard working talent. I'll even raise the ante and vaticinate that it will be an indie game crowd funding project that sets a new and what will be one of the longest held funding records. Professional marketing making an honest appeal -- can go a long ways...
  4. I think anyone that loved Ghost Recon, and enjoyed Wildlands agrees with you Alex; that this is what we'd all love to see, heck even just a reboot of Wildlands would be a step in the right direction that would thrill me. And if Ubisoft could get it done, that would just mean it would come to market sooner, rather than much, much later with something along the lines of what I think will happen. But I'm French, and I can tell you that the stubborn hubris of the people that run Ubisoft, is virtually unsurpassed -- you don't have to look farther than the rinse/repeat downward spiral of unmitigated reckless spending, complete tone deafness and even abuse of their customers, the stock price, the bail-outs -- this has gone on for decades -- it's an icky company that oozes cordial hypocrisy... But I sincerely hope you're as right as you are up-beat, charming, attractive, as positive force here on these forums and in the world! It sure needs a lot more of everything you've got!
  5. With so many being disillusioned with big publishers dropping the ball with the tactical realism genre, for so long (and AAA games in general); specifically and literally disenfranchised with Ubisoft's running the Ghost Recon franchise into the ground -- and GRN still being a locus for what these games had -- what kind of funding do those still here think GRN could generate with a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign? When I think back to some of the amazing Ghost Recon Arma mod trailers Wombat made, the high rez texture mods by Zeealex and others, Apex Mods amazing Heroes Unleashed swan's song to Ghost Recon -- the sheer weight of all the work, time, and talent that has been poured into GRN, chokes me up... And it all still here, decades running, given away for free -- and like the site that hosts it a conspicuous labor of love. Surely others see this and feel the same -- overwhelmed by the generosity, enthusiasm, and hard work... So, what if there was some kind of long term build-up to a focused goal of funding the development of a commercial game, then hiring the people to do it, making GRN a hub for marketing and Fan based intermediary for such a project, it might, at some point, get legs. What I'm suggesting is creating a sort of fictional sub-thread for 'The Ghost Of Ghost Recon', where anyone could throw in with what kind of game this could and should be, how to approach it, from 'pet wish fantasy' to practical results oriented nuts and bolts, here's what would be needed to get this off the ground in terms of time, talent, and financial resources, where to go -- a sort of fan based map that may remain just a Ghost, but -- perhaps a lot of fun 'what if'... I'm know I'm just being maudlin and nostalgic, there's lots of cool games in the wild, and Apex Mods Heroes Unleashed will keep me busy for...probably another decade, with ideas for experimenting with my own hack and tweak mod from my read of the original Ghost Recon game design slightly updated... But what if? And where is that Apex Mods, I miss that guy!
  6. I'm going to 'Negative Nelly' this rumor (which probably is an actual production track), and say the game will never be released, in fact Ubisoft will probably not even be around as a company by 2025 as we currently know it. There just isn't the revenue, as a function of the costs of the company's gaffs -- the scale and repetition of Ubisoft's erroneous approach is unprecedented in business. Even Tencent buying a massive amount of Ubisoft stock hasn't kept it from cratering, or management from burning everything in sight to the ground. Were this a decade ago, there might be hope of another government bail-out, but there just isn't the money for that kind of thing anymore... It's not just that the company makes the same mistakes over and over trying to push game design that has been rejected by would-be fans across multiple game genres, multiple times; Ubisoft's approach to signing on to ESG is a death knell to reaching revenue targets when production schedules become 'racist and sexist', and employee's are told by HR to 'bring your true self to work' with all the other ESG commitments obviate results oriented production. The company is literally burning itself down from every direction, and openly hoping to be bought out -- but nobody will, as anything the company has that's worth anything will be available at fire sale prices when the company goes under. My hope, and I think many might agree the best outcome may come when Ubisoft is finally sold off, hopefully piecemeal to various publishers and IP management companies -- that the RSE Clancy IP will be seen as it truly is 'untapped and unrealized in terms of real revenue potential', and something both old & new will be booted up, perhaps hiring some of the original talent to steer the direction of the design. You don't have to look far to see what Ubisoft has done with all the RSE/Clancy IP is widely held in poor regard across the industry. If this were a one off aspirational 'pet wish' that has never happened in the industry before, hope for any of this would be thin, but that's not the case...
  7. There aren't many games as old as Ghost Recon that have Fan Sites as long standing as GhostRecon.net -- and those are based more on nostalgia than a game that is still compelling over twenty years later. Even though by today's standards Ghost Recon looks rough and lumpy, once in -- it still oozes atmosphere, with art assets, music and sound design that consistent and congruent in way that they'll pull you in. Players new to the game discover this, then features, and an approach to game design that hasn't been surpassed or even approached in any realism game since, and then they get it -- the bug, and then they try some mods, discover this site, or a mods on Mod Db and post about their gushing enthusiasm for the new old game. It's great fun to see that when it happens and some even drag their friends along... Two decades in, I don't know if Ghost Recon would be as good "remastered" -- something definitive would likely be changed, I'm not suggesting it might not be a good game -- but some of the constraints RSE was confronted with forced very thoughtful, intelligent, and well-engineered design decisions, that might not be as focused, cohesive, or impressive, and it goes without saying if something good can be broken or otherwise screwed up, Ubisoft will be there maximizing exactly that. Given proper attention to what Fans were asking for around the time of Ghost Recon 2, and Ubisoft could easily have had a success on their hands that surpassed Battlefield and COD. On a similar track, I was at one point wondering why Ubisoft had not put all the Ghost Recon expansions on Uplay, and wishing they would to make the game more accessible. As well they could easily integrate the features of the old Mplay server browser in Uplay (it's code a 12 year old could do in an afternoon), but that would never happen as having twenty-year-old acquired ip, with more people playing it than their most recent multi-million-dollar crash and burn atrocity would be simply unacceptable, and of course the game portrays politically unacceptable content, so will likely have to be removed from Uplay at some point anyway... Fortunately, Ghost Recon, and all the expansion are still available on Steam, and hopefully due to obscurity and luck stay there indefinitely as even at full boat price they're a bargain and not just classics but a high water mark in game design history!
