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  1. Where'd you go? We want your next weapon model pack.

  2. so i've decided.... if i can get some free time...i will be finishing the support pack and getting it out for download. with a few new surprises.....
  3. WOW! they look sweet!! nice work.
  4. haha - "mainly because it's a challenge. it's a challenge for me, a challenge for wales and a challenge for the coracle"
  5. hi. when i eventually get my computer back, i can send you some max scenes with holster points over the back if you like? if anyone reading this just happens to have one of my max scenes with a holster point, would they mind sending it? gotta help out. the only other thing you can do is download the 'holster point tools' and then by trial and error move yours to suit your needs. it takes ages to get right though. good luck.
  6. Haha, I subscribe to this thread so I have the pre-edit in my inbox. ahh - denied! swift move.
  7. i've been edited! haha - i meant the type that an orchestra would play. honest.
  8. it's a new g.r game. thats all i care about. i'd rather a new one than nothing. so they have some crappy cloaks - big deal. no point knocking it until you have played it. who know's....it might even be good. from this point on i shall be crossing my fingers.
  9. how about your team mates NOT running directly into your line of fire. that really grinds my gears.
  10. haha - yeah. i have a hard drive full of weapons and ballistic info. no need for welsh terrorist's these days. perhaps i could invade england by coracle. just a thought.
  11. devo - whip it. haha - not really.
  12. rahnman - thanks mate! however i gave up on trying to get mods to work for graw 2, the bundle thing is beyond me i think. i am a simpleton. as a serious post - as long as the sound for the weapon is good - i'm happy. i think the sound of the weapon is something often overlooked. e.g the sound's in cod modern warfare - eeww.
  13. hmmm... how about cheytac intervention? or a barrett that actually did the job. dont need tons of guns - just ones that work. although in graw 2 my fave weapons are the m14 and the mrc - with iron sights. although...did anyone actually notice any difference with the vert grip?? seriously though... the only thing that bugged me was the linear loadout.. must have mp5 secondry...boring. a person can carry blah blah weight...so if you wanted to be an idiot and carry a sniper rifle and a scar...why not? pet peev.... m32gl... i'm not in the army and aiming this thing seemed to be like a math lesson. rubbish. it is a game after all. can we have that transformer from the first 5mins of the film as a primary weapon? haha.
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