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  1. Um............ first patch for Graw2 was patch 1.02 that came out on 07/18/2007 and patch 1.04 came out 08/28/2007. Now that is more than a month. But the biggest difference is that Cod4 has working anti cheat and thousands of people to play with. Graw2 is at patch 1.4 with what to offer? There has not been a patch since 08/28/2007 and we are in December. Come on Grin you can do better than that. Your talking with a man that has played the Tom Clancy series since Rainbow Six. I own every game up to Athena Sword. I gave Graw Graw2 and Vegas a chance also. I have supported UBI very well I think only to neglected. Hey, if you have a girl that messes over you all the time, what do u do? Get a new one! BuFFaLo-SouLjaH®
  2. Guys I know Cod4 is not Graw2 but you have to love Infinity Ward and Activision for the great support they have giving Cod4 since it has come out. In just less than one month Cod4 is now on patch 1.4. They are tied with Graw2. Grin I loved Graw2 but lack of players and support has made me leave you as a player and a customer. And since I have kids, my boycott of UBI will extend to the console games you make. Peace and forever farewell. BuFFaLo-SouLjaH "Rides No Mo"
  3. Well, I will like to say that Cod 4 is not Graw 2 but I LIKE IT! I will still play Graw 2, but will not enter the tourney now since all my time is being spent trying to rank up and learn my combat moves for Cod 4. I am a real gamer and take pride in not getting PWNED hehe. I will not play Graw 2 until a new patch is out. If the game is not fixed and no anticheat, I must say bye. I have played since Rainbow Six. I loved Rouge Spear and still do. All I wanted a game developer to do was make a better dub. Some get it and some don't; or some just don't know how to make something good, BETTER. This is Grin's time to show their stuff and I am waiting......................zzzzzzzzz Buffy
  4. I agree. Voip would of been so great for this game and the RvsA game mode. It's so sad because this technology is relatively old and GRIN should of have had zero trouble putting it in the game. I'm really hooked on RvsA mode but if there are some mods that I should look at please post them up bro. I see the gameplay with the sniper,and the camo he has,and "i lost my sleep" !!! Waiting fo Cod,because graw2 abandoned My best mode is R vs A also,and we need more maps,3-4 . Or Coop Maps(prefer campaign Coop is any moder can make one ) Yes more RvsA maps would be great! More weapon selections too. And if u have an xfire Invisible add me bro. xfire=buffalosouljah
  5. Well I am righting grin to thank them for all the lack of support and the speedy rate of patches. LMAO But I have to say that with no official map and weapon packs and the lack of needy fixes Graw2 will die, and I can't wait till COD4. In my opinion RvsA mode is the best thing Graw2 offers and people don't play it cause they either don't understand it or don't like the fact that it's about true teamwork. It could be cause they don't like getting owned and have to wait to respawn. LOL Any rate until the final count i will hope grin gets things in gear. OLD SCHOOL GAMER: BuFFaLo-SouLjaH
  6. I am a really big fan of the rvsa mode. It's all I play. I really wish there were more clans that ran their servers just in rvsa mode and more custom maps. Here are some of my suggestions to make the game better. 1) When there is 2 players in a server, there should be only one random Adat availabe to be exploded at a given time, and the Assault team should spawn next to it. This will help start servers up and give the Assault team a better chance of bringing the players in direct battle and stop the camping. 2)When the server gets to 4 players, there will be 2 random Adats available at a given time. Each Assault player spawn at one of the Adats. When one is blown the last Adat become available. 3) When the server gets to 6 players, then all Adats are available and the game proceeds as normal. The final decision of the numbers of players that change it from 1 random adat to 2 random adats to a normal rvsa server should be left up to the server admin. Meaning the server admin can play with these numbers how he sees fit. I think this will help server start up faster because it makes the game better playable for small number of players. BuFFaLo-SouLjaH
  7. Let me see if I can explain this right. I'm playing RvsA Multi-Player and I see a guy running, I stop to shoot {now he is still running] and he kills me. It's like I am not seeing what the other player is actually doing. This happens to everyone I talk to. And I think it's turning a lot of people off because we want to actually see what our opponents are doing as accurately as possible. Don't know if this has to do with being in sync or a network lag issue. BuFFaLo-SouLjaH
  8. This has been a problem since the demo, that I though would be fixed by now. I only play RvsA mode and there are usually only one or two server with players in them. I know this cause I have a TS and my friends are playing and requesting that I join them. Sometimes I have to refresh the servers browser 7x before that server in question shows up. Servers browser seems to have a problem with showing all servers that are available. BuFFaLo-SouLjaH
  9. I agree 100%. I work for the Fire Dept. and was waiting for this game to come out for a while. Only to be disappointed because they had to delay it. I thought to myself, well a delay is not bad if they fix all the bugs. Finally the game comes out and it's full of bugs. I have been a great supporter of UBI since Rainbow Six to current. WE NEED A PATCH FOR ALL THE BUGS IN THE MULTI PLAYER AND SERVERS. LETS GET OFF VACATION GRIN AND START GIVING ME MY MONEYS WORTH. MONEYS WORTH=FULLY FUNCTIONING ALMOST BUG FREE GAME. THX BuFFaLo-SouLjaH
  10. I have experienced a delay in tagging the enemy when I am scout class. What happens is, I hear the tagging sound so I wait and either he might tag up or sometimes they don't tag up at all. But there is a delay in the process. I have also seen people get untagged with no one around them.
  11. Well if EA buys out UBI we might be able to get some decent support for the games that we buy. Not that EA is that much better but to date they have a better track record for bring games to pc first. Now, that is just like the old days when I was proud to say Ghost Recon was out on pc first, and the same goes for the Rainbow Six Series. BuFFaLo-SouLjaH Here is the link Ea to buy out UBI.
  12. There are a number of issues that need to be resolved with the game. Server Ghosting, Anti Cheat, are just a few things that need the attention of the grin developers. Grin wzup? You guys working on a top secret patch? Give us some info on what you plan to do with upcoming patch please. BuFFaLo-SouLjaH
  13. 1) I think that the SERVER GHOSTING SHOULD BE FIXED. You have to hit refresh 2-5 times to get the server that you want to show up. 2)Fix the damn Chat. My keys to start chat is T and Y and these letters show up in chat when I am typing to my team or to all. This was a problem since the demo. I thought it would be fixed for the final game. 3) Grin every modern game that is out right now has voip built in the game. When playing RvsA most of the time people don't know what they are doing. Voip would of helped to organize the team to complete the objectives. The lack of Voip was the biggest disappointment that I have with the game. 4) RvsA is the best mode. Think of some ways to improve it. Maybe adding some more classes. 5) In TDM, I think that you should earn your weapons just like in RvsA mode. So easy for a newb to pick the GLs. 6) How about an official map pack and more weapons in the future. GRIN I really like the game. Don't give up and stop supporting the game. UBI has been notorious about lack of support since the down fall of the Rainbow Six series. Don't let us GHOST down too. BuFFaLo-SouLjaH
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