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  1. The classes that we already have in multiplayer are reasonably “balancedâ€. I can see no reason to change the existing classes, but adding new classes would be positive. I like the new tracker class. Why not create a special class that has the kit combinations that players have always wanted? But give admin the power to choose if players can select weapons from this class. Create special classes for sniper only, handgun only, light machine gun only, submachine gun only, assault rifle only and shotgun only matches.
  2. Will this patch allow admin to restrict weapons classes? Can we select are own weapons? Are there any improvements to the deathcam? What about replays?
  3. I was just highlighting the fact that GRIN UBISOFT likes to be secretive (about updates). And that has not changed.
  4. http://uk.pc.ign.com/articles/764/764975p2.html “GRAW 2: PC Developer Tells All†“IGN: What downloadable content can we expect to see following the launch? Nouredine Abboud: We are planning on bringing some downloadable content after launch but, right now, we can't get too specific because we'd like to keep it secret. What we can say is that the way the community uses the maps and content we give them at launch will affect how we react, as it was with GRAW 1. We brought in new modes when the community wanted them.†WHY?
  5. I have already said that I would pay for an expansion pack that gives us a lot more multiplayer content, more maps and more weapons. But why not include in this expansion pack some ‘classic’ ghost recon missions as well? Huge maps, freedom to take any path, the old health meter, no ‘fancy’ gadgets etc. I honestly do not believe that the ‘old’ classic ghost recon fans will ever get a game like the original again. If a 'classic' ghost recon game was going to be made then it would have been made by now. But it could be possible that some ‘classic’ ghost recon content could be put into an expansion pack.
  6. Deco147, Can you please give us a link to your source for this information? Where did this number come from? I hope this is verifiable via a reliable and accurate source and not just rumor.
  7. I doubt it very much - too little, too late unfortunately. No doubt we'll dl the patch when it comes, check the new content, then go back to playing CoD4, Crysis & UT3. Patch 1.05 is a good start. GRAW2 PC has already sold 600,000 units. Therefore there is a very good chance much more content will be added to this game in the future. This is the beginning of GRAW2 not the end.
  8. According to the server info on the "TEST01 London" server: There are 3 new maps, industry, dominion and retrieve. The retrieve map appears to be for coop only. The old sierra coop map is no longer exclusively just for coop. So in effect dm, tdm, hh and rvsa players should have 3 ‘new’ maps to play on and coop players will have 1 new map to play on.
  9. "We just where told the final number from UBI to Grin for GRAW1 PC was 820000 units sold. And currently GRAW2 PC is at about 600000 units sold." The GRAW series for the PC is clearly making UBISOFT plenty of money. I think it is a certainty that GRAW3 for the PC is going to be made.
  10. Ghost Recon game play: Vs. GRAW2 game play: Ghost Recon is good but GRAW2 is better. Ghost Recon multiplayer: ???? vs. GRAW2 multiplayer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxD9_2IOf3w
  11. The GRAW series for the PC is a new breed of game. The GRAW series was designed for the tactical-action gaming community not the ‘tactical-simulation’ gamming community. The ‘tac-sim’ community do not care for GRAW3. The tactical-action gamming community want GRAW3! Incidentally, what were the sales for GRAW 1 and 2 on the PC? What were the sales of the [Ghost Recon] game on the PC?
  12. GRAW2 wins! KO 1ST ROUND! (That is my view) I just can’t see what is so great about Ghost Recon. You guys keep knocking GRAW2 down but you keep on praising Ghost Recon. What was so great about Ghost Recon? Artificial intelligence? Military tactics? Realistic Weapons? Multiplayer? Map design? Story? Graphics? Sounds? You can change between soldiers? Realism? entertainment value? Missions? What exactly? Is it simply that some of you guys are just obsessed with Ghost Recon?
  13. Which game is better? And why is it better?
  14. Thank you for the advice, but I will respectfully decline. Nothing to get emotional or concerned about, it wasn't meant to steer a response, just alittle good-natured ribbing. The poll was intended, as Kretzj put it, "informal" and not as you appear to think it should be, "professional". Participation in the poll (or the thread) is not mandatory. Let it drop. Yep. GR/DS/IT is still in circulation. ____ BTW: Rabbi might be off the reservation, but he's no oddball. I thought you guys were obsessed with professionalism and realism? Or is that just for the games you play? Ok, I let it drop. Maybe the Rabbi from Afghanistan is not an oddball. Then again maybe he is. (Just Joking!) You honestly think GR/DS/IT is a superior tactical-action first person shooter then GRAW2 for the PC? WHY?
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