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  1. Great stuff Thumper. Thanks for puttin in the work.
  2. Awesome. Great to see you back and adding to your mod Thumper. The new models look great.
  3. Excellent mod guys. Glad to see that there's work being done on good ole GR. Finally an M32, thanks nat.
  4. Damn, sorry to hear that nat. Hope things brighten up for you soon, and thanks for all you've contributed to the community, it is very much appreciated.
  5. Not that I've seen. Would be awesome though...
  6. Good luck pz. We'll see you 'round, and thanks for keepin us safe.
  7. Very impressive looking map Phlookian. Can't wait to play it.
  8. Very cool nat. Love that 240E6 and the G36's.
  9. Actually it's called Battlefleet Gothic. Uses space ships, not ground units. Here's the link. http://forums.sinsofasolarempire.com/?foru...&aid=159037
  10. This should be wicked. Huge, huge fan of AvP2, hope this follows in that vein.
  11. Hope it'll be for the PC too. I found the Delta Force games to be somewhat entertaining. Let's hope Novalogic beef up the ai some in this title.
  12. Downloading now. Thanks for keeping this rather lackluster game interesting and worth playing Brett.
  13. I've got the game but have yet to install it. Lots of cool mods in development for the game too. Star Trek, Babylon 5, Warhammer 40K, etc.
  14. Kit fix mod? Is it available for download Wolfsong? Edit: I think I found it. It's the class/kit mod? Yes it is. Direct link? The 552 looks awesome brett, as do the nvg's.
  15. Those skins are awesome ingeloop. Love that pic. Cool news too, thanks for the update mig.
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