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  1. There...now don't you feel better about not having to cheat to advance? You get more satisfaction when you "earn" your victories. No parties for cheaters on this forum.
  2. Wut's up wit dat? It must be when your crouched and leaning, a side shuffle will take you out of lean....which suggs, because your more open to fire. This never happened in GRAW1, and doesn't happen when your up-right.
  3. It's a fargin' demo, children.... IMHO, a demo-only SADS is wasted internet bandwidth....
  4. Funny this is..... you may be the only one correct in this thread...... Personlly, I like GRAW, so I'll take GRAW2 as an upgrade to GRAW. You, as an ORG pesimest, will probably expect the worst.......maybe yuo'll find your way beyond a 1999 game, but I doubt it. Change will happen, despite how much you whine about it. Hammer on me as you will.....but it's YOU that fights the inevitable. have fun.....I'm looking forward to it...
  5. This forum is going to pot... This is the only post worth reading here: Let's leave it at that, and ditch the baby-grade speculation and whining about minor features that can't be changed at this point in time - so close to going gold.
  6. That feature (dynamic lighting) was in GRAW1, so that wouldn't be a "new" feature. Tweakguides - see middle page screenies I'm assuming they mean "time of day" lighting.
  7. Sweet, RPGHard.... Glad to see you back....promise, no man-diaper comments. Keep up the good work.
  8. I made the "man diaper" comment in jest.....no offense intended. I personally apologize if you felt that way. The joke was the quality maps you could release in successive days was inhuman. Please don't leave this forum because of me. kryste, I sound like a heart-broken, schoolgirl....
  9. Said? I'm not a beta tester, and I don't feel very enlightened on what was "said". It sounds like a GRAW1 review with a little info about Recon vs. Assault. Lack of jumping, shooting off tires, no shooting while running, no VoIP.....hmmmmm, lotsa secrets outta the bag. From the screens, I see a few things....like shooting the 50's, and new weaps.....not very much.
  10. The screens have a few nice hints. Nothing earth-shattering about the writeup, though. It could actually be applied to GRAW1, if not for a (quick) mention of RvA. I don't think the author ever played OGRAW before.
  11. Great map, RAV. No issues, cept the first bridge block took a couple of extra grens to clear enough room to pass. Minor issue. Much appreciated.
  12. You may be able to hit quicksave 30 times a second for however many seconds you want of video. Then you could compress and merge them using a decent codec. Probably FRAPS would be easier.
  13. It's better this way. Almost every negative post is a result of what was promised, either buy GRIN or UBI. That's a bit unfair, as UBI pushed the game as an exact port of the 36o version. Some called this false adveritising, and justly so. Quietly release the game, and let the general public decide it's fate based on gameplay and features, not speculation.
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