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  1. Looks like a big size of terrain Ghost Recon Wildlands map is bigger than The Crew - http://www.thebitbag.com/ghost-recon-wildlands-map-bigger-crews/155206 The Crew’s Open World is Larger Than GTA V, Far Cry 3, and Skyrim Combined http://mp1st.com/2014/04/09/crews-open-world-larger-gta-v-far-cry-3-skyrim-combined/#.V1kb9rh9601 Some more size facts from open world games... Elder Scrolls 4: (16 sq miles) Far Cry 2 (31 sq miles) Fallout 4 (39 sq miles) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (56 miles square) Grand Theft Auto V (100 square miles) Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (135 sq miles) Far Cry 3 (310 sq miles) Just Cause 2 (400 sq miles) Final Fantasy 15 (800 square miles) The Crew (1900 sq miles)
  2. Started on barracks and I'm not sure how big it should be. Also what are the most common buildings that goes with it? Some cantina, armory, comms building and some storage building. Anything else? I don't want it to be too big. Comments are welcome for layout, otherwise I'll just use imagination
  3. Wow what a post TJ! Really impressive! Thank you for that. I like the whole Cuba idea with chemical lab setup. I'll try to incorporate as much of this info as possible. I would like to see if you could be a beta tester if you don't mind when things will be that far. Map size? I'll probably use all of 400x400 meters play area which is limit in GR for a working command map. So with borders will extend to 500x500 meters approximately. I made a rough layout sketch how it will look. The size of lab under hill is yet unknown but it will be fairly big. Pardon my crappy sketching skills
  4. Hmmm to tell you the truth, I haven't thought about it. I was never good at story telling, making scenarios or missions. I'm somehow decent at making maps but thats it. You on the other hand, have very strong military and history knowledge so tell me what do you suggest? It's not that far in making so I can change a lot of things. I would stuck though with tunnel leading to underground research lab/control facility/nuclear silo etc. idea but thats it. Everything else can be re-done
  5. Thank you wombat. Started on generator room. It's halfway down the road. Needs a little more details and off to next room. Haven't decided yet how many rooms will there be. Texturing all this will sure be fun
  6. No, I was talking about making reflections like on Vilnius map.
  7. Ok so the voting is closed 2:0 for palm version. So let's make jungle then... Rocky, you will have to wait a bit more m8, but I promise it will get done till 15th GR anniversary In the meantime, here's some jungle start render....
  8. Hey guys, small update, haven't quit on project (yet ) but work was killlliiiing me . Started on vegetation and i'm not too keen on tree. Tree is not finished yet because I was testing texture. The plan is mixed forest, 2-3 types of broadleaf trees, fir and some pine tree, 2 types of bushes and some small grown stuff like fern and similar. The other day I made some example for a fellow forum member here, how easy is to make palm tree. And I instantly started to picture in my head how this map would look in a jungle type environment. Still deciding... I'll post both renders and would like to hear some opinions about environment switch idea. Thank You for watching
  9. Thx for the kind words MrMoon and Rocky MrMoon, yes you can retexture it,np. Maybe I'll release all source files so anyone interested can tear it up That truck is there just for scale reference and eye candy. Will get removed Expanded scene a bit more. Will add more security elements and than off to make a terrain.
  10. Added some more stuff. Starting to like this layout. Will probably stick with it and continue with detailing it. Critics or comments are welcome...
  11. Thx MrMoon, working on that as we speak Slow progress because I caught flu . Started on the outside for the overall feeling of the map. That rock needs lots of work and texturing is a bit off. Also I'm not sure about the scale of it. I don't want it to strech over half map, yet in reality it should. Will probably took some middle way approach a.k.a. "artistic freedom" Will spam this topic with boring renders a bit more these days
  12. Nice me and IGOR don't go to well hehe Added some high ground for the five star and other VIP's so they can rest while they watch Star Wars . What else would a room like this need beside coffee mugs, papers, telephones, red buttons etc.?
  13. Something like this? A quick blockout of control room. So MrMoon you volunteer for a mission when I get this done?
  14. Cheers guys, will check it out
  15. MrMoon, I don't have tsoaf but will google for refs, thx. TJ, yeah was thinking more like paved road/railroad tracks into hill/mountain entrance. Just like I did in my map from Rockall mod. But there was just for eye candy. So one main entrance plus one emergency exit/entrance hidden somewhere on a map Entrance would be guarded with some machine gun nests or guard towers...
  16. Thx for the info TJ. I googled a bit and these locations would be good to recreate for GR. The Hashima Island looks very cool. Too bad that GR can't handle a lot of polygons. I'm aiming for tunnel/mountain entrance with hidden research lab/control base inside. Probably surrounded with forest area. So open area with a mix of CQB inside compound.
  17. Good idea . With forest surrounding? Or only focus on bunker?
  18. Would there be interest for it? I'm stuck with my old laptop and can't play any new stuff or dive into UE4 but would like to mod something in my spare time. I can't really decide for what theme/scenario should i go with yet so feel free to suggest something . Also i'm a bit rusty in GR modding so I don't plan to create multiple height levels in a map just yet, since I always had problems with sherman levels/transitions during process. Thanks for watching
  19. Those are vehicles with helper points inside which are scripted infront. No interaction there i'm afraid... Like i said, experiment
  20. Nope. If you set your geometry as floor polygon your dynamic object wont work but without floor polygon you don't get collision and thats preety much it. Not possible i'm afraid...
  21. Oh so you want to make an elevator? All attempts at making elevator in gr failed. It's just not possible.
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