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    I quit drinking and smoking at the same time. It just took a bit of willpower, and a neurological trauma.
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  1. First, please do not post in Arabic. Use English only, as you will get more replies. They are having trouble downloading the 'Red Storm Rising' mod. Beyond that, they don't say.
  2. I'm starting to wonder if being on various hospital's records-are-online feature is a driving force to that odd craziness many have these days. Don't get me wrong, it's great to demonstrate to my wife that I don't have a sodium issue (I don't, but good health says keep it low, and it's circling the drain at the low end of normal) but rvery time I have a test, the resultant statements are a bit crazy. Apparently, my last chest x-ray, like the one years ago, shows what is likely an issue with my bile. I don't know how to feel. Gah.
  3. So I just got back from getting my first dose of the Moderna vaccine for COVID19. Second injection recommended by my doctor in 3-4 weeks, but without major health issues, the dosing clinic will only book four months between doses. Gah. Still, step one taken.
  4. Long shot, but a trick that worked for others, move a copy of the file 'options.xml' from a working copy of GR to the root directory of the non-functioning copy. This sounds like an error due to forced resolution being too small by default when first running & creating that file. Stretch, but other than time spent, does no harm to try.
  5. First off, a bit of background. I use a left-handed MMO mouse, and I have some palsy in my right hand. This is a very minor, but relevant thing. I'm thinking of purchasing an Azeron handset for my right hand, and I have chosen this company partially because they will accommodate my needs. The question I have is since I don't have the luxury of trying out a demo model, and they are a bit expensive, are they worth it functionally, as a keyboard replacement for a gamer? I'm not concerned with the price, as long as it's suitable for me to have. Help!
  6. This is exactly why I included a DVD-RW in my newest build. Do you know anyone locally who has a DVD drive, and would pull a file for you? If you can, dump the entire DVD to a pendrive. If not, is there anyone you could mail the disc to, who would assist you? Mailing costs money, but it should (in theory) cost less than $5 to ship. Heck, mail it to me and I'll rip it for you. That being said, you should try to find someone local, or mail it in the country first. 😐
  7. Short answer: The game doesn't support it. Easier answer Go to https://joytokey.net/en/ and grab the "shareware" there. This isn't official, just a memory from a decade ago. Worked then, should still work. The shareware build is listed as non-expiring, but I really can't say. At $7USD, registering later isn't that pricey, if required. Silly answer: If you have the Steam version, as opposed to any other version, Steam has controller support built in.
  8. 80Gb is big, especially when it's for a game that came out in 2001, but if you consider the sheer amount of development that has gone into this, 80Gb is big, but it's far from too big, currently, compared to the vast number of current titles.
  9. If it appears but cannot be changed, near the top of the page is likely a Change settings that are currently unavailable which would enable the fast startup toggle.
  10. So a young man, nineteen, and his pal in the passenger seat.also nineteen, decide to take dad's Mercedes out "racing.". Figuring the highways are quiet, it'll be fun. They were pulled over doing 308km/h. That's about 191mp/h.
  11. I would contact Crytek and ask them for help.
  12. Sum of All Fears is still for sale, so it's not abandonware. Plus, abandonware still has copyright protection, so although nobody will sue you for illegal activities, they are still illegal activities.
  13. Windows 7 ESCROW is a pre-release developmental beta OS. Win 7 has also been retired by Microsoft. The released version, not the earlier one you're using. Good luck finding help with Breakpoint, seriously. If you do find a solution, we'd be very interested in hearing about it.
  14. I tried cutting my balls in half to save room, but the blood ran everywhere.
  15. I have bought the above! I received the Radeon 2600X CPU, the HyperX Predator 16GB of 3000 DDR4, and the MSI B450-PRO today. I also sprung for a Samsung 970 M.2 SSD of thee 500GB variety, which I should get tomorrow, and a Corsair Carbide 100R case, which may take a few weeks to arrive. Pulling the GPU and PSU, along with some of the drives I'll use frequently from this tower. I have a spare CPU & PSU floating around,so this machine is not dead. I'll finally be just a generation back!
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