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  1. ^ I think they did. I've personally given up on the Tom Clancy franchise in general, it's getting milked to hell. Better enjoy Valve's stuff as much as I can, hopefully they won't turn evil.
  2. First things first.... *points at my Xfire sig* TF2 for 26 hours and going. Meaning will be explained later in this post. Now, the reasons why Take Two hasn't been updated with the PhysX hacks: 1. I have not received any messages from mirr since August 28th. This was the last message: I released the public beta of the PhysX version with my own tweaks, so we could get bugs squashed. After that day, no response from mirr. 2. In school, I have a good feeling that I won't have enough free time to mod as I really want to focus on my guitar. One night's worth of homework is Physics, Pre-Calculus, and AP (http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/ap/about.html for you Europeans to know) American History. Boatload? I'll say no more. 3. I've had a personal insight: I no longer enjoy realism games. I've finally realized that I enjoy what you old hags ( ) call "them twitch games". That's right, the faster-paced, the harder it is, the more I'll enjoy it. That's why I have 26 hours in TF2 and it will CONTINUE to grow in play time. 4. I have too many things on my plate. I have PC gaming, guitar, writing, tech support stuff, and I struggle to manage to keep them all in balance. Throw modding into the equation, and the entire thing is thrown off. 5. I'm typing this up as I feel that I owe you guys an explanation of what's going on, so here it is. As of Today, October 4th, 2007, support for Agent Smith's Effects Mod for GRAW2: Take Two Edition is now officially dropped. All rights have been removed and it is now free to distribute, edit, include in compilations, without requiring my permission. God speed gentlemen. ~Agent
  3. Seems that my performance problem is gone. I have absolutely great performance with the Ageia effects going on, can't wait to see how good the performance will be once I get my 8800. So far, I think the FPS problems refer to ONLY when the mission is loading at the loadout section where you pick your team-mates, pick insertion points, etc. Is this what you guys are referring to?
  4. I probably have about 5 hours invested in the demo, and I can only see more play out of it. This is the RTS I've been waiting on for ages. The nukes are drool material.
  5. Woah, now I see what you guys are talking about. Yesterday I installed a new processor and sound card (Athlon X2 5200+ and X-Fi XtremeGamer) and the performance is abysmal. The internal betas were working fine, something must have gone wrong in translation from internal beta to public beta. As of right now, I have no idea what the problem is, I'll have to sit down and look over this thing more than three times.
  6. At the beginning in the loadout/map screen, or in general? If in general, then that is weird. I have a weaker system than yours and it runs just fine on my system.
  7. As promised, here's the public beta of 1.1! I would've released this yesterday but I couldn't figure out how to get the bundler working, and I still can't get it working, so I'll keep it in the same ol' Local/English format. For official release, it will be in a bundle. Anyway, MAKE SURE TO READ THE README. CRUCIAL INFORMATION INSIDE. PhysX will only have the Regular gore edition, as what's the point of having tons of blood when the main reason for the update is almost non-existant? If there's enough requests though, I'll make an Ultra Gore PhysX version. FileFactory SendSpace
  8. As people grow older, their tastes change along with their age. I used to dig tactical shooters as much as anyone back when I was 12 and 13 (Heavy, heavy America's Army player, and loved Ghost Recon 2), but now I've grown more fond of the twitch area of FPSs which dominate the tacs in terms of quantity. I haven't looked back since. Turns out I prefer over-the-top, completely exaggerated, absolutely brutal and gorey combat (The more gore, the better! There's no such thing as too much gore for me.) over the 10 minute crawl fest just to kill a single squad. I also prefer science fiction over any modern time game, and it shows in my favorite game list. Turns out I don't belong in the Clancy world. I'm modding just for enjoyment and for the sake of the community. When Crysis comes rolling around, you know where I'm going. Just look at how much you can do with the new Sandbox.
  9. Good news for everyone! Public beta will be out sometime this week. PhysX version only, as the focus is currently on that version right now.
  10. It's in the readme: Known issues ------------------------------ Due to the newly written splattering code from scratch, there are numerous surfaces that spawn the same impact decal and have no particles that spew out when fired. This is a trade off for blood, as it is required to have the blood to appear. In the Ultra-Gore version, this applies to every surface. There's the Regular edition which has most of the particle effects intact with blood showing up only on dirt. I'll have Rocky put up the Regular version when I release 1.1. About gore, from what mirr has told me in the numerous strings of PMs, it is possible. However, neither of us are 3d modellers, we're just coders. The reason why I bring up a modeller is because with real gore, all you're doing is substituting models. Meaning, one frame you have a full body model of a soldier, the next frame it's the same model, with just the head removed. Mirr's watching this thread, so he should elaborate some more on it.
  11. Betas are ready! Regular gore PhysX edition only. Send me a PM.
  12. Betas are going out a day early! Yes, that means they're going out TOMORROW. I would've released them this week but I've been tied up in Physics and Pre-Cal homework, I just started my Junior year this week. Stay tuned.
  13. Ok, big update here. I have the last and hopefully final beta. I predict by next Saturday to send out betas to those with PhysX/8800 cards. You guys are going to love what mirr did.
  14. Share the knowledge, what did you do?
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