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Prostore Club Russia :[PCR]: Clan


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A set of PCR in a clan is open!
We ask everyone to join our friendly team and growing!
Register on the site http://www.prostore-club.ru and leave your request on the Forum!
Or send an email with brief information about yourself via e-mail: nicoversi@gmail.com (Be sure to include your nickname in the game and what you want to join our clan).
Prostore Club Russia or :[PCR]:
It is the only Russian clan now. The clan was founded in the year 2012.

Best regards!

See in game


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  • 5 months later...
This clan is abusive towards its players, I got permanently banned because Malo called me a noob, then continuously said that I insulted him first, Pitbull said that I'm noone - referring to (Jews being to a Nazi), they kicked me multiple times, they didn't reason why, multiple members offended me. I have the chat logs of this.
Chat log:
(match 1)
19:41 Blimey(All)> ######?
19:41 Blimey(All)> there was noone there
19:41 [PCR]:MALO:(All)> yeah ccmeback
19:41 [PCR]:MALO:(All)> come back
19:41 [PCR]:MALO:(All)> I show you your noob
19:43 Blimey(All)> you're the noob here
19:43 [PCR]:MALO:(All)> really??
19:49 [PCR]:MALO:(All)> noob
19:49 Blimey(All)> shut up kid
19:49 Blimey(All)> you're the noob here
19:49 [PCR]:MALO:(All)> how old are you ?? (btw I'm 18, I've been playing GR since 2002 and Graw2 since 2008)
19:49 Killed You were killed by Admin (no reason slay by admin SkittleGirl)
19:50 [PCR]:MALO:(All)> thank you admin
19:50 Blimey(All)> really? admin power?
19:50 Blimey(All)> you're offending me and then killing me for no reason?
19:50 [PCR]:MALO:(All)> you call me noobfirs dude
19:50 Blimey(All)> I did?
19:50 [PCR]:MALO:(All)> yes
19:50 Blimey(All)> you called me noob after I killed you several times in the previous round
19:50 [PCR]:MALO:(All)> you did so whats your problm
19:50 [PCR]:SkittleGirl:(All)> tand i was the one who admin you into disney
19:51 Blimey(All)> you're the one calling me and then saying that I called you first
19:51 Blimey(All)> pathetic, yo if you're gonna abuse your admin powers like that, lie and slay me for no reason
19:51 Killed You were killed by Admin
19:52 Blimey(All)> then no wonder why this game has only 2 running servers with only 60 people playing
19:52 [PCR]:MALO:(All)> Bimey shut up or relax or leave
19:52 Blimey(All)> you started it
------- Match 2 and permanent ban for no reason (just for admins own pleasure - no reasoning whatsoever - just like clan RaS)
19:58 [PCR]:SkittleGirl:(All)> steph your AFk is making laggy (steph had 210 ping)
19:59 Stephan10 was kicked from the server.
19:59 Blimey(All)> Pitbull should fix ping as well (pitbull had 250 ping)
20:00 Blimey(All)> 240 ping isn't fixed
20:01 [PCR]:Pitbull:(All)> says who
20:01 Blimey(All)> I said it
20:01 [PCR]:Pitbull:(All)> then no one says it
20:02 Blimey(All)> are you being racist?
20:03 Blimey(All)> kick for what?
20:03 [PCR]:Pitbull:(All)> cose youre a atogant fool
20:03 [PCR]:SkittleGirl:(All)> and a D head (oh that's very respectful towards their players)
20:03 [PCR]:Pitbull:(All)> arogant
20:04 Blimey(All)> arrogant fool? how am I arrogant fool?
20:04 Blimey(All)> don't the server rules say respect eachother?
20:04 [PCR]:Pitbull:(All)> alking bout racism
20:04 Blimey(All)> like I'm nothing, you're literally being like a NAZI right now
20:04 Blimey(All)> you are talking about me
20:04 [PCR]:Pitbull:(All)> yes
20:04 [PCR]:MALO:(All)> I think you just want to coast trouble here Bilemy bye bye
0:05 Blimey(All)> you are disrespecting your players and then kicking them for your own fun
20:05 [PCR]:MALO:(All)> I said bye leave now
20:05 [PCR]:Pitbull:(All)> play the game
20:05 Blimey(All)> then stop disrespecting me and play by your server rules
20:06 [PCR]:MALO:(All)> NO listen you stop beeing like an idiot okay stop it (another dumbass in Graw2)
20:06 [PCR]:Pitbull:(All)> listen..stop it im in the rules (being abusive is "in the rules)
20:06 Blimey(All)> how am I an idiot? tell me
20:06 Blimey(All)> you make no sense
20:06 Blimey(All)> just because you are an admin doesn't make you a better person
20:07 [PCR]:MALO:(All)> You come and insult me and now you call bitpull racist
20:07 Blimey(All)> when did I insult you?
--- Permanently banned.
This is why I quit Graw2, not because John stopped making MODS, idiots like PCR and RaS, never there to talk about why it happened, they kick and ban for their own fun, so they can think they're better than everyone else, that they're important, that's really funny, people with power, but no brains.
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