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  1. Ya, well, I meant this sedimentary petrology. The basics behind sedimentology are straightforward enough. The bloody microscope work on the other hand....
  2. Geology? What you wanting to specialise in? Is one of my co-majors. Though I doubt I am going to do this mumblemumblemumble sedimentology.... Good money in it if you can swing it right though. All the best.
  3. Anything come of this? Sounds like a really cool idea....
  4. Hmm.... I have some of the MLP maps. Stalkyard, Athlete's Village and Aztec. Aztec might be interesting....
  5. Regarding that, one of my tests had a script that triggered a plan where any OPFor left on the map retreated. That was only after they lost a certain amount of men, a C3 tank and a C3 post were destroyed. Basically, you had to secure something or other (I forget what) call it a nuke. Now to do so, you had to clear the area by forcing a retreat. Which was done by blowing up their command centre. That triggered a run to the nuke, which you have hopefully secured quietly. Then defend that for a while until an airstrike takes out another C3 centre (off the map). That had a certain number of people retreat already. After a certain number of the enemy company is lost (I think it was around half), the remainder retreat. Only then do the back up troops arrive. Need to remake it since it was lost in a format. Was fun though. And reasonably easy to script. But varied objectives are good. I do not like missions which are the same, but on different maps.
  6. Nope. You is right. The movies after missions only show in campaign mode. And no one seems to use them.
  7. Well, I am not planning on having the choppers hang around for long. Might use the ones from Op. Stabilise then. Need to see how that would work permission-wise. Is really only for effect. And I can not just kill actors in a zone or something because they are in random places having been on patrol. Is more for myself anyway. I like making missions, but rarely finish them.
  8. Agreed. The books are much slower paced. I like both though.
  9. Still wanting to, but maths was evil to me last year. Is not much nicer this year, but we shall see.
  10. The tangos shoot with not trouble. It is not a cinematic, SP only at this stage. But I will try lowering the speed. But the Blackhawk should have shotgun seats, but no dice....
  11. I was setting something up on one of the CENTCOM maps (riverbed day). Basically, once you get within 80m of the well in the centre of the village, two choppers come in as support. I tried the AH1 that came with CENTCOM but it can not shoot worth a damn. At least not accurately enough to make a difference. It fires burst that go completely wide of target. (I have it moving pretty fast, will try with lower speed, which just occurred to me). Ideally what I want is a chopper that can allow passengers to shoot as well. Any ideas?
  12. As an aside, you should not need the first plan. At least if memory serves. I have not scripted for a while, but I do not think it was needed....
  13. *applause* Of course, if you use a soup ladle it about triples it. And then you get about the right amount anyway.
  14. School has been over for a long while. Almost a year and a half. Now at university.... Which, as you can tell by my post count, is busy. Also drifted back here due to a better net connection, which means I can get some of the big mods I missed out on. Now to edit CENTCOM into a compatible state with Frostbite....
  15. WHY??????!!!!!! What is a 75 year old who has never owned a computer going to do with it? THE HELL? If you needed a test subject, PICK ME!
  16. Resurrected an old dinosaur and it worked on there. Thanks guys. Have now got it backed up.
  17. Did try that. Will try copying it with another computer. Thanks guys.
  18. I recently got a whole lot of the bigger mods I could not get before and now find I can not play them due to IT refusing to install. Depending on the computer, how far it gets with the install changes, but one thing that is always there is part of the error message: "cyclic redundancy error". I think that this means the disc is scratched, which is odd, since IT appears less scratched than the original GR disc, but anyway. Am I right or is there a simple fix? GR and DS installed fine.
  19. Yum.... Another Bourne story. To be honest I do not remember the third one. Need to reread.
  20. Anyone tried UrbanDead? Is a low-tech MMORPG. Can not remember the link and too tired to google it.
  21. And I see WytchDokta is still making most of the posts. Let me see.... Gethsemene by Nightwish. Just ended. Going into Disposable Heroes by Metallica as I type.
  22. Might see if I can remember how to script again. Need to wait till I get home with my GR discs though. And GiWeDa has done stacks for the community. He got that "Long-Service Award" for a reason.
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