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  1. so its the usial GRAW but with strange faced? Someone should make a zombie mod for GRAW
  2. i love older games, they play well, run great, and there are alot of loyal players! I always find myself jumping into a gr server from time to time, or getting the urge for some solo or coop. This is the same for RVS, RVS is still very popular, 3 of my friends and my younger bro ONLY play RVS. New games are nice to look at but many just lack the FUN factor we all look for, visuals seem to get in the way of gameplay... BTW I LOVE CSS! well we all know what the top 2 games are going to be, quake 1 or 2 and CS 1.6
  3. I am so diverting off my main topic.... What year is your 318? I got some new rotorsi dont need at this time, I need brakepads. I want some new tires too, grrr I hate stock!! So GRIN how about that [Thing that should not be spoken of here IAW Forum Rule 3.7] patch??
  4. WOW, i am going to the store now...wel after I put new brakepads on my car...
  5. Ya, with internet 2 comming out sometime in the near future, we will be seeing alot more downloaded games rather then having to go out and buy a game ( I hate). There is this site...will not say but we all know it (pm me if you dont) where i can get a [Thing that should not be spoken of here IAW Forum Rule 3.7] patch, but PB sometimes likes to kick me for thoes... Anyway Waika, how is RO on Steam, how much of a differance is there compared to the older verson and lastly, is it worth 24$? Also steam is great, i can load it up on any PC anywhere, download the game and play in about a hour. Steam is like Msn messenger, you can load it anywhere, everything is saved on there database...its nice! Steam is Fast, always updating, new stuff, steam is GOD!! I so wish more games used steam... **Update** I tried one of the noCD patches that are out on the web...but securom get me everytime, I HATE THIS!!! WHERE IS THE FREEDOM...[puts graw back in box and on the book shelf] ^&*( this Im playing some CSS!!
  6. The reason why I dont play too many other games other then CSS is bceause CSS requires [Thing that should not be spoken of here IAW Forum Rule 3.7] to play, you just log into steam and GO. Less then 30 seconds you in a game and playing. If all games did this it would make it alot easyer to get into the game and get to the real point, playing the game. SO grin or UBI should setup a steam style account where you just log in and play without having to find the DVD to play.
  7. CSS has some coolds modes that would be fun to see, ZM (zombie), GG(gungame), and many others...
  8. I know nothing, but can you make glass shatter? If so then you can make a glass door then give it a dif texture and properties. I have seen this done in CSS, but again I know nothing about this engine
  9. I have really no issues other then massive amouse of stuff in the maps, My laptop cant take it on med or high. Also I dont really like the gun, its so large, i would put the gun a but lower on the screen. the last patch made multiplaying more fun, IDK i like it now, but i would like to play graw on high setting like i have been doing with BF2 or HL2...on my laptop!
  10. VZ 61 looks cool, but my verson is better
  11. www.gamecopyworld.com should have a patch...its legal if you own the game I would say. \\Update// here this could help... http://m0007.gamecopyworld.com/games/pc_gh...arfighter.shtml
  12. Well all i know if GRIN will most likely not take out any off the extra noone needed items out of the multiplayer maps...so I am hopeful for the mods!
  13. play HL2 HD with that bloom effect, it makes my system bog down a bit. HL2's engine can do alot, its just Valve played it smart and dident throw in all the goodies that would cause for huge frame rate loss. Again you can hake Hl2 look just as nice as GRAW.
  14. I payed 50$ for the game, i cant just throw that money away.
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