  8. Just thought I'd add a list of a few more GR fan sites that have long disappeared, some may have some content on the internet archive: http://www.ghostrecon-sof.com/ http://ghostrecononline-france.com/ http://planetrainbowsix.com/ http://ghostrecon-fanpage.de/ http://ghostrecon2.co.uk/ http://rainbowsix.gamesweb.com/ http://2342.3mu25x.info/ http://portablegaming.de/ http://rainbowsix.gamesweb.com/ http://ghostrecon2.com/ http://ghostrecon-fr.com/ http://grmercs.com/ http://ghostrecon.nl/ http://ghost-recon.wo.to/ http://ghostrecon.30plus.org/ http://ghostrecon.it/ http://ghost-recon.nu/ http://ghostrecon.3dretreat.com/ http://mission-ghostrecon.com/ Buried somewhere I have a much larger list that includes Asian & SE Asian sites that had some amazing mod content.
  9. I... LOVE IT! Pepe Silva references and all! I get to this from a totally different direction: I went down to maintenance and there's no Janitorial Office! Or, more on topic, I've been revolted by the portrayal of women (and girls) in games for a long time, where too often women (and girls) are portrayed as 'porno toy filth thing', some 'token extra', or more recently as seminal ESG satisfying, over the top, 'monster-masculine' thing that makes Sylvester Stallone look delicate, sensitive, intelligent and even pretty by comparison -- you don't have to look far in Ubisoft games to see all of these really disturbing portrayals of women. Realistic, heroic, aspirational portrayals of women in games, as they are, in the real world, especially those that aspire to and work extra-hard to get to jobs that have typically been a male only opportunity, are few and far between. In the case of the genre we all love here, women portrayed as military professionals has been especially scant, but that's also becoming the case for men too -- as military professionalism has left the building of game design almost in entire. One of my favorites, and the first female portrayal in a game that I fell in love with -- in the sense of how I would rather see women portrayed in this kind of game, or if I ever had a little girl this is what I'd want her to see, was Manon Batiste in Medal of Honor: she's tough, smart, attractive, charming, witty, and most importantly -- competent. You don't know if Manon likes girls or boys, and you don't need to, you do know she's a great character, admirable, actually historically accurate in many ways, and in many ways could be regarded as the French female James Bond for women with an added bit more realism. Elea Oberon, the voice actor that DreamWorks hired was excellent, she's feminine, tough and exudes real confidence -- not over-the-top bravado as we get in so many games today from both male and female characters. Love your lore story Zeealex! I generally don't read character or story detail in games too deeply, but yours, got me intrigued to find out more about Manon Batiste than I previously knew, I'm glad I did, and what a nice surprise to find the background they've written for this woman is just exactly the sort of thing you'd think it might be if you were going to write it yourself, if you wanted to create a realistic, heroic, aspirational female character.
  10. Wow! All of this makes me feel... Old... I remember not long before they signed off and went full Armaholic, Ghostaholic had a list of 'lost mods' that I was racing to find, and even filled a couple three CDs, that are buried somewhere. I wonder how much work remains lost... What a great page Rocky! What a great game! Anyone heard from ApexMods? I miss that guy's posts...
  11. Well, you're far from alone in that regard -- things are only good when you're getting as much out as you put in, and if your not feeling it; glad ya like what you found in Insec, protecting SkyNet from humans! 😁 Jsut as glad you're still around, and hopefully still enjoying gaming! You're a great force for good here -- a very charming and up-beat presence, and a very talented 3d Artists too boot!
  12. Moved away from game dev?! Oh noze! Why? What doing now? 😮
  13. Thanks for the 'heads-up' Zeealex! I hope you mean his PC and not something like a pacemaker or... If he needs a new computer I have some donor hardware -- it's not SOTA but it's not junk either... PS Is this your handy work? https://www.deviantart.com/zeealex
  14. It looks like it has been over a year now since he's visited the forums... Has anyone seen or heard from him? Nicest of nice guys, creator of tons of content for Ghost Recon, looks like still an Admin here too? Rocky?
  15. Ubisoft is a "Woke" company now, has been for some years; they understand what the Clancy franchise audience wants, too well, they just don't care; they are on-board and being munerated handsomely to press the "Woke Agenda" which is part of ESG, and will be penalized for not going with the program. That means no game can contain any content that may offend anyone for any reason no matter how subjective if it can be litigated; if you think that's a reach this even extends to color palates used in games. Under ESG, games must primarily embrace and convey themes of "inclusiveness and diversity" -- historic accuracy, realistic depictions of anything that can be felt by anyone, under any circumstances, including extreme psychosis to obviate any of the aforesaid can and will not be tolerated or allowed. You'll never see another tactical realism game from Ubisoft again, ever -- where tactical realism is described or defined as game design where realistic depiction and use of tactics to achieve realistic military objectives are portrayed. Ubisoft has promised and is committed to "Woke" social justice outcomes at all fronts. Welcome to the world of Harrison Bergeron...
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