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SWEBAT 2005 - Progress Thread


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You won't be seeing a lot of new stuff for the enxt few days, because Snow's got his eyes on some butts and boobs at the moment :ph34r:


What's his wife got to say about that?


My guess would be nothing cuz she is having her eyes on men lol. I assume they r on vacation or something... :unsure:

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Not to worry lads, we haven't stopped working on this although the production rate has slowed quite alot lately due to real life events and other projects :ph34r: I really need to give myself a kick up the rear end and really start diggin into it again though.

And yes...at the moment I have eyes on some butts and boobs....luckily for me they are of the virtual kind or else the wife would have me flogged :unsure: When I get more to show for it I'll let you's all know what D already knows :P

Edit: as for vacations...I've taken a whole lovely week off from work (unpaid unfortunately :angry: ) at the start of next month. Where I'm going you might wonder.....absolutely nowhere...I'll be spending the whole week right here hopefully getting alot of needed modding work done :yes:

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Well after spending the last few hours reading this entire string... as well as looking at the renders of the weapons and models to come... I have to say that if I was not itching for the mod to come out before, I am now.

Everything that has been posted is just unbelievable. All the work that you guys have put into this is going to pay off in the end... as if I had to tell you. I have NEVER seen anything like this, and I am looking forward to seeing more. Now that I am caught up on the string, I will be checking in daily in anticipation of things to come.



<---- Hitting the GR to Kill something!

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Finally we have something to show again, been dead for alittle while now but I've finally pulled my finger out and headed back to finish off the vehicles that I previously left untextured.

Today it was the Mercedes Benz 290GD's turn and I'm pretty darn happy with the result.




Next in line will be the Polaris Ranger 6x6.


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Bloody Heck snow thats an awesome texture, loving the detail, all that dash board detail, inside of the doors detail the roof ridges in the texture phewy amazing. Is it all custom or is there some photos in there, I sniff some photos on the Lights on the roof but thats about it. The only thing I think it could do with is a little mud on it. I see a bit on the wheels.

Wow thats really top notch, the door handles are ace, as is the black bar that goes along the doors, the metal detail indents, even the little indicators are detailed. You are one talented dude. :drool::notworthy:

PS This was the vcl that was in the Bourne Supremcy wasnt it, when the Jackal guy sniped the wife as they where going across the bridge??

PPS, is it just me or does the front wheel have more polys?

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Thanks guys :D

@Chems: there are quite a few traces of photos in there but most of them has been painted over in one fashion or another. The lights on the roof racks are indeed photo sourced (although edited somewhat from their originals) as are the rubber guards running along the sides, wheels, the front grille and some components in the dashboard.

The wheels have the same amount of polys though, they are just individually rotated slightly for the render. They have the same texture and I did it that way to give them a slightly different look, final will have the UVW's rotated slightly instead.

It's got a fair bit of mud on it already but as I've got that in a separate layer it's pretty easy for me to add more or make the exsisting mud lighter or darker.

And no...no bullerproof glass here, be tagged just as the glass on the GR truck's. In other words you don't want to be sitting in this thing when it is taking fire ;)

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I must say its an admirable skill to merge the painted and photo like that Snow so well, Im sure others do not notice. As for the mud, I see it in the wheel arches and on the wheels (I even see your suspension spring :D)) but mud normally ends up splashed back up from the wheel down the sides a little. Did you remove the glass for the renders cause I cant make any out. If so I know the trick to make your alpha channels render in max Ill tell you sometime.

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There's mud on the sides alright ;) might just have to make it a slight bit more noticable though. Here's a render with a black layer just underneath the mud layer, as you can see someone's been pretty sloppy with washing this puppy! There's even mud on the inside of the doors, floor mats and cargo hold ;)

(some of it, mainly the lighter colours, is just some ageing of the paint that I tossed on to make it look less uniform)


And I was just lazy hiding the windows in the render, couldn't be bothered fixing up a separate opacity texture ;)

I have noticed something that I've forgotten to put in though, poor little thing doesn't have any rear lights :wall: Ought to be easily fixed though

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Edit: as for vacations...I've taken a whole lovely week off from work (unpaid unfortunately  :angry: ) at the start of next month. Where I'm going you might wonder.....absolutely nowhere...I'll be spending the whole week right here hopefully getting alot of needed modding work done  :yes:

Taking time off the job to work on mods - showing signs of a true artist. :D

I was maybe a little less honest when I used to take a "sick day" once in a while :whistle:

290GD looks sweet, nice work.

For doing mud, have a look at Marfy's tutorial, this guy makes the most insanely cool textures for WWII tanks in OFP. The idea is to create a difference between light brown dried up mud and fresh/thick dark mud that hasn't dried yet. It looks cool if not overdone.



Edited by Earl
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Oh I've chucked a sickie or 2 in my days too ;) Just figured it was time for some holidays for once, worked for 8 months now without a single planned day off. Even worse considdering that I'm a casual employee so I don't know from week to week how I'll be working. <_<

And that's a really impressive tutorial...wish I had those skills in PS!

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