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  1. Welcome to wonderful world of being able to modifiy what the developers did...and GR stands tall in being a well modded game. If I were gonna make any suggestions on mods, I think you should look through the extremely long list of campaigns and missions and choose a few of the older mods to play first...then begin to move through the history of the mods...it would be an eye opening experience for sure...old mods like any campaign by Jack57, Frostbite was the first true fan based Expansion Pack and set the bar for all to follow, if you are an expert level player, 12 Weeks campaign/mission pack by Right-Hand will prep you for anything to follow...Mission HX by Harntrox is a must for gametypes...and so on.
  2. Howdy, Well I have given up getting GR on this machine for some 3D clarity for now, but I just got on mis old PC, the one I scripted P2 on, and there it was, a P2 splash screen staring me in the face...2009. Long time...long time since I opened IGOR with INTENT...BUT, that is exactly what I was doing...took one look and realized I need to read even the most basic info for now...5 years worth of forgetting and all...anyway, I 've been bored lately and figure giving you guys a chill might be fun...so, at least one mission forthcoming...I feel too lazy to get all involved with too many modding aspects so you will get either a single mission for SP, COOP or a mission pack in the old migryder tradition...hopefully the scripting will live up to reputation. At this point, if any of you have a map that has been created in the last five years or a fav map from old...and would like to see a new mission on it, then please let me know here...espicially any new turf to script on...
  3. Belated Happy Birthday to your son Giampi! Hey, thanks for the kind words above too! Don't know that I ever surpassed the Master of GR action though...in my mind Right-Hand was The Man. Jack-57 gave us a lot of great missions as well. Then again GR probably has the best and longest list of mods n missions from day one to now than any other game..I only palce HL2 on the same shelf alongside GR for great modding(less the number of mods) and most of that is due to LEON...too bad he never did a GR mod. Probably should recognize the other Military Simms for a lot of great modding but don't really play em myself, to me GR was the perfect Hybrid if you will. I'm glad some folks are having a time with those missions! Thanks for your hard work wombat! I must get that new copy and play your mod!! I'm too broke to buy any new games anyway..been Far Crying 1 and Crysis 2-3ing my ass off, is there a hidden developer pattern there or more like an obvious one. BTW Tommygoff, though mission 2 in that Guatemala pack was the first full mission I scripted for GR...can't believe I failed to make those AI invincible though...thought I did that for all in all...hope it got sorted out, the border check was a good piece of advice BTW...I'm afraid if I tried to script a new mission I have forgotten way too much to make it good, but if I do get that new copy I WILL SCRIPT AN ADDON MISSION for P2 and maybe one or two other stand alones as well...who knows.
  4. Hey Wombat! Glad to see you've done this! No reason to dld right now without being able to play, unless I go back to my old machine...but think I might wait and get a new copy of GR so I can install on this machine and play in 3D...anyway, thanks for keeping it alive bud...I check in once in awhile but figured my mission pack stuff had fallen to way side and was wondering if anybody even plays P2 these days...IMO a lot of great work was done by the group of guys who worked on that mod....looking forward to catching your new effects...watched the above vid..nice retro for me. Anybody hear from Phlookian these days? I've seen some great scketch art by Natswana on Facebook and hear from you once n awhile but thats been it...a wink n a nod to any coop team who can win Glass Frog! I beat it many times on SP, but then I kinda knew where they were and what they were doing....guess with the ending issues for coop it did not make the cut...tell the Night Hawks hello! happy hunting all..and play Phlook's Elmer Fudd mod on his wonderful Black Wolf map! Hey KRP! Been too long bud! Thanks for all your help back n the day. Guys, my missions all carry the quality of KRP56's dedicated testing and critique....with the exception of maybe the first one I scripted.
  5. tell Scott I said hello, he's the only GR.net member I've met in person...we had a good time when he came to these parts..if I ever make it to your part of the world I'll let ya know ahead of time...maybe you could just release that Fest mod, might be a way for newer members to get at all those missions in one package? Up to NH team. thanks Rocky, hope you get to see it through at some point, thanks for those write ups you did for the missions you played...now back to wombat's mod...go for it wombat.
  6. yea, they were very strict about CENTCOM, have you considered any of the stuff that DTD did, they had some maps IIRC...I wanted to do an addon mission for P2 using Battlebourne's woodland map but I always had problems getting all the stuff to render properly with the winter effects that somebody did so I never got it done...to do any work in IGOR I would have to buy a new GR copy since I lost my key...well, I could work on my old machine, the one that housed all of the P2 work and other stuff I worked on...but I hate to fire it up even as it always has tons of updating to do and I'm limited for bandwidth..yet I have NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 and really want to see GR using that, especially some of those winter maps...I'm curious if anybody else even plays P2, I never see any posts about it when I visit...I hope that modders are at least using some of the assets that are in that mod for their own creations...I don't know if Rocky got around to finishing the SP. Do you NH ever play Africa Burning or any of those mission packs? I guess I never fixed Glass Frog(Guatemala...) to complete if ya won playing coop..if you want you can take a stab at it and release that fix...now there is a coop challenge...hope you get your PMod released. Keep the dream alive.
