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  1. <Admin Deletion> keep the baiting out of here. But I would definatly like to see your entries thou, after youve sent them of course, (beware plagrism!) maybe you mite even be able to convince us cynics if not Grim themselves.
  2. The video they released was featured on the banner (good work gets a place in the banner) of CGtalk today. Link to CGtalk Thread Hope this hasnt been posted already.
  3. As a hardcore fan, I was sure dumbledore was gonna pop his clogs when he started showing Harry all the stuff from the past. Like transfere of knowledge. Hermonine got it right about the half blooded prince didnt she? She just didnt know it was Snapes mother. As for bad ending, I thought it was great "SINE" Snape Is Not Evil is popping up all over the net with all the reasons why he isnt a bad guy. As for the films, I enjoy them as films but they dont compare to the books, but I like to see someone elses visual represenatation of something I have in my head.
  4. I did this once same thing, was so funny all the enemies would do was go: tweeet tweeetttt
  5. They took my advice, I received the email today:
  6. Good show WK, to be honest, that avatar was starting to rot, and smelled like dried pee. Urgh. My Entry.
  7. Ive been there, saw a rocket launch at night from miles away. Could just see it goin up. Saw todays launch on News24.
  8. Truth be told, WKs avatar is getting very old and wishes to retire, lets find Mr Knight a new avatar to spice him up! PS Hope you dont mind Wk.
  9. I hate it when they yap on Allah Ackbar, they just discgracing there relgion, killing people in the name of god, what a cop out.
  10. Personally they should be writing 500 words to me sayin why I should want to play it.
  11. LOL that does prove the argument quite well. Tis all a bit silly. At least sex is a natural thing, unlike running over boy scounts on the pavement.
  12. You did WHAT!???!?!? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT! I waited ages and ages, and had to shut my ears and hide my eyes with all the spoilers over the net. Well it means your a big thinker if you still enjoy the story but know the end. I love readin HP even thou Ive read them loads before. I cant belive you zjj, shouldnt have posted the link should I?
  13. An appearance in PCGamer is so cool, it deserves more than only a new thread IMHO. I was so excited about mine, it was a bit of a let down thou. Nice work guys! I hope you included the web site address somewhere in the installer so you get extra vistors to leave feed back.
  14. Buttons are to big they hurt my eyes! Only kiddin looks good. Its missing British Infantry mod thou. I suggest you make a new catogry *SUPER MODS* and put it in there
  15. Oh so it isnt sart, WICKED LETS WAGE A WAR!!!!!!!!!! MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Or just give him the version with out the TE logo.
  16. Yeah 24hours and it was done her too. Myself and Sup have already discussed it all. And Im a proud member of the Leaky Cauldrons' Leaky LoungeLeaky Cauldron's Leaky Lounge JK's fav fan site apparently. All the best theorys etc are there. Its the fastest moving web forum Ive ever seen. So zjj who do you think it is? I thought when I was reading it it was going to Be Tom Riddles old book.
  17. Looks nice swartz, you know the SPR more commenly comes with the fixed stock? Check out Mr Hatchet.net one he keeps in his case in case burglars come. You need to delete that end face on the heat guard for free float barrel Saves polys too. The scope is too short, and you have the front Iron sight but not the back. The scope also has 3 Range knobs on it as well. You could orobably add all that if the stock was changed with the saved polys. The scope mounts look a little thin as well. Didnt see the animation at first, lovly stuff. Nice Turn Table inspired by the Fisherman no? Love the textures on the sign post. Pro stuff mate. About the turntable, you animated the camera to move around the table, in all the demo reels, its the turntable that rotates, meaning that which ever part is facing the camera is also facing the light source, because when you get to the back of your its dark an I cannnneee see very well.
  18. Yeah quite a few of the ref pics I was using had them, Im not sure but dont they only fit that on the no up armoured versions? But its to ugly anyways to many polys! Check this out Bear, you ever seen on in this colour scheme?
  19. So am I the only person on this forum thats a fan?
  20. This Forum Thread, Mr.Armageddon has his avatar complete with the GR.net team logo. Inless it is Sart, I mean it could be they are both online right now on both forums. If so ello sart 2!
  21. Bizzare, when my stuff was in PCgamer we had a lot of contact with them, and had to give them a lot of stuff, but it was a feature not a download. So probably they dont need to get in contact for that.
  22. I still want to know, what about the people they have arrested are these the people from the CCTV footage?
  23. It was definatly the own guys fault for running off when challeneged, just made him look guilty. If he had run on an blown himself up, the public would be like why didnt you shoot him. Its a loose loose situation but on the other hand, if he had been a bomber these police guys would have been the world heros. It was obvious when they didnt remove one of the pictures that the guy they shot wasnt a bomber, if he had they would have said instantly to scare the crap outta the others and make london look like the place not to mess about.
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