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SWEBAT 2005 - Progress Thread


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Thanks guys :D

Notice now though that I must of had one or 2 layers turned off in the texture when I rendered the Huey, there's a few small details that didn't make it in. I'll redo the renders whenever I can find the time.

Also got some weird problem with the texture ingame as it ends up very dark, almost black. Got some ideas what might be causing it and I'll investigate that as soon as I get a chance

@Zeko: Gave myself a 4000 poly limit on the model and it looked like I was going to be able to stay just under it for along time. Just stumbled on the finishing line when I added in the tarp, shovel and fire extinguisher <_< So it ended up at 4100 polys.

@TheBlakeness (HotPants): Go right ahead and add me mate. Never been the kind to mind ppl adding me to their list. Tell you what, you wouldn't want to see my ICQ list...it's HUGE! LOL

@D: I tried the 3DSM shading but it ended up looking alittle fishy in areas, probably because I have mirrored and overlayed the mapping for the main part of the fuselage. Only positive thing it did was creating a shadow on the outer skin where the cargo doors block lighting.

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Had the priviledge to have a peek at SWEBAT and.... boy does it look good!  :devil:

Anyone that's anticipating this mod: you won't be dissapointed. It's a treat..... :ph34r:

Ahhh i want to see it too!!! Snow buddy me wanna taste it too lol :)

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SWEBAT is in the pre-beta stage. We are in the process of putting the pieces together and a lot of changes will happen. Snow and I were pressured into an early release of XM8 and we have certainly learned our lesson from that one.

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Just a quick little update on the PBV302 APC, texture is now near 100% complete with just some minor turret details and some mud left to toss on. :D Hopefully I'll have this thing completed and running ingame before the week is over, that is if I can solve the problems with exporting it that I've run across :(



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Yea! Wonderful work there Snowfella. I think the texture on this one is even better than the CV9040 you made earlier. Like you said, some mud and dirt on this model, and you have a winner! How big is the polycount between? Looks like you have alot of details on it so I would guess at around 5000?

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Thanks guys :D Like all modders I love getting positive feedback :yes:

@Slink: I'll get it ingame and working eventually mate. Might just have to sit down and redo the whole tagging just to be sure I haven't missed anything.

@Biro: Biggest difference between this and the CV9040 I did earlier is that the CV was mainly photosourced with slight overpainting and this is 99% handpainted, only parts that are not handpainted are the glass in the headlights and the cable on the rear door. Polygon count is quite alot lower than 5000 though, comes in at just over 4100 polys :rocky:

@Mamon & SC: The bunny isn't really my idea, got pics of one of these in international service and it's got the bunny on the sides, same callsign and reg nummer too for that matter.

Swedes has a nasty tendency to personalise their vehicles, I've seen names ranging from "Enterprise" to "Lucifer" (guess who had "Lucifer" painted on the driverside door on his truck :whistle: )

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Nice to see you drop by Wolfsong, been a while!

Been playing around alittle with ingame with the PBV302's weaponry and troop carrying capacity today and I have to say it's murder to the poor tangos :devil:


Biiiig muzzleflash :rocky:

And some action shots from a distance


Inbetween the PBV's 20mm autocannon and the 6 uploaded solderies capable at firing from it the 12 poor tangos I placed in it's way only survived a few seconds. :o=

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