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  1. im using a fresh install of GRAW 2, patched to 1.05 and trying to run 2.05b. I kept getting the Stone related crash whenever i tried ot load a mission, i deleted all the .xml files as you suggested and it still crashes.
  2. i hope the vest and helmet comes with some of those pork chops.
  3. cant go wrong with free tropical fruit, no traffic lights and cheap lobster. although hurricanes are a downside
  4. im wondering if the coarse sand vs very fine sand could have a different result.
  5. hmm... sohuldnt have been goin that fast, cops were kind of pricks, but they had a point about potentially killing people. theres no doggie heimlich manuever?
  6. yeah it was real, you can even see the smoke from the nitrous tanks or whatever they use as its flipping over.
  7. id imagine that getting bases for 777 sized tankers wouldnt be too difficult. im pretty sure the US has enough bases and bases belonging ot friendly nations within close enough range to any potential warzone where it wouldnt be a problem. its not as if they would have to be based on the front lines either.
  8. id blame war movies and toys before id blame a video game. id say thats what got me down the track to join. then bipolar disorder came along...
  9. they might have to use harriers or f-35s if they cant get a helo to match the speed. although after looking it up the max speed of the AH-1z is about 250mph and the cruise speed of the V22 is the same. that could work but itd probably inefficient as hell if hte AH-1s are goin at their max speed and hte v22 is just cruising along.
  10. i thought boeing had that contract in the bag.
  11. incase i missed something there... isnt he just cleaning it? and i feel somewhat honored that i ahve the same sunglasses as royalty. http://www.independent.co.uk/multimedia/ar...0208_18078s.jpg
  12. i almost found it funny how the category following that one was comprised almost entirely of anti-iraq war documentarys.
  13. it kind of looks like the ###### love child of a g36k and a SCAR.
  14. looks like fun. kind of like airsoft or paintball on steroids.
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