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  1. I've recently released my mod for Call of Duty: World at War, you can find it here (if you'd like to check it out) - https://www.moddb.com/mods/axisplayerexpandededition wombat50 really helped me with some vehicle skins for that mod. I've been wondering - do we have any character skin makers still here? If so - would anyone like to help me with some character skins? I had some new ideas and I could update my mod then.
  2. Yeah, I've heard that GR is popular there. The problem is, like you said, they are rarely here. But maybe I'll find someone, I don't know. My daring plan involved using a good quality microphone and a two-way radio in order to record my own dialogues for the friendly Russian soldiers. 😀 I know the radio effect can be added in post-production, but I wanted to try. American dialogues would be normal. I have to ask some friends if anyone would have a better microphone than my own (mine is not great in terms of sound quality). I think there was a problem with my Windows Registry - TexView 2 for Arma had similar problems with launching recently. My PC is not exactly new, sadly. Do you have any links for that? I might need to reinstall these to make it work.
  3. Okay, thank you. My PC had some problems with RSB Editor recently, I don't know if that's because of Win 10 updates or something else. Thank you - I'll post some teasers after actually creating something new; I think I'll have to make this mod from scratch, this old "Russian Player Mod" is not suitable for patching in my opinion. I've been recently thinking about a possible option of having new voice acting in the mod (Russian for friendly forces and American English for enemies) - either made by me or some people who would volunteer. I'd have to borrow a better microphone from someone in order to record anything, though. 😀
  4. That sounds convenient! 😀 Huh, yeah, I was afraid something like that might happen, but if it's possible to add it manually it's not that bad I suppose. Thank you very much, I really appreciate that! Russian patches are my thing, I think that's because of Ghost Recon to be honest (first game I've ever played). 😀 I also have the American ones (US insignia used in GR are much easier to find, obviously). I have some plans for this mod, but my main idea is the same - to change the original campaigns (but this time it will be more sophisticated 😀). I'm glad that people on this forum can still offer help even in 2020, that's an awesome thing. The only problem I have is the lack of time, but I'll be slowly working on that mod.
  5. Thank you for the info, I'll try doing that (using 3ds Max in VirtualBox I mean - I think I have an original CD with it somewhere). I'm really glad ghostrecon.net is still very much alive, as someone who has no real IT experience whatsoever (I only did some amateur modding) I'm glad that I can ask people here for help. I had an idea - I could change the format of .rsb files to, say, .png, edit them in a newer version of Photoshop (or in some other program) and then change them back to .rsb, maybe that would work? What do you think? By the way, here's something I've been working on, a small project of sorts - I think I've managed to decipher all Russian patches in Ghost Recon and here they are. Some of them were really hard to find - I wonder how the devs did that in the year 2000 when I had problems in 2020. The first folder contains screenshots with the patches from the game, the second one has a readme in which I explain what textures use what patches and the third folder is sort of a suggestion from me (some patches could be changed to more realistic ones in my opinion, there is a readme as well). Here are the links: http://www.mediafire.com/file/t1r04bnypubst4u/1._Russian_patches.7z/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/1svwptcriqv87qp/2._Original_Russian_and_Belarusian_insignia.7z/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/8jzl63f3b02n9uu/3._Realistic_South_Ossetian%2C_Russian_and_Belarusian_insignia.7z/file
  6. I know, I've downloaded the archive from GitHub, but I can't see any files with the extension ".8bi".
  7. Are the plugins for the newer versions of Photoshop and 3ds Max still available for download? The Google Drive links don't seem to work.
  8. I've got a question: is it possible to edit Ghost Recon textures and models in the newer versions of Photoshop and 3ds Max? I remember that older versions of said programs were necessary back then, but maybe something has changed? I basically want to edit the existing characters (their textures and models) in order to create some more variety. In addition to that I might try creating my own textures in the long run.
  9. Hello everyone, It's been a while - how are you doing? I wanted to revive this thread a little. This mod is pretty old, I was younger and less experienced when I made it. I'm thinking of a remake, but I don't know when I'll be able to make it - but it'll definitely come one day, so stay tuned! Best regards and take care, Peter
  10. Happy Birthday And Best Wishes To Our One And Only Rocky!
  11. Maybe a small square with a communist era apartment block in the background (like a place somewhere in Eastern Europe)? I could even provide you with pictures from outside of my own apartment. Always thought like the surroundings of my block would make a small, but cool little map.
  12. The sad thing is that older Call of Duty titles (like 1, United Offensive, 2, World at War) used to be better (at least in my humble opinion) - maybe because they took place during World War II and that is more interesting than some strange future scenario? I guess that's true. And now? Now we have this.
  13. Ha, that's how I very often took care of the camp in the first mission: either with GL or with AT. Not very tactical, I know, but the job was done.
  14. Here is a comparison of Ghost Recon and Arma 3 (both screenshots were made by me) - you can see which one is better... Just kidding. Joking aside, I really like both games, but like Zeealex said - this is a page for Ghost Recon fans. And it's not like one can't write about different games here - it's just that we need a place as a GR community because GR (and especially the original one) is still very much alive as a game and thus we require a site like this one.
  15. Exactly, back then they were really trying to make games accurate - if I recall correctly Red Storm even managed to use Ethiopian army's colonel rank on one of DS uniforms, which is absolutely amazing.
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