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  1. Couldn’t you just quit before your character dies and come back in at your last saved spot?
  2. I just wanted to say thank you for this mod. I’m playing through it and love every minute of it. I’m on the 10th campaign mission now. Trying to beat Blue Storm without any casualties 😵. This brings back great memories of a time when I played the original. You made the game new again! Thank you. :)
  3. Lot of effort went into that video. Thanks for sharing Rocky.
  4. The UI menu and options are the best I have ever seen for a game. Not something you typically talk about but it definitely stands out.
  5. I'm satisfied with no plans of upgrading soon. Think I bought it a couple years ago. Make sure you get a good CPU cooler though.
  6. Its actually stock custom. I might try fiddling with some of the options to make them more ultra but game still looks great with this setting.
  7. Follow up to this post. I was able to purchase a number of items with in game credit (no real money required) in the store. I couldn't wait. Had to have the digital Elcan Specter sight.
  8. Biggest thing is the enemy markers. I wouldn't mind trying some coop without them. I'm sure that alone would change the entire feel of the game.
  9. Long live Ghost recon! I'm counting down to play this game so that should tell you something.
  10. I'm with Zee. It doesn't really bug me since I can find the guns and attachments in game and wont have to pay anything. I do wish they at least gave us the basics to start with though. Pretty silly that we have to find a rifle scope as an elite operator.
  11. Looking forward to it as well. Need my sniper support Zee!
  12. Good pic. Looks like you guys had a good time.
  13. Surprise surprise! I actually agree with you though
  14. Evac mission sounds fun. Would add something different to the gameplay for sure.
  15. Question: Can you buy the season pass separately? Edit: Nevermind. Pretty sure you can.
  16. With resources that massive. Probably a lot. The real question is what are they willing to fix?
  17. PM sent let me know if that works or if I can modify anymore for you.
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