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  1. The title sounds cool. I cant wait for some details on GR Predator. Maybe the title implies that the Ghosts will be on a hunt for some nasty terrorist types around the world. That would be my guess for now. Kind of like how in the new Call of Duty you are part of a task force hunting terrorists around the world. Just my 2 cents.
  2. My 3 words would be: Advanced tech. Squad tactics dangerous missions Cant wait for GR4!!
  3. Well maybe it is for the next GRAW then because it redirects to the ghost recon website. Either way, I am looking forward to it.
  4. It's not just the GRAW site. If you go to the official Rainbow Six Vegas 2 website it shows up on that site to.
  5. I am thinking it's probably the slow official announcement of the new Tom Clancy flight sim game because last time they did this viral advertising on the GRAW site it was to announce End War. As much as I am waiting and looking forward to the next GRAW I am also looking forward to the flight sim as well.
  6. I play GRAW and GRAW2 on my Xbox360 on a standard definition tv and they look great to me. True the text can be hard to read but as long as your standard tv is large enouph it shouldn't really be a problem.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. Can't wait for GRAW 3. It is going to rule!!!!!!
  8. I'm looking forward to the new maps the patch will add. Hope to have it soon Ubi/Grin.
  9. Well I have GR1 for pc and played it sp all the way through. Personally, I don't know what all the "GR1 was better that GR2-GRAW2" is all about because I enjoyed GR2 through GRAW2 more than GR1. GR1 was cool and all but I didn't like having to switch squads all the time just to move men up or leave them scattered about. Also I didn't like not ever being able to see your weapon during gameplay. Sure, GR1 had lots of tactical possibilities because of the size and freedom to roam the maps but gameplay wise I enjoyed GR2-GRAW2 much better. Of course this is just my opinion so......
  10. I'm now starting to get a nice collection of xbox360 games. I picked up the original GRAW as well. Now I got GRAW and GRAW2 for the 360. I also picked up Rainbow Six Vegas for the 360 because the pc version didn't run all that great on my system and more people play it online on 360. Now I have replaced all my pc Clancy games with the 360 equivalent and I couldn't be happier because they are better on 360 anyway. I also picked up Gears of War. It's pretty awesome as well. I still haven't bough an ethernet cord to hook up my 360 to the net but that's because I am still busy trying to pass these games in sp. Besides, I need to go pick a used 20 gig HD for my 360 so I can download all the updates and map packs for the games. When I do I'll hit you guys up for some coop or something. PS:Just so you don't think I'm anti-pc now I also picked up Crysis for my pc. WOW!! It's a GREAT game.
  11. Chopper Rail Shooting in GRAW 2 was an enjoyable experience. There should be an acheivement worth 100GS for completing ANY of the Chopper Rail missions on GRAW1 on elevated risk. That crap is hard. Too hard. If you want to go after Co-Op campaign missions, hit me up...jbot7 is my gamertag. Sure I'll hit you up. I still haven't gotten into xbox live yet because I need to buy a long ethernet cable to reach my 360. But I'll hit you up when I get it hooked up, we can tear it up in some co-op campaign.
  12. I just picked up an xbox 360 this weekend and got GRAW2 for it. After playing only the pc GRAW and GRAW2 games I can say now that I like the 360 version better. Don't get me wrong, combat in the pc version is top notch, but the epic scope of the 360 version is just so much better. The story also fits the 360 version better. Now I'm going to get the original GRAW for 360 as well. PS: I love the chopper rail shooting, it's very cool.
  13. I love how with every Tom Clancy game out lately everyone says they won't buy another Ubi game yet they keep doing it. lol I'm willing to bet most of you who say that are lying to yourself. I still love GRAW and GRAW2 pc and just ran through both game's sp modes a couple of days ago. It's better everytime to because I'm always learning new ways to defeat the enemy. Thanks GRIN a bunch for GRAW and GRAW2 pc. Cheers.
  14. I have a feeling the next patch for GRAW2 pc will be a big one with new content. That's probably why they are so tight lipped about it. Hopefully Ubisoft will give us pc GRAW2 players a gift for all of our active community support. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  15. Well the original GR did not have the ability of using weapon sights. So because of that the reticle twips helps simulate moving with a weapon. I believe the xbox360 versions still have the feature you speak of. However, with the first person view of the pc version of GRAW and GRAW2 and the ability to use weapon sights more realisticly than the console versions the accuracy is not the same. I think the increased accuracy in the pc GRAW and GRAW2 compared to older GR games is just fine. However, I would agree with you that it would make the mp aspect of the game more competitive but weapon kick back is enough for me. PS: Of course we all know that the pc GRAW and GRAW2 do have the reticle twips but only on the crosshair when not using sights. Of course, who here shoots from the hip when targeting a foe?
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