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  1. Nikon P900, 28-2000mm equivalent focal length lens and some digital zoom can indeed work wonders but comes with it's can of worms. It's a 4.3-357mm lens that "gains" that range through crop factor as it has an itty bitty little sensor and it's also a relatively slow lens so you would be hard pushed shooting darker scenes. Plus it's CDAF focusing so it's prone to hunting back and forth to gain a lock as opposed to PDAF in a DSLR that generally locks first try.
  2. No luck with my little friend, been taking shots of the above bird and it's offspring for over a year now but today he/she was nowhere to be found. Instead had a very relaxing time hunting some local Welcome Swallows, if you want to test your reflexes it's a worthy challenge!
  3. Looking it up it seems like it ought to mount and autofocus on a Canon body, had it been Nikon it would of been a whole other can of worms. It's an older design though (Sigma did 2 170-500mm lenses, one APO Aspherical and one APO DG...more or less same design but the DG had updated coatings on the elements) and won't have any form of optical stabilization. Will make it a handful to shoot handheld, bit lighter than my lens but at 1.3kg it's still a big lump of glass & plastic/metal to haul around and shoot. But from a tripod that's a moot point. Bit of a disclaimer, never used anything but
  4. Cheers Rocky. Shot it using my Sony A77 and a Sigma 150-500mm lens from a tripod. Usually "cheat" and let the camera figure out shutter speed using spot metering on the moon rather than try and dial it in by hand. This was 500mm, 1/400sec, F/8 and ISO100...near full moon so it's rather bright. Fired off 14 shots as quick as the camera could shoot them. Processing was rather simple. First a bit of a crop in Lightroom and exported all the files as full resolution jpg's. Next step really is the key, imported the lot into Registax (free astro stacking software) and combined them all together. A si
  5. Better late than never, gone from hobby modder to hobby photographer in the last few years. Mainly birder and landscape but having a long lens handy the moon is never to far away 12 image stack out of a 500mm lens, worst time of the month to get a moon shot as full moon = least contrast.
  6. Lets re-awaken this from the dead. Since giving up 3D work a few years back I've in the last year or so taken up bird photography quite by accident. Spending an afternoon in the local ER just over a year ago with luckily false heart attack symptoms prompted me to change a few things, like heading out for regular walks rather than turn into a couch potato. Bringing a camera along came naturally and in no-time I realized how fun chasing little things with feathers was. Only had an old Sony A350 and 200mm as longest lens at that stage but that's all changed with some new additions. Sony A
  7. 2 random's from the last week or so. First just a test shot using a recently bought classic Minolta lens that unfortunately turned up fungus infested, going to have to shell out to have it professionally cleaned Second one taken yesterday at a local botanical garden me and the wife stopped in at after having picked up another piece of vintage Minolta AF glass. Both taken with nearly 30 year old Minolta glass, 75-300mm "Big Beercan" for the first and 35-70mm "Baby Beercan" for the second
  8. Single shot from a trip up the mountains this week, was at the right place at the right time to capture some rainbow effects from one of the local falls. Got a heap more photos aswell but this is the only one I've run through some post work on, going to dig into the other ones this afternoon.
  9. Nice cholla and yucca's Led! I'd love to go for a visit to those parts of the states but that's just a pipedream that likely never will happen, I'll have to make do with my own little slice of desert in the backyard Here's a straight cut and paste from a post in another forum outligning this afternoons antics. Having recently picked up 2 older telezooms to go along with my long kitlens I figured that for and giggles I'd set them up side by side for a straight out of the camera comparison. They are more or less 3 decades worth of Alpha mount zoom's, only more or less as 2 were release
  10. Been a while since this thread was active, time to kick it back into life I guess. "new" camera gear I've added to the collection lately. 18-70 kitlens I had blew it's AF gears so I went ebay hunting. Added 2 more lenses aswell but these 2 are classic around 20 year old glass. Minolta 35-70mm f4 front and Minolta 70-210mm f4 at the back. 70-210 came with a busted aperature and needed some DIY surgery in order to come back to life again, just the aperature arm that had come loose from the iris pin so it was relatively simple.
  11. I'd have to dig through my old GR files to see if I can find it, though from memory it isn't hard to line up a holsterpoint properly as it simply snaps to a bone in the character skeleton. All you need is a character model with the helper placed and lined up with the bone, from memory it was the torso bone. Merge in the character and helper and rotate both untill the weapon sits where you want it to sit and then delete the character mesh. Leaves the helperpoint in the correct position.
  12. All you need is the old holsterpoint.3ds file or Earl's GR Handplacement tool. The holsterpoint one is a simple one step merge and you have a holsterpoint where it originally is in the game while Earl's tool easily lets you rotate it around to different positions.
  13. Yup, did most of the weapon models that have been shown to date plus a few other bits here and there.
  14. I surface now and again mate Got busy working for John Sonedecker so GR and other work went on the wayside.
  15. I wouldn't move any of the bones around to see if it's attached. They need to be where they are when you export or expect some funky results! Just move 1 frame forwards in the keyframe slider instead'
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