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  1. I don't see any servers at all when I go into multiplayer, or is it just me? How does multiplayer work? I want to play online.
  2. I am having the same problem at the moment.
  3. For some reason the free GR doesn't run on my PC. Is there a problem with GR with Dual cores that I am not aware of? Everytime I start the game via shortcut it loads for a split second then goes back to desktop. [post moved to the GR discussion thread]
  4. It seems now and days that reviewers are impressed more with scripted AI confrontations and easy difficulties that don't require skill.
  5. I have a problem with choosing and removing weapons in the menu screen. Anyone have a problem with that? Most of the time I have to play with the default settings because it won't allow me to use a scope or remove the grip off a weapon.
  6. I am in love with this game. I hated GRAW 1, but this one has me like a fat kid eating a birthday cake. So far I am in ACT II: Joining Forces, it is beginning to be my favorite mission. I love the atmosphere and the destruction.
  7. Sounds like a driver issue. Are you using beta drivers? From my understanding, the 8800 ultra is pretty new. Maybe it is the drivers that need to mature before it unleashes that potential. I had this problem with my 8800GTX when I first bought it, until better drivers were finally available. I could be wrong though, in your case.
  8. A cool comparison between the two. You decide which one looks better. I go for the PC version. http://stage6.divx.com/Oritxupolite-Game-v...W-2-demo-PC/360
  9. Yah, that is pretty pathetic, man. Whenever that guy shows up in a server, I immediately leave it. No sense in ruining my gaming for some 12 year old's enjoyment.
  10. I am in love with this game! Wow! Grin, you guys really done a great job. At the teamxbox.com, the "other platforms and debates" forums are praising this demo. There are many 360 gamers that are also PC gamers who are impressed. Great f'n job!
  11. Whoa, now that guy was totally hacking. Why they couldn't add punkbuster to GRAW 2, but added for Vegas, is beyond me.
  12. I haven't seen anyone hacking as of yet. The only speed hack I've seen was people lagging like hell.
  13. My wish? Every effect on Ageia Island which could be done on dual cores and not just on phony physx cards. In one of the videos, I noticed some weather effects and trees swaying around.
  14. Many developers do not support this card because Dual Core and Quad Core processors could render the physics more efficiently. If any of you seen the Alan Wake physics video being demonstrated on a multi core processor, you would be amazed how great it ran with little loss in performance.
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