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  1. Even to this day.... when I get in GR classic, it just pulls you into the environment. Im still a big fan of the sounds and the photo-realistic textures. Its hard to describe, the characters in many games look cartoonish. The Ghost Recon characters looked and moved realistically. Same with SWAT 3... they just move, communicate, and look more realistic for some reason. yes Rocky! I will never stop loving Ghost Recon! I still need to order a shirt/hoodie with the classic logos or cover art on it.
  2. Rocky and GR Members, I realized its the 20 year anniversary and dediced to visit. Not sure if this is an appropriate place to put this but we did a tribute to Ghost Recon (2001) using ARMA 3. I cant believe its been 20 years. I remember playing the demo of GR in highschool and it is still the standard for military simulations. Hope all are doing well.
  3. Hey @Rocky and @wombat50 and all the other members. Haven't posted here in a while but I do check in occasionally. We are still recruiting at SOCOM Milsims https://discordapp.com/invite/7TFVXKR . We use ARMA 3. Our operations are every Saturday at 2100 EST. We mainly replicate the US Navy SEAL operations as well as other SOF. We focus on both outside combat as well as CQB. If your interested in joining please submit an application in our discord channel. Hope everyone is doing well. Burner
  4. It get frustrating with clipping issues.... but its very immersive. Its amazing how smooth and realistic the animations are in GR. The throwing, bullet impact flinch when someone gets shot, and death animations are still supreb and better than AMRA 3/Squad/and Ground Branch in my opinion. The ALT key smooth walking is very cool when sneaking in CQB or coming up to a corner.
  5. Wow Rocky, Im impressed. Whats the train mission at 1:08?
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