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  1. That was an ACR in the demo. More than likely the remington variant, since bushmaster handles the civilian side of the house. That's awesome that you can actually change the gas system...they really put some effort into the gunsmith feature alone..I'd buy it just to play with the guns. They have listened to my prayers. Oh, and just for eye candy: http://www.remingtonmilitary.com/ The MSR is there too.
  2. Yes we have. But have you also played through the 360 version and noticed that it's the same voices and video clips? Yes, I own that version too..and I got disgusted with that gameplay as well...go figure right? I apologize for blaming grin, I should have known it was was ubi's finger print all along...
  3. The extremely annoying implications of the squadmate AI is why I never played this game past the second level. I don't care if it was $35, the "Sir...I'm TAKING FIRE SIR", or "GREAT SHOT CAPTAIN", or "TALK TO ME SIR - TALK TO ME SIR - TALK TO ME SIR" Honestly GriN, did you play through the game and notice how incredibly...let me restate INCREDIBLY ANNOYING this is? I wanted to enjoy this game, but it's impossible to do that with the Squad. Guess I'll have to play solo...
  4. Linearity does not make a game fun...unless it's COD4. It would be great if Ubi pulled their heads out of their asses...but don't count on it.
  5. You take 2 steps in AA and the guy is panting like he's been filling sandbags for days! I deleted it 3 minutes after I DL'd it. TERRIBLE
  6. This is just sad. SF soldiers are trained to kill, and they do it for a reason. This afghan obviously has a track record IF the intel is correct (and SF soldiers are trained to take excellent intel) If I was MSG. Anderson, I would have laid him out too.
  7. My old army buddy I went up through the ranks with (E1 to E5) called me up, and told me he is going through Special Forces training. Be my current boring situation...it sounds pretty interesting. Needless to say, I have definitely been throwing the idea around in my head. Just had to get this out somewhere..
  8. There definitely are some bad things that go on over there, no doubt about it. These are men that are given orders by high-tier officials and leaders of our country. They are former service (SF, Force Recon..etc.), and the offer of benefits from Blackwater is very lucrative. basically what durka durka said...lol
  9. Finally got graw2. Your weapons are excellent snow, as expected. Now if my team could only not be retarded.
  10. Damn...my copy of AW2 is on its way finally. I can't wait to try this out!!!!
  11. ###### yes it all looks amazing snow!
  12. If I could have sex with polygons, a porno would have already been in the works.
  13. I think the ghosts appreciate your work snow.
  14. Cool Man! I wanted one of these for my own M4 a while back, but this will do just fine! lol
  15. @Snow: I understand. Business comes first, because that is what puts bread on the table. Either way, I look forward to toying with the Masada, and maybe the 417 in the future!!!! Oh yah that would be sick.
  16. Not to be an ass, but why won't the 417 be included? That's a whopper to me, and I definitely feel inclined to ask.
  17. Jews in remorse. Damn this internet business is serious stuff.
  18. Ahh the damn fuelers. You guys are pretty cool in my book....except for when I had to climb on top of the launchers and hemmtts to fuel em up. That was your job!!!
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