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  1. I bought COD4 , I HATE IT!!!! Just incase anyone wanted to know. so could we please have our patch so I can play a real tatical game instead of this cosmetically altered quake fest that COD4 is.
  2. I think what would be cool is to take a game that size but instead of having it being realtime make it in to a FPS .
  3. lol you know the funny thing is I got 3 guys that love COD4 I got 3 guys " including me" that dont like COD4 and I got 4 guys that are out do to personal stuff. So dont know what to do. I think me and the other to may start playing AA again. at least it's some what tatical. But COD4 is nothing more then a quake game in with modern weapons. But that just my 2 cents worth. Good luck with the Tourney guys.
  4. Sry guys I just got back in town. Go ahead and forfit us from this tourney. I just dont have enough members interested in GRAW right now. Sry to have kept you guys waiting so long Huddex
  5. How many players will you have? I will be out of town this weekend but I will see how many members will be avaible for that time.
  6. I'll propose GMT +0 (14:00~16:00). What say you? 4 vs 4 or 5 vs 5 lol I dont know the GMT time. can you reference that to EST time zone? Also what day do you want?
  7. so I guess we have until tuesday at midnight lol. Any of those day should work.
  8. When might be some times you guys can do it. We already have a match set for Sunday. So some time early next week?
  9. Team Name: Icesoldier Team Tags: ][CE Team Website: http://www.icesoldier.com Country: USA Team Contact: knight or Roll Contact Info: Email: knight@icesoldier.com Roll@icesoldier.com Roster: ][CE-COL_KNIGHT ][CE-ROLL ][CE-KRIPPLER ][CE-Fate ][CE-Pigslayer ][CE-Aphicar ][CE-Airbornelouie ][CE-DrPalmer ][CE-E ][CE-KIMZO ][CE-Disarmed ][CE-FrozenRope ][CE-GhostDog
  10. Well I would as long as it got me out of the desert and in to some woods. You have to remeber guys that GR1 had 2 expansion packs. I think they cost about 10 dollars a piece. Also I think that if they did start releasing some packs that it might expaned the comunity. Alot of GR folks felt cheated after the first GRAW . I did...
  11. Mine still not working. I will see when I get home if it has something to do with any certain map.
  12. Can anyone figure out why the block goes crazy when the server goes off line?
  13. Guys from what I learned in Americas Army most of the hackers/cheater that were in AA was there because of PB. They wanted to try and beat that program. What I feel we need is tool like PB with out having to have that program. Just my 2 cents worth.
  14. Well you may be able to catch a no recoil if you can see his shot patteren. Also some of the aimbots I saw in Americas Army when I was apart of AASA they would auto lock. I mean that a crossair would lock up off center of screen. If I can find some old PB screen shots of some I will post one. Also guys it up to us to work with GRIN to stop this crap before it get out of control. So like Ruggbutt said all of the squad leaders join up.. If every one agrees then get rocky or one of the other admin to just delete this entire topic. and anything else that pretains to the screen shot tool. If we dont they will find away around it some how. They did in AA
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