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  1. TBH, I have no idea what it was called. This was 17-18 years ago. It was released through the VBS-1 forums. You may also be able to find the SF2 add on Seventh and I did.
  2. I wasn't as impressed with Onward as I'd hoped. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun game, but I prefer Zero Caliber. This is probably due to the fact I can only play in 10-15 min bursts, and ZC is much more suited for short play sessions.
  3. I finally picked up PF this week. I'd have gotten it sooner, but have been in and out of the hospital since November. I need a crew to play with!
  4. 75th Rangers was my addon. I still have the source files on CD, somewhere, but all my old modding/dev stuff is in storage.
  5. Man, these were the days! How I miss the VBS crew!
  6. Contact BI Simulations at BISimulations.com. You can't simply download VBS-x like you would a video game; The VBS-series titles require (or required, last I was aware) hardware dongles supplied by BI to decrypt the application's files.
  7. I've been tinkering in UE5 for a number of months now, and it's an amazing tool for just about any gaming/video/compositing/educational application you can imagine. The fact that on current-gen Nvidia cards you can import cinema-quality assets right from Z-Brush, without regard for poly counts, is absurd. For anyone wondering why so many rocks are in this tech demo, the reason is those rocks are each composed of hundreds of thousands or even millions of polygons -- and running perfectly in a game engine. This tech is light years beyond anything else out there!
  8. lol! That's an interesting visual and if it's what you see, then awesome! The story behind the song is set in 18th century London.
  9. Yep! Any collaborations I’ve done have probably fallen off my page by now since my pro membership is expired, so all the stuff on my page is me, unless you hear rapping. In that case, I typically produced and attempted to mix it, but I can only do so much when there are pots and pans rattling behind someone’s vocal track.
  10. ZJJ, how's it going? I haven't seen you in years!
  11. Nobody seems to post in here anymore, so I guess I will. I'm a musician, and occasionally post my stuff on the 'net. This is a track I did, based on a short story. The drums are NI modern drums, played by me on a midi kit. The other instruments are all real instruments, also played by me. Recorded and mixed in Presonus Studio one. Can't recall what plugins I used. Probably some Slate Digital stuff, given the way the kick drum thumps. I know there's too much low end. I was on a huge low end kick (no pun intended) at that time. Life Begins If you feel like doing so, then leave comments. If not, then that's cool too.
  12. If you mean bullet drop and wind affects on gameplay over realistic sniping distances, then I'd hope not. While I used to think this would be cool, I don't think so anymore. Why? Precision shooting is an exacting science which requires months and years of training and practice to hone to consistent accuracy under a variety of conditions. Do you want to spend hundreds of hours in-game creating a DOPE sheet for every weapon and optic combination you might use, while _hoping_ your team in MP actually employs a sniper properly? I didn't think so. You'd be better served learning to shoot and move as a team.
  13. Alex, you just keep getting better and better. Great work!
  14. It's not unusual for addons, or even BIS's own products, to spam the rpt file. The nature of the entry or entries should help identify the problem. As far as Tryk's uniforms, my group hasn't had any problems with them at all, even after Arma's latest update. So I'm inclined to believe the issue you're experiencing is due to a conflict between addons. Just looking over the Exile mod's information, it seems they're making a lot of deep changes to the game, so my thinking would be that there's some conflict between your addons. Have you tried running Tryk's uniforms without other mods, to see if your server still crashes? If so, then the problem may not be Tryk's uniform addon in itself, but a conflict between addons.
  15. May you recover quickly!
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