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  1. Welp... the PS3 and 360 GRAW 2 versions are sitting pretty with 33 unique MP maps... we have ........................ 8
  2. What can I say, the game never did take off, most ive seen online is about 3 to 400 and thats Euro time, primetime weekends for North America and I see about 200 people. Our clan never rented a server for this game (we were looking into it) because 90 percent of the servers sit empty. Its sad really because I like this game alot and the matching potential was there. But with GRIN under-delivering on the MP side (8 maps - that were all remade (360 version) none the less). The game never got off the ground and one can get sick of the same map over and over. What about some news about add-ons, downloadable content, new maps.. etc.. Not gonna happen, Ubi doensnt do that I dunno, just frustrated that I pumped more money into the PC deathhole we call Ubi
  3. New Official Maps are a must and an official word on them would be nice 8 maps at launch aint gonna cut it, especially when they advertised 9 maps.
  4. patch 1.03 - in case you didnt see they added support to run multiple game servers from same box http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/2...13/m/4811001285
  5. This isnt something to be pinned on Ubi, 95 percent of the developers wouldnt ever go open source
  6. yawn How many "GRAW 2 dissapoints" threads can you make Papa?
  7. Thats fine, but even a "Yea, we are working on things" ?
  8. any information at all? LOL thought the gag order was lifted?
  9. Hey, SCE and KI had a scrim last night as well 4v4... kinda of a pre power ladder match since we challenged them it was great times... and brought back some good memories of matching.. (havent matched in a long time!) anyway, from our experience last night, game is definitely matchable and look forward to some ladder play
  10. Why is a server browser so hard for a well experienced studio to figure out.. one needs to only look at the steam/source browser for CSS and implement that (its brilliant btw comparatively) and its so f-ing easy to do.. no 3d objects, no complex 3d math coding, its just a damned server browser... get it right
  11. again strange... went away to the beach, just got back today.. see more people online tonight then I EVER had...
  12. GHOST_Sup for rental companies, its not as big of an issue as you may think it is... they DONT have to run a dedicated box just for GRAW 2, most will run GRAW 2 and a handful of other game servers (bf, CSS, etc..) yes at this time you can only have one GRAW 2 server on a box but can host other games... im SURE rental companies figured this out already not only that, but the prices i have been seeing for GRAW 2 rentals are much more in line then a full dedicated box.. 2.50 to 3.50 a slot is what im seeing..
  13. strange ive had very very minimal lag.... must be your connection
  14. this game is mounds better then GRAW 1 and its not even close
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