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Excellent game GRIN!

I love it! I was in the beta, and noticed the map has different lighting effect compared to the beta. The beta was set more in the day. This seems like dawn or something. Is this an example of the new lighting effects, can we adjust what time of day to play the map like on 360?

Few issues but not bad:

- The compus/IFF at the botttom seems to be very unclear. I can't see where North, South, West... etc is. Its like it is all jaggy.

- I am gettin the sound bug sometimes where I can't hear my own gun or ppl around me. I have a HT Omega Claro sound card with latest drivers

And 1 question. Can the red circle that appears when ur bullet hits ur target be removed. Personllay I don't think we should have it, as this is a tactical/realism shooter and we should not know if we hit our target, we should confirm the kill ourselves. That brings to me to another point. I don't think the "X killed X" dialog should be there, again, we should confirm ourselves that we killed them. This just adds more immersion personally.

All in all...

Its a great improvement from GRAW1 and it's definatly a buy for me. I hope the full game gets great dedicated server support, and I am sure GRIN we'll help the community out with patches.

GG GRIN! :grin2:

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Hold up ! I fixed my problem. On my Audigy SE, the game defaulted to Hardware Sound and Extreme settings, couldnt hear my gunshots. Changed it to Software Sound and Medium, gunshots worked. Took that out, used onboard sound, once again it defaulted to Hardware + Extreme, couldnt hear own shots. Updated drivers, auto-detected the audio settings, defaulted to Software + Medium, bingo fixed !

I recommend trying Software Sound + Medium for now (Might just be a Vista thing, because im pretty sure Hardware Sound isnt possible now on it ?).

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I must say, i made the mistake of playing with the post effects on high and despite the horrendous chop I was shocked by the details. the muzzle flashes were mind blowing.

All of the faults with the GRAW MP seem to have been rectified in GRAW 2. that one map is pretty good. was open, but still urban and it wasnt linear like some of the GRAW maps were(or atleast felt like).

Grin did a great job, I look forward to playing the full version.

my only concern is the weapon kits, is there no more customization of weapons? or are the kits in the demo what we get in the full version.

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The demo is a vast improvement over the Beta hands down. But what I noticed is the sounds are absolfreakinglutely fantastic!

Grin have out done themselves this time.

But what i said before about what needs to go, meaning get rid of or move and make smaller is the damn who killed who text. that SOB is still way to big and in the way. I have a hard time seeing to my right, I'm blinded by it.

the draw distance so we can see the enemy a bit further out would be great. perhaps setup a feature in the server setup a drop down box that has high, medium and low for draw distance high 300m, medium 200m low 150m.

other than that ..absolfreakinglutely fantastic! :thumbsup:

Cheers Grinners


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By open I mean.. More rural/desert and less buildings. The current map Calavara (I think that's what it's called) is good, but there is too much CQB. I want open areas.

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i ran the graw 2 demo on:

amd 64 3200

1024 ram(old)

9800 pro(128 mb)

low settings with 20 to 35 fps. i stayed in 2nd or 3rd place most of the time. was in 1st place when i quit. its playable for sure but i'll get a 7600gs agp if i decide to buy the game (if the a.i. in co-op and single player is good.)

You are better off getting an X1950 pro 512mb agp for $100 more than the 7600gs agp.

Just dropping some helpful info.


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You are better off getting an X1950 pro 512mb agp for $100 more than the 7600gs agp.

I recently picked up an AGP X1950Pro 512, and it is absolutely fantastic. I haven't seen the 7600 in action, but the X1950Pro was well worth the money.

I have the same CPU and RAM specs as cajun47, and GRAW1, GRAW2 demo, etc. are like butter with settings at max.

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