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  1. Hey @Rocky and @wombat50 and all the other members. Haven't posted here in a while but I do check in occasionally. We are still recruiting at SOCOM Milsims https://discordapp.com/invite/7TFVXKR . We use ARMA 3. Our operations are every Saturday at 2100 EST. We mainly replicate the US Navy SEAL operations as well as other SOF. We focus on both outside combat as well as CQB. If your interested in joining please submit an application in our discord channel. Hope everyone is doing well. Burner
  2. It get frustrating with clipping issues.... but its very immersive. Its amazing how smooth and realistic the animations are in GR. The throwing, bullet impact flinch when someone gets shot, and death animations are still supreb and better than AMRA 3/Squad/and Ground Branch in my opinion. The ALT key smooth walking is very cool when sneaking in CQB or coming up to a corner.
  3. Wow Rocky, Im impressed. Whats the train mission at 1:08?
  4. Welcome to the club Wombat. ARMA 3 is very mod friendly so cant wait to see you work.... or just play for a while. 1. Biggest difference is vehicle transport 2. The AI is much less impressive than GR. 3. Glitches are kinda common but less common that the alpha or ARMA 2 maybe. 4. Sounds are ok... strongly recommend a mod like JSRS or Enhanced Soundscape. Enjoy bro. Let me know if you want to come out to one of our missions.
  5. This is kind of a ARMA 3 new take on the old school GhostRecon FrostBite M01 "Frozen Hell" Merry Christmas!!! "Navy SEALs are tasked with the destruction of a secret Russian radar installation on an isalnd between Alaska and the Soviet Union during the Cold War in 1990. First they must seize an airfield, destroy a comms tower, eliminate area patrols, and ultimately destroy the radar."
  6. This was another mission with a really great representation of the Ghost Recon Classic feel in ARMA 3.
  7. Denny, Ghost Recon is brutally realistic. Ive often envisioned myself in the place of AI in a CQB situation....and that's exactly what any one of us would do. We would have our rifle pointed at the door, listening for any movement, and probably shooting through the wall and certainly at anything that slightly appears in our vision in the hallway. Your right, CQB can be the most frustrating part of GR, but it is highly realistic. Here is a flashbang mod to help you even the odds like real SOF units use during building clearing. This is especially useful during hostage rescue
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