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  1. You can probably make a custom mod where you pull some of the assets from CaD. As for visible recoil, not possible afaik. The closest thing would be to give all weapons actual projectiles, but that would lead to other issues (shake would only be when bullet impacts close, grenade death animations, etc).
  2. Probably because you changed the mods mid-campaign since I made some changes to the SP characters.
  3. What mission and campaign are you playing? Do you have CENTCOM installed?
  4. Probably need to select them manually. Keep in the mind the custom missions aren't anything I made. EDIT: I stopped working on this mod a while ago. The custom missions are from various other campaigns. Should be in the credits.
  5. i happened to made this a long time ago https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C8dgCLWAmKZousUTDewlYSopy_msyxnJ/view?usp=sharing
  6. Download section is currently down due to cybersecurity issues that have affected the site.
  7. The first kit for the first 3 actors in each platoon is the default way the game handles it. For the mod stuff I do, I just use separate AI backup actors with a single kit for the first 3 actors in each platoon to make it super obvious what they are using.
  8. 20 GB is certainly much more tolerable, but I still think the map pack idea would be the best way to handle this. Hardcore players will probably download whatever you make, but more casual players (of which most of the people I play with are) don't want to commit the space. The main goal is to increase accessibility. We want more people playing, right? Most people probably don't play most of the maps. I know I don't. Why should I be forced to download them? Since you already organize the map files so well, wouldn't be that hard to just pull the mission files and the map folde
  9. DeCENT is my latest work, using both CENTCOM and HU as base mods. DeCENT is overall an enhancement, but focuses on SP/COOP with some custom missions in there.
  10. This. I can't imagine the game actually looks that much better. But I'd love to be shown that I'm wrong. As for the image compression, I'm still a fan of the map pack idea, but 40 GB is certainly more tolerable.
  11. What about the idea do you not like? Both options, at least for me, sound like they suck. On one hand, I would get infuriated by loading times (this is the kind of game I want to jump into and play with minimal loading once it boots up). On the other, I would have to convince myself and others to free up space (and as I said, some of the people I've talked to and play with will NOT download HU with the current size projection, including those that already have the space).
  12. Would it be possible to setup a HU "base mod" and then separate the maps into map packs as separate downloads? Some of the people I've talked won't be getting the next version of HU if it's going to be that huge, so this is probably the best way to handle it.
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