  7. What, no bridge map from P2? Just messin' with friend...looks good wombat, see what you can do to get it released,..hopefully the CENTCOM team would be open to some modding of their work this late in the game? you know I seem to recall that smoke and fire can be set with some parameters..or there are at least choices as to which effect file is used post explosion...been a long time since I looked into IGOR related affairs though...can you reach Phlookian? He might have advice...
  8. Right Hand, Sleeper, Jack57, El Oso...those four names alone can bring you many hrs of wonderment, and they merely represent the tip of the 'berg...I'll add another cause w/o him my desire to do an Unofficial Expansion Pack would never have seen the light of day...Phlookian. The folks one or all mentioned earlier also had great influence on that mod and/or all of my missions...the names begin flood into my mind...thanks to them all for helping to make GR what it is...
  9. Good to see you guys working hard on this, been a long time for me to play or do any work in IGOR, but I see the game and modding it are still alive and in good hands with you old timers and newer modders to boot. I can't even load my game on the newest machine cause I've lost the key and have to buy GR org at least...I saw that COG GOG or whatever they're called had it during the holidays for about 4 USD...maybe I'll dld it from them..my other discs DS n IT should work I guess.
  10. yea, like painting the rings on Corsair fans as I saw in a build vid on their site that was done with the green C70 case...might be best for the key board, but that mouse appears to be pretty awesome and is designed by BMW...I have two cheap(<30 USD each) Logitechs though that I like more than any Razer I have had and I've gone through three of those including the Bushmaster that lasted no time...so I'm skeptical about high end fancy nancy mice...course painting a keyboard would be a bit more involved...is there anything NOT on YouTube? ....I spoke with a kid at a store and we got discussing YouTube...I used green screen building as an example of how it seems there is nothing you can't find there and it turned out he was thinking of making one, so he went there and found all he needed to... I've seen a discussion on staining PC component parts with crafts dye..can't remember where though... did I mention I ordered a system test software? Its called Metro 2033 he he...$9.95 couple days ago, now $6.49 I've read in the GPU reviews that single card systems have a hard time with that one at ultra high resolutions...shoot, I can't wait to see the CoP mods S.M.R.T.E.R. Pripyat 0.41/AtmosFear 3.0 patched together with this stuff..the blow outs and Psi Storms are already awesome on my current rig. Then maybe smartphoneusr will finish 0.45 soon with all the access to older STALKER series maps and fan made maps as well not to mention new mutants, weapons to be found about the maps, and such...hat off to him...he's doing that massive mod alone... http://www.moddb.com/mods/smrter-pripyat/page/2#comments
  11. Dag! I wish I had read all these comments earlier! Been really busy having to get out of here by Halloween (we sold our family land holdings which my house is on)! Thanks for the suggestions/comments! I would have had to give serious consideration to your HDD suggestion Dannik, but alas, the 2TB is ordered... I ordered all the stuff but the PSU, I did find an 850W for half price if purchased from the mfg...it received a decent review over at Hardware Secrets so I'll probably order it... That Crucial 16GB 1866 kit seems popular! ...newegg had it, ran out, Amazon had it, ran out, newegg got more and reduced the price to $129.99, then so did Amazon at the same price...They got 5 kits in and I bought the last one of those in just a few days time... peripherals ordered - ASUS VG278HE 27" 3D ready monitor NVIDIA 3D VISION 2 kit those two things seem like a gamble at best, but I will get 144Hz/2 ms for 2D...wish I could afford a high end IPS...might have gone that way instead... possible additions - Well I have mice/keyboards lying about, but later I may get a Tt Sports Level 10 mouse if only cause it can be gotten in military green to match close to the case - back in the 70s we US Army pukes called that OD Green - as in " over dirt green" if we had a paint brush in hand... Tt Sports Meka GUNNIT keyboard in same green scheme...if it ever becomes available... OS - WIN 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit...currently have Win 7 Pro 64 on this machine, but it was a free upgrade from VISTA Ult back in '09...I was told by a technician at a Tiger Direct store that I could install that w/o registering it, then reinstall and register it or something like that, but I got lazy and bought the system builder version of Home....hopefully I'll be able to upgrade to Win 8 for cheap IF I want to go that way..unsure of that for now... gotta admit its hard not to take that mobo out and gawk at it...but I did get the manual out and am reading it while waiting for the other stuff to arrive and for the US gov, HUD namely, to get out of my way and let me close on my new place...2.5 acres with a permanently placed double wide built in 2008 for $43,000.00....OMG he's trailer trash! ... It was a foreclosure owned by above mentioned agency...I heard from my future neighbors that the previous owner hit a dog while pounding the throttle on his crotch rocket...no helmet!
  12. Yea, but I fear the engine may block the tele command from the vehicle...can you unload a team only? man I need to get back in IGOR and try to remember some of what I learned about scripting...
  13. Yipee! Today is the day for the US!
  14. Can you load the platoon on one then tele a team to some zone subsequently loading them on another helo?
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