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  1. I was able to recreate the mission 1 errors where the script didn't process a full check of all the stashes, etc. I reworked the script a lot and now it works. I still don't know why the script stopped working, but I will keep working on it as IRL allows.
  2. Out of an abundance of frustration and the need not to have delivered a lemon, this morning I went through and reset every extraction zone in all of the missions with one. KRP56, can you PM me so I can send you the missions only (by email) to see if the changes worked? Rocky, I want to solve this new problem before putting a bigger announcement out there. Thank you to everyone who has been helping me!
  3. Thanks for the info. This is very odd. Is anyone else having these issues?
  4. I didn’t change the scripting of mission 1, but I’ll see if I can recreate the error. Thanks for the suggestion on a solution.
  5. Big thanks to Rocky for uploading it! Can the listing reflect that it now has 23 missions instead of 19? My only regret is not having done this update sooner.
  6. I just sent Rocky a link to the new file. It's a whopping 312.6MB in 7-Zip compression. Expanded it is about 1.4 GB.
  7. AAAARRRRRGGGHHH! I found a bug! I just uploaded the 320MB file and sent the link to Rocky, but forgot to tweak things out of "Developer/Tester" mode. *growls aloud*
  8. Wombat is DA MAN! Maps working flawlessly for me so far! Teaser of What's new in my update: Clear & Present Danger II - Las Zetas ************************************* Version 2.0 Fixes - added firefight(45).GTF file (45 enemies in firefights) - added firefight(50-100).GTF file (random enemies 50-100 in firefights) - added four new missions to campaign - four extra maps (industrial valley day/night, mountain pass, and nms_12_urban streets) - enabled firefight/recon mission ability to every map - tweaks to missions (e.g., naming the missions) - updated ATRs/s
  9. AWESOME Wombat!! I will definitely check those out. Thanks!!
  10. Hi everyone- i have finished a reworking of my CAPD2 mod thanks to the inspiration of Mr Moon and the others. I added four new missions with dynamic elements to them on new maps (to the mod, not new to the GR community). I updated the weapons used by the bad guys and the skins for almost all of the opfor. The new missions require combinations of stealth, assault, tactical awareness, and even randomization of the location of particular objectives. I will need a touch of patience as I did not have beta testers for the four final missions, and I tried to do the best I could to deal with s
  11. Mr. Moon - so sorry to hear this. I hope you feel better and the GR bug bites again! I am almost done with my update to C&PD2, and I hope it also helps highlight how inspirational your work is. I hope you also like the way I have incorporated it into the updated mod. Speaking of which, I'm gonna be looking for beta testers to help clear out bugs before we go full public.
  12. Hi, Havok! The original Clear & Present Danger 2 mod is in the d/l section if this site. The skins you see here are not in that version yet as I am updating the mod to add some new stuff, these skins and additional missions. Thanks! I hope to have it released in January.
  13. This is great. It is now incorporated into the C&PD2 update! Thanks!!
  14. In looking back, I think I might've hijacked this thread a bit. Sorry if I did. I have completed updating Clear & Present Danger 2 (v2.0) and have to do a bit of polishing. I just spent part of today getting the .KIL files done so the MP can use every kit or one of several restricted kit sets (like "No SD" and "Only SD") and I thought up a fun one for TvT or free-for-alls: "Punchbuggy" "Punchbuggy" is a special kit where the primary weapon is the punch (from the mission in C&PD2) and the secondary is 5 frag grenades. In close quarter combat, you either have to use a grenad
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