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  1. [Post Edited] They did a decent job with GRAW 1 and 2 with what Ubi gave them, so I'm really hoping that this new game on CryEngine 3 is a tac shooter.
  2. Not that I would know, but it's very possible there were several more titles in the works that were in early stages and never announced, hence the need for the multiple locations. I could be wrong though. Either way, this sucks. Some things in GRAW 1 and 2 bothered me, but I still loved playing them (and keep them installed just for the occasional coop game I can find or scramble together). GG Grin.
  3. SCAR L/H, HK416/417, M4, M16, M14, M249, M240, MP5A4 (or A5, prefer A4 and corresponding SD variant), M40A3, M24, Remington 710, Remington 870, and SR-25 should do it for the US side of things, at least for primary weaponry. Of course, the whole GRAW style add-ons would be nice too, especially if we have different optics to choose from. For sidearms, I'd prefer to see the M1911, M9, USP, G17, Px4, Mk23, Sig P226, and FN Five-seven.
  4. /zombie thread arise! A little late to the party, but in regards to the upgrade, a 9800GT is a rebranded 8800GT with a few minor tweaks. The GTS 250 is a rehashed 9800GTX+ (which is a die shrunk version of the 9800GTX, which is a rehashed 8800GTS), each "upgrade" with a few changes here and there. So basically the 9800GT is roughly the same as a 8800GT, while the GTS 250/9800GTX+/9800GTX/8800GTS are all so close to being the same card it's not even funny (thank you nVidia for you horrible naming schemes again!). If you were to upgrade from any 8800 series card don't waste your money unless you're going to a GTX 260 (only the ones with 216 stream processors, the 192 versions aren't worth the small drop in price) or higher. Unless you don't mind throwing money away for a very small FPS increase, then by all means And Ledanek, FYI about EVGAs Step-Up program, you can only get reference cards. So no matter what card you get, the current crop means only a 1GB GTX 285 at stock clocks. I'd get the lowest priced one and just overclock it while saving yourself $100 for extra VRAM you wouldn't use most likely anyway.
  5. GRAW 2 flopped on the TvT side well over a year ago for me. The coop and SP side though, with a good group of players and some good mods and maps it's like playing a whole new game.
  6. That really depends on what CPU and graphics card you get. Most modern hardware should have no problem maxing the game out at 1680x1050 or lower though.
  7. Actually, if GRAW and GRAW 2 were ported instead of being released as separate entities I'd still probably be playing them, especially if they allowed for a first person view. Even more so if they included a "hardcore" mode. The game is a BLAST in coop. Way more so than the PC versions, or even more modern coop games like L4D and CoD5.
  8. To expand upon that, allow 2 characters. One is for the Ghosts, the other for the bad guys. That way you won't have the Vegas 2 issue where you have to have a marking over someones head to know if they are friendly or not but still forces people to double check who their shooting at.
  9. Come to the Dark Side Roco. We already have have your Canadian jumping with us on our ArmA server, why don't you tag along sometime? It's a lot more fun than CoD and is a pretty good hold over for SG/GB/GR4. Besides, you'll get to hear X throw fits again On a side note, I really don't expect GR4 to be even anything like GRAW 1/2 on the PC. If anything I wouldn't be surprised to see it more or less a port of the console version.
  10. Coop based off of realistic settings. I don't want an enemy sniper to pick me off when I can't see him at a distance due to draw distance settings, nor do I want an AK-47 to hit me in the head while hiding in a bush at 200m. I don't want 300 guys on a map. For 8 people I think less than 50 should do, especially if the AI is done well. Make the AI deadlier by being smart, not by increasing their numbers. I don't want to see maps being so linear. Going from point A to point B every single time gets dull. Give some (or a LOT) of random things happening. This way you'd need fewer maps designed and the replay value would be significantly higher, especially with various insertion points and a sandbox type map. Be able to pass on orders to a squad (2-3 squads per server maybe?). Nothing is harder than trying to coordinate a group of guys if they don't have teamspeak or ventrilo. Have all the enemies spawn on the map at once. It's ridiculous to have a group spawn behind you after you cleared an area, and it's annoying to see a group spawn 100m ahead of you. Not only is it annoying, it's just bad design. Having all the enemies on the map from the start removes this problem (and the need for unnecessary fences to spawn them behind). Incentive to have people work together. In GRAW 1/2 all you needed was 1 person to know where everything was and BAM! They do the whole mission themselves with minimal help from the others. Try something innovative to force at least some level of teamwork. Server options. If it's possible someone might like it different, make it an option that can easily be changed. Maps made for no-respawn. It brings on a lot more tension, gives people more incentive to play that way, and the immersion and tension levels are much higher than run, kill, die, respawn, run, kill, die, respawn.... I'm sure there's much more I could think of, but that's just off the top of my head.
  11. Besides not lining up properly the sight won't work in the same way if you put the EOTech on any other gun. There simply isn't an animation for it
  12. Went from a 8800GTS 640MB to a ATI 4870 (and from a AMD Athlon X2 6400+ to a Intel E8400) and I must say that it was an utterly useless upgrade for the most part. Only reason I did it was to give my younger brother my CPU and GPU so he head a good rig to use. With the 8800 though I could run everything maxed out except Crysis. Most games I could also run at 4xAA. With the 4870 I can run everything maxed out WITH 4xAA, except Crysis, which runs a lot smoother. Overall not recommended to upgrade to something like that unless it's at high resolutions (mine is at 1680x1050).
  13. Are you trying to remove the stock maps? If so, why would you do that? If there isn't anything in the custom folder then there are no custom maps.
  14. If you want a custom map, 3DSMax is required. After the landscape is made then you have to import it into the map editor and go from there from my understanding. More info can be found when you install the game under the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\public_tools\tutorials folder.
  15. I don't know where the option is right now, but Firefox has that too. Tools>Options>Main I always start with a blank page, loads up faster and I never visit my sites in any particular order
  16. I started to download Chrome, but right before I installed I found a rather interesting article about it's EULA. http://news.cnet.com/8301-13860_3-10030522-56.html and http://gizmodo.com/5044871/google-chrome-e...posts-to-emails I'm not very comfortable with forced updates and Google claiming ownership of everything I use in the browser, so I think I'll pass until this is changed.
  17. Keep in mind if you do the fix that NoQuarter has pointed out you will NOT be able to play multiplayer with anyone unless they have the exact same edit as you do.
  18. Push the middle mouse button (scroll wheel) and scroll down to select "Follow" or something along those lines.
  19. Click on your start menu (the little blue ball with the windows icon in it) and right above that it should say "Start Search." In that type in cmd and press enter. Alternatively, you can go to the start menu, open up All Programs, and look under Accessories. In there there's something that says "Run" and that works too.
  20. I never trusted them. Instead I've stuck with Inbox.com and haven't had many problems with them at all.
  21. how to extract? also if you made a weapon available for secondary instead of primary how do you move its attachments to secondary? Davros instructions are pretty good, and there is also a stickied thread around here somewhere on how to do it as well. To answer the second part, once a weapon is set for secondary, the attachments follow it. Attachments are assigned to the weapon, not primary/secondary.
  22. You have to extract it from the quick.bundle file and put it in your local\english units weapons\ directory.
  23. Wow, that was pathetic on behalf of the officer. To quote: "It's a dog, okay, you can get another one." While I can understand him pulling him over and even giving him a ticket there's no reason he should have been stopped for 15 minutes, much less treated the way he was.
  24. If you check Wolfsongs profile you will see he has a link posted to the download that is in the download section.
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