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  1. I guess Rocky put together that full 1.1 version, thanks for that! I'll stick it on my website to replace the 1.0 + patch files. As more time goes by I grow more fond of the good old days and don't want to lose track of the source files.
  2. Holy crap, is the dates right? 2008? Funny thing is we just added a script command to VBS2 for taking a screenshot, so the 35mm camera lives on I'll see if I can actually dig that 2.1 up, I trimmed the modworks area of baconbomb and destroyed a few things along the way, but should still have the offline mirror stored away though. Edit: Whoa, my spetznaz avatar is still there. That makes my day
  3. It's sorta backwards, chronologically. But pretty cool, and i mean that, because this is the first I've heard of it :-P Had to look around to find the source. Too bad they didn't use a real blog service like blogspot and let it run a while. http://www.armedassault.com/william/
  4. I heard it messed up MSN and Outlook for a bunch of people. Boo. Opera. I'm a convert and there's no turning back: http://opera.com/
  5. It's important not to speculate too much, here is the article that stemmed the RPG discussion. Obviously there are a lot of elements in an RPG, the focus here seems to be persistent worlds that react and remember.
  6. Hi. Andy Rooney himself has vehemently denied writing that. It's both sad and telling that some redneck with an internet connection had to pick a credible name to tag on that crap. And on the other side there's a lot of people who define themselves by some minority group and start screaming at the first hint of discrimination. Both extremes are as bad in my opinion.
  7. He's got some good ideas because... prohibition works. right? history shows what? The best and most interesting part is that he hason his website: and meanwhile that very army produced America's Army with US taxpayer money, a violent video game. And then, you can't really tax a free game can you?
  8. Thanks guys. @Rocky - info loss? the redesign was done with the assumption that anybody who is looking for the downloads already heard about the mod somehwere else and just needs quick links to download. i'm not trying to sell the mod to new visitors. specific details are in the readme.txt for install instructions etc. I'll fix the link for the SU patch, thanks for the heads up. I'll also add the downloads for Vympel and CdnOps2. @element11, the separate pages were justified back in the day, but now it's just too many links to follow. At the moment the main purpose of the site is to give an overview of projects I've made (for visitors who probably don't have the games installed anymore). Secondly give quick links to download the projects in case anybody actually needs that anymore.
  9. I've been thinking for a long time about removing the various websites I've had for RS/GR mods, because at this point there were too many sub-sections for too much unecessary information. But then I saw a really nice website by (for) graphic designer. It had no subpages, no intro, probably less that 100 words total, and you could get everywhere important with one click from the index page. Within a minute or two you had knew as much as you needed about the guy and his work. I tried something similar by making 'posters' with the best images from each project - a few of them turned out quite nice, others not so nice. So, in loving memory of baconbomb modworks: http://www.baconbomb.com/modworks/ If anybody knows where Vympel and CdnOps2 are still hosted, I'll update the links, though I doubt it'll be getting much download traffic.
  10. If you make it to Krakow, Wieliczka is open and worthwhile. I went there in February. http://www.muzeum.wieliczka.pl/pl/english.html And if you didn't know already, just south of the main tourist area inside Krakow's old town walls is Kazimierz, the Jewish Quarter which is being revived and now considered an attraction of the city.
  11. Those don't give a correct sense of proportions, i created my first ACOG reticule before I saw this:
  12. I guess you are confusing the init.sqs with init strings for each unit. Papa6 most likely wants the init.sqs which will always run at the beginning of a mission and doesn't need to be executed. Try this putting this text into a txt file named init.sqs : ; init.sqs ; View distance is 900 m by default in MP. ; We'll use 2000 for the pilot units and everyone else gets 1000 _vdist = 1000 ? player in [pilot_1, pilot_2, pilot_3]: _vdist = 2000 setViewDistance _vdist For this to work, you have to name the units and make sure those unit names are included where it currently says "pilot_1, pilot_2, ..." There's lots of different ways to do it, this should get you started.
  13. When in Krakow, make sure you visit Wieliczka, 20min to the south. It's like Moria, but with Poles instead of dwarves. It's a 900 year old salt mine and to burn out the dangerous methane gas pockets they used to send guys wearing wet clothing carrying a torch on a really long stick. And don't take the minibus there. A guy tried to sell me a ride there for about 100 zwotych when the regular bus costs just 1.5, just look for any bus that has Wieliczka in the front window. It's a shame you aren't going to the Czech Republic. I miss europe.
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