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  1. http://www.forcerecon.com/strongmenarmed3.htm
  2. Yes. Crye Associates are a really impressive company and I would love to see their prototypes under my christmasthree. A few hot tips: Crye Associates subdivision, Crye Precision is allready manufacturing and selling a lot of cool stuff. Just take a look here: Crye Precision Productspage. Also, the guy's at Militarymorons.com have also done some testing of Crye's gear: Page 1 of 3!!!!
  3. Tollen

    Mastering Swedish

    All right folks. Here is three really funny links. We swedes thinks it's really funny, and the best part is that these 3 shows are in english, for an english audience! mastering_swedish_-_lesson_1 mastering_swedish_-_lesson_2 mastering_swedish_-_lesson_3 Take the time to listen to them all and enjoy!
  4. Is this perhaps the HKM4? Since it doesn't have the dustcover, and since you are a wellknowned HK-fanatic it's my primary guess
  5. This seems like a really nice project Chems! But I hope for the poor SAS operatives sake that you haven't planned on letting them carry those heavy rucksacks all campaign long! Using the environmental setting, there shouldn't be any problems making them infiltrate the target area with the backpacks, run some mission daytime without them, and some nighttime missions with NOD's. Nice work Chems!
  6. Now you have: HK-Defense .PDF (XM8Inside) HK-Defense .PDF (XM8Outside)
  7. I'll be damned Wolfsong, never thought that about you! (just kidding ) And yes, to honour the day, we had a dinner with the battalion commander and they served hamburgers with fries. The humour in that: 2 golden stripes, or fries, for corpral; 3 for the swedish rank of furir (or sergeant in english), and as a staff sergeant you get a golden buckle with a star, i.e. the hamburger)
  8. As sweet work as ever SnowFella! That PTGB203 and PBV302 looks really lethal! //Staff Sergeant Toll Ps. By the way got promoted today! Ds.
  9. @Biro The "to white" pants are actually my fault as I did the teaxture. But I have actually seen such white camouflage, fresh from the supplychain that is. This snow-camo that we use are under evolution and all of those jackets that I have seen have been fresh new. As this campaign is thought to change from one season to another, well "o crap, it snows! Get us wintergear quick". That isn't as unbelivable as it sounds. Trust me on that one... @Whisper 44 It isn't you, it's Snowfella, as he have put a lot of love into that special piece of metal and plastic! You have to have one to understand it
  10. Well, I thought that I should wish you all a merry christmas the day before the 24 hour embargo of the Internet. This year have been quite busy and even if some people have expressed their concerns regarding me being alive, or if I've became polar bear dinner or something, I've sneaked into the thread once in a while to see and gasp upon the progress that have been made. Well, a merry christamas and a happy new year, god jul och gott nytt år, Frohe Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr, Feliz Navidad y una Feliz Año Nuevo, Geseende Kerfees en 'n gelukkige, Sretan Bozic. Vesela Nova Godine, to all you! <--- Me! /and I hope that my atempt here to translate "Merry Christmas and a happy new year" haven´t turned up any offensive phrases
  11. Subscription tough is another mather, that cost money. It's either that or you have to wait in line.
  12. Seeing http://www.skippyslist.com/, a retired Special Forces medic sent in these additional things you can't, or shouldn't try, in the army. Guard duty is not a license to steal. An FTX (Field Training Exercise) is not a fishing trip. An FTX is not a cross country skiing vacation. An FTX is not a place to take your bike. Running with a rucksack doesn't count when it's filled with your air matress. You don't tell the Sergeant Major (senior NCO man in a battalion) to jump and hold the rest of the stick because the wind is too high. You don't tell the battalion commander, who is talking to the mayor of Munich..."Make him an offer he can't refuse." You don't pull 2nd lieutenants ingrown toenails without anesthetic and insinuate they are pussies, if they sweat.
  13. A quickie Q m8: Why are the sights folded, that must be a real handicap Come on, you've always had at least a dozen different sights to every weapon you showed.... Come on, we know that you want to show us
  14. *giving this thread som CPR* Any news or new stuff regarding DYNACOMP and it's arsenal?
  15. Ohh hell.... Next tuesday I will be reporting for NBC training in Umeå (the NBC-protection school) and well, the gasmask is in the kit and all that. The worst thing is how people supposedly is vomiting due to CS exposure and all that. Well. I sincearly hope that I won't be the number 1 nor No.2 out from the gaschamber. (och ja, på K4 har vi inga NBC-anläggningar, det är därför vi skeppas till SkyddC, ett mycket mera praktiskt arrangemang jämnfört med att täta 20-manna tält och tvinga in folk i dom...)
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