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  1. Sent this to Rocky, but I'll post it here if it helps: I’m pretty sure there are two ways to do it without the bat file, and one with. *The context.xml should be found in the root of the graw or graw2 folder where the .exe is. ================================================ 1. in the context.xml, edit/add this line: from: <script base="data" exec="Menu/Menu" editor="false" language="english"/> <!--<mod_bundle name=""/>--> to: <script base="data" exec="Menu/Menu" editor="false" language="english"/> <mod_bundle name="bp_weapons_pack_v3.02_mod"/> =
  2. I lost interest and track of this game when it had the shoulder attached rocket launcher and strange gun with every gadget known to man including some kind of giant church key bottle opener on the bottom of it. Plus the name was so lame. It looked so beyond the already over done future stuff of the console Graw. I didn't even notice when it came out, think it was in the shadow of DiabloIII as well. However, I recently decided to try it, and actually feel kinda guilty that I only had to pay $9.99 on xbox live for it. It was a 50% Tom Clancy weekend or something. At first I was little
  3. Man, that was really well done. A little on the sci-fi side, but still cool. I imagine this is how Cameron would make soliders look in a film set 50 years from now.
  4. Nice. This game is looking much better then I thought it would after those cheesy live action trailers. Still a bit too future-y in parts but I like some of the contemporary "look" they tried to give the soldiers. Definitely plan to pick it up. I hope it rates well as a game. Pretty far from 2001 OGR, but still a cool squad.
  5. Awesome find! I'll have to look at my other computer for the files you mentioned. Can't believe it took 5 years to find this. It's been the biggest hiccup with weapon modding since the beginning. You'd think GRIN could have at least pointed in the right direction, would have made things sooooooooooooooooooooooo much easier. Renumbering all those attachments was such a headache, more so in 2 then 1, but dang, now all I need is a hottub time machine.
  6. Rage HD (Mutant Bash TV) HD version & Rage (SD) (Mutant Bash TV) SD version The RAGE ios game/app that we released last November will be free to grab for a week as part of a Quakecon promotion. It's pretty much a rail shooter, but shows off your phone or ipad a bit and not a bad distraction. I did the intro animations of JK Stiles(for this an the real Rage), so you should at least get it for that! Plus it's FREE!
  7. We got Brink at work. I thought it looked nice but just couldn't get into it. I keep meaning to give it more of chance but just haven't. The Borderlands comparison is unfortunate but a pretty quick one to make because of the canyon-y type vistas and bandits. If people want to relate Rage to what they've already played, I might break it down like this. 20% Bioshock, 20% Fallout3, 10%Half-Life2, 50% idStyle, 10% motoStorm. Yes, that's 110% worth of game, but I'm biased. Keep in mind, it's an FPS that plays like and FPS, you are the skill, not some stat.
  8. I don't usually publicize this sort of thing, but I've been working on this game for about the past 2.75 years. Since the release is almost upon us, and I'm really happy with this trailer, and since no one around here seems too interested in it, I'm posting it myself. Debuted today at QuakeCon. Since I did a lot of modding here, I wanted to share it with all of you. Now go pre-order it Ghosts! ps. just kidding about the pre-order.
  9. I never really understood the volume in this game. It was always out of whack for me. You can try going into the xmls for the weapon sounds and adjust the gain setting for each one: Local\bp_weapons_pack_v3.02_ALL\sound\weapons\bp_m4v2\bp_m4v2_sound.xml and sound_3rd You could also try going into the bp_sounds directory and manually reducing each one with a sound editing program, probably the best way. I might look into that, but don't really know who's playing this much anymore.
  10. The last patch(105) should have: 13 demo coop kits 14 assault coop kits 12 rifleman coop kits 06 sniper coop kits 06 support coop kits levels/common/coop_ranks.xml and the others should reflect this as well: <default_ranks> <veteran_data> <team name="team_a"> <rank level="1"> <template name="coop_demo_1"> <variation name="coop_demo_2"/> <variation name="coop_demo_3"/> <variation name="coop_demo_4"/> <variation name="coop_demo_5"/> <variation name="coop_demo_6"/>
  11. I think I know what's going on here. You say that you are not adding new kits, but the game is still looking past #12 assault and #4 support. That last patch added a few kits to the game so my guess is you have mismatched files you are working with. Either the coop_templates has the extra kits or the ranks.xml. The latest patch has 14 assault kits and 6 support kits, so that's why it's looking for them. You may have only unbundled the stock graw2 bundle, or maybe you are using mod files? Hard to really know. Here's what I do: I have a directory for all the source bundles sepera
  12. When adding kits there are 3 areas across two(or more depending) files you need to address. coop_templates.xml (or mp) coop_ranks.xml (or ogr_quarry and _pred, or mp_ranks) For each kit you have, you need a cooresponding solider entry: templates example: <xdefine name="coop_kit_assault_14()"> <!-- m1014 , Mp5a4 --> <weapon_unit name="m1014" clips="28" gui_slot="1"> </weapon_unit> <weapon_unit name="bp_m4v3sec" clips="4" gui_slot="2"> <mod name="bp_m4v2_eotech"/> <mod name="bp_m4v2_silencer"/> <mod name="bp_m4v2_tac
  13. At the end of the coop templates xml there are entries for each soldier class like this: <soldier name="coop_support_1"> @us_support(camo_05/camo_brown_xy_df, 0.54 0.5 0.47, mp_title_support 1, us_support,mp_support_info, 3 ) @coop_kit_support_1() </soldier> My guess is you have an extra bracket, typo, or something somewhere(could be anywhere) which is causing that line of code above not to be read properly. I suggest getting a program like xml marker to quickly see if things are correct. It's color coated and easier to debug typos.
  14. Saw that article about an hour ago. Looks like everything has been removed, article, pics, video, comments. Interesting tactic...kind of like how during a televised football game they will never show the fan that runs on to the field so as not to encourage others to try it. Edit: Looks like the article is back up minus the pics and video.
  15. Wow. You have to be kidding me. There's actually an animated section just before it starts of the main characters talking about how they are giving it away free in hopes "fans" will buy the dvd or blu ray. They actually spent time and money just to say "it's free."
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