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  1. Real sad to hear Dont think you guys will have much trouble finding work though Is it true Salvation was created within 6 months ?
  2. Steam are now also doing the entire pack, for %50 off this weekend. http://store.steampowered.com/news/2225/ £15 for every GR PC title, not bad.
  3. I think the latest patch brought in a whole bunch of new crash bugs, and sadly it doesnt look like another is coming to fix them (i know of 1 crash, i think on mission 3 where, the second you go underground, its ctd's). Ruins an otherwise good game imo .
  4. Im pretty sure the Legacy Edition is basically GRAW2 with all the DLC they have up on live. No point in there being a PC one as well.........do we have any DLC ?
  5. http://ve3d.ign.com/articles/news/38129/Be...-Games-Of-March The original GRAW (yes, PC) has popped up in the best selling games of the month in the US for March @ No.7. Strange no ?
  6. Im curious, are you using the latest patch ? I remember when i first got it, the game had a strange jitter problem on my 8800GTS. The first patch completely sorted that. Worth a shot .
  7. I mean the 600,000 figure, which is good....right ? You always hear about poor PC game sales, so its nice to hear a big ammount of GRAW2 PC sold. I mean its both good for us lot and Ubi, as it shows the PC is still profitable, and we continue to get games.
  8. If those figures are true, then id say thats damn good news .
  9. Only reason GRAW2s dieng for me is that its freaking impossible to setup a co-op game. Ive opened every single required port & that vista ICMPv4 thing on me and my friends computers, and yet still they cant connect to my server (or me theres). They can see the game (when i open the first 2 ports), but when they go to join, it loads up the map for them, then times out or something (This guy is on an E6600 + 8800GTS), and were all patched up. Absolutely a pain in the freaking butt .
  10. http://uk.gamespot.com/news/6181070.html?a...estnews;title;0 RANDOM ! But go for it GRIN [Merged with existing thread (please check before posting) in the correct forum]
  11. Anyone else thinking........expansion pack ?
  12. I get the same error too when creating an Online Co-op Server . Edit - Since 1.03.
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