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  1. thats coz predator, foxtrot, devil dog, lp4life and Sfwanabe are the same person, i think 4 of those accounts are banned ones too.
  2. Simba and Timon, not really pen tool ... just PS and using levels to darken the pencil outlines
  3. *cough*ididntbreaktheforum*cough* Work in progress, Lion King © Disney Scar and Simba with their Base colours on, and Scar's hair EDIT: now with eyes and such ...
  4. Wow, thats pretty awsome, and about the shading.. err is there dodging or burning tool in PSP? I just add another layer of shading on top of the colours, looks like thats what you did for your last work there. Great job. EDIT: Here's some tutorial on inking (digitally) and colouring Inking(Note this is only for Photshop) Basic cell shading using Paintshop pro Tips on shading and coluring using PSP 7 Enjoy
  5. Errmmm, just check up on deviant art, and I haven't tried PSP so i wouldn't know if it can work, I use Photoshop CS. EDIT: I added some Links in your topic Ben.
  6. Wacom pad... I wish... *dreams* anyways..yeah, pen tool in PS, i went over the pencil lines i scanned in.
  7. An incomplete fish, you still can see the pencil marks
  8. Click here First sketched with pencil, then scanned, outlined with pen tool and coloured in with PS. Didn't turn out too bad I guess, too bad the lines are all flat, couldn't find edge tipped brushes.
  9. Click Here The best star wars movie ever?
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