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  1. Actually, that is only one of several primary missions that compose our designated mission set. It seems to be the most discussed when in reality the lest several years it has been one of the least conducted. Usually this is due to the fact that it is often higher profile and more known, more visible. These are not to be confused with the core tasks.
  2. I don't believe so. This is a strict controller game. But remember, you can use a Splitfish Frag FX on any controller game. http://www.splitfish.com/page.cfm?pageid=15
  3. Killzone 2 from Sony's Gamersday Nothing like it on any platform. Amazing. Bittorrent download was the fastest. http://www.gamersyde.com/stream_7077_en.html
  4. http://www.ps3fanboy.com/2008/05/01/classi...evived-in-mgs4/ Impressive. They show MGS1 in it's original form, then they show it remade (TTS on cube) then they show the SS minigame. Finally they show MGS1 running on the MGS4 engine. They show a little gameplay then snake snaps out of it and tells Otacon he was having that dream again. The film then cuts to Kojima who says with a grin, "Did you like it?" I get the distinct feeling that sly ###### has something huge up his sleeve. Could it be that we could get the chance to play all of MGS1 on the MGS4 engine via dream sequences? With the
  5. The official IGN review is out and no surprise as word was already leaking out. The PS3 version is graphically superior to the 360 version. The review said they give a game a 10 not because it is perfect but because it pushes the bounderies...which is a load of crap. Neither version is anything to crow about from what I have seen and hardly pushes any bounderies. The models and animations leave something to be desired. Maybe things will be different in actual play when I pick it up next week but I am not expecting to be overly wowed. That is if I can tear myself away from MGO.
  6. I personally think that letter to DefenseReview is a load of horse dump and here are three reasons why. First, there are channels for reporting these issues. I mean channels that let you seriously elevate the problem to the levels that can do something. If a unit like AWG felt it was an issue, then there wouldn't be an issue. That makes the entire article smell like 3 day old fish right there. Second, you do not go out to the public or a civilian publication and belly ache, reporting exact unit numbers of weapons stocks and such that may be indicative of unit capabilitites and resources.
  7. They are pretty selective about the choices. 1 - Konami ID and Game ID cannot be the same. 2 - Konami ID and Game ID must be lower case 3 - Konami ID password is alpha numeric 4 - Konami game ID password is numeric only. Following that I had no issues signing up.
  8. The new analog controls for Lair are up on the Playstation store and they work quite well. I never had an issue with the motion sensing version but these will certainly make the game easier for many. The store is really worth seeing. That is a very slick interface and very quick to load.
  9. http://www.geekpulp.co.nz/2008/04/15/ps3-f...-now-available/ There are probably some other features in there as well no one has found. The brand new Playstation store is up as well and that is the best design of it's type I have ever seen.
  10. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2008/04/14/...e-beta-details/ I already did the sign up as well. It is fairly simple and good to do now as to avoid any sort of server rush.
  11. I have the PS3 version preordered. I think it will be better than the past games in a way that suits me. Unfortunately I don't think this will be in a way that suits hardcore GTA fans. While I believe the game will be good, I also am of the opinion that it won't be the second coming. If you look at the preview remarks that have been made by those that have gone hands on, they are not the sort of comments that would be made about one of the top 5 or 10 games of the year.
  12. I don't see the similarity. The assault helmets on some of the characters are the only thing in the ballpark and those are quite a bit different. And the rest of the player characters are certainly far off. It takes a little more than cross stich webbing ha ha. And the gameplay is remarkably different. I am in the beta so in a short week or so this ought to be quite enjoyable.
  13. New images: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=e...s-inedites.html
  14. Anyone that played the MGS3 online knows that it is nothing like that at all. Not at all. Of course I haven't played it online. The most I've seen of console games, honestly, was sitting in your house. You forget, that until a couple of years ago, I refused to have anything to do with the lot of them. The only console we have is a Wii, and I don't see us being able (or willing, really) to afford another console any time in the near future, especially w/ all the good games being $60 or so. That was the point.
  15. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/32764.html Just a teaser really, but it does tease.
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