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  1. thats coz predator, foxtrot, devil dog, lp4life and Sfwanabe are the same person, i think 4 of those accounts are banned ones too.
  2. Simba and Timon, not really pen tool ... just PS and using levels to darken the pencil outlines
  3. *cough*ididntbreaktheforum*cough* Work in progress, Lion King © Disney Scar and Simba with their Base colours on, and Scar's hair EDIT: now with eyes and such ...
  4. Wow, thats pretty awsome, and about the shading.. err is there dodging or burning tool in PSP? I just add another layer of shading on top of the colours, looks like thats what you did for your last work there. Great job. EDIT: Here's some tutorial on inking (digitally) and colouring Inking(Note this is only for Photshop) Basic cell shading using Paintshop pro Tips on shading and coluring using PSP 7 Enjoy
  5. Errmmm, just check up on deviant art, and I haven't tried PSP so i wouldn't know if it can work, I use Photoshop CS. EDIT: I added some Links in your topic Ben.
  6. Wacom pad... I wish... *dreams* anyways..yeah, pen tool in PS, i went over the pencil lines i scanned in.
  7. An incomplete fish, you still can see the pencil marks
  8. Click here First sketched with pencil, then scanned, outlined with pen tool and coloured in with PS. Didn't turn out too bad I guess, too bad the lines are all flat, couldn't find edge tipped brushes.
  9. Click Here The best star wars movie ever?
  10. The support weapons are fairly accurate in GR1, wasnt too hard to drop someone with a 3-4 burst from about 80-90m. But the suppression fire is almost useless against the AIs as after the initial dash for cover, they still come out even if you supress the rock they are hiding behind. In TVT matches, most people dont use it because of the lack of zoom and the stop rets.
  11. Nop, i cant see the middle part of the skull with my LCD.
  12. Hehe, might pick that up soon on PC, the demo wasn't too bad at all, 4 yellow cards in the half . Still only into my 2nd season with Southampton in career mode in 05 (4th season total).
  13. Humans eyes can only detect visible light, we see different wavelenghts within this range as different colours. Most living things can detect wavelenghts in the visible specturm. Not all animals can see different wavelengths within the visible light spectrum as different colours. How they see the light depend on the type of photorecptors they have.We have two different types of photorecptor cells, rods and cones; Rods are more sensitive to light but do not distinguish colours while cones require more light than rods to be stimulated, they all contain pigments which are made up of opsins. Within the visible spectrum, red light has the longest wavelengthand least energy while violet had the shortest and the most energy. If say red light is shone into the eye, the blue and red cones are not stimulated at all, but the red is. The brain interprets this stimulus as blue. Different wavelenghts of light stimulates the three different types of cones to a different degree. Eqaul stimulation is interpreted as 'white'. Biology class is paying off. EDIT: oh yeah, and colour blindness is when you are missing photopsins in your cones, or have fewer, which leads to colour weakness. The most common is lackign green or red photopsin which leads to red-green colour blindness. in Some rare cases, a person migth only have one type of cone which results in single colour vision.
  14. "Hear, Hear".........once again Dannik, you amaze me with your knowledge of the gaming 'Universe' and the use of your 5 'Canadian' Dollar words . According to my calculations, I will 'create' a new gaming beast within the next solar eclipse, or when Mars is in Uranus......whichever comes first. DS ← That gives you 6 months.
  15. Pause the video after when he shoot the boxes or any of the time he waves the gun so you can see it from the side, you see that the scope looks very similar to the ACOG 4x, not M68 Aimpoint.
  16. Theres a "Bullet in current Mag" count above the "Bullet Pool" count.
  17. Republic of Congo, about 3000km away from RSA.
  18. Click here Just a webpage on the biggest crocs to be catched, and exaggeration of other claims.
  19. Looking pretty good so far, and ooo look, there on the last page we see iron sights.
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