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  1. As of now I still have no information for you but as soon as I get some news I will let you know.
  2. Let me see if I can find anything out.
  3. [Edited for clarity (as you re-posted this here the next day(UK time) to "tonight" ) ]
  4. Hey guys. I just wanted to let you know that I should have some information regarding if you will be getting a patch within a week. I'll let you know as soon as I do but I just wanted you to know you're not forgotten.
  5. A smoking piece of wreckage has landed on http://ghostrecon.us.ubi.com/ Check it out and see for yourself. What do you guys think?
  6. we should have a competition to see who finds out the info first - UBI admins or GR.Net members. So mean!
  7. I would love to say that it never does get under my skin but that would be a lie. I do have pretty thick skin though, I just have to remind myself sometimes your not attacking me. What frustrates me the most is thinking that you all don't believe we have your best intentions in mind. We are honestly doing our best to bring you what information we can even if it's no information and send your wants up the chain. I do know how you feel about this game because of the amount of frustration/love/ideas to improve it or make it what you want that you all post on a daily basis. I have learned quite a bit of history about the franchise from all of you even though I was only familiar with the game. A little background for you- I've been playing video games for about 19 years. I don't play many PC games because there is no way I would be able to afford the comp upgrade. I don't really have a particular genre of game that I like more because I play what hits me at the moment. I like RPG or puzzle games mostly because I like to solve problems and shooters when I'm mad because I also work in Customer Service . However if something looks really great I'll get it and play all the way through w/o cheats trying to get everything in the game. I get pretty anal about it. I'm usually open to any game because I like to see what's out there and I appreciate variety. My all time favorite games are; Goldeneye, Ocarina of Time, Galaga, Fable, Tetris and Heroes of Might and Magic. Hope that gives you a little insight and thanks for your interest. I'm sure it's not Hard Core enough for most of you but I have been around for a while.
  8. We are still looking into a patch for you guys. We'll let you know as soon as we do.
  9. I've actually read that already but thanks for the heads up. I'm not really sure what you would like me to say because I'm not going to peanut butter an answer for you. I was responding to us giving you information as far as the game and sending your feedback to those who matter not Ubi winning you back but your trust in me and MsK winning you back on the forums. Sorry if you got the wrong impression but I am paying attention.
  10. #58 /Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon /November 13, 2001 /15 million[38] Ghost Recon is a series of military tactical shooter video games created by Red Storm Entertainment, the game development studio founded by American author Tom Clancy. http://www.ubisoftgroup.com/index.php?p=65&art_id= Isn't that the total of all Ghost Recon games? It doesn't specify between GR or GRAW or consoles to PC from what I see.
  11. True. And I'll give you that at least you ARE trying, even if it's far too late for some of us. We will still try to give you information that we have even if it's too late for you. Maybe one day we can bring you back if you've given up. I hope it's possible but it's gonna take a lot of work. I think we're up for it.
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