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SWEBAT 2005 - Progress Thread


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As texturing, or more exactly creating a texture, is somewhat of my presonal pet hate I've decided to create all the vehicle meshes first and then texture them. Because of that it might just take a little while before I can show off these vehicles ingame. :(

Good news is that there only are 2 more meshes left to do and I'm already digging into one of them :rocky:

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Probably because there isn't much you can do about the layout of the GR hud ;)

We have more or less finalised the vehicle lineup for swebat now, it will be a massive mod when it comes to vehicles to say the least.

Currently there is only one vehicle completed but there are quite a few in works.

List of vehicles:


CV 9040C, Completed

PBV 302, in progress

PAtgb 203, in progress

Mercedes Benz 290GD, model completed but not textured

Polaris Ranger 6x6, model completed but not textured


Hkp9 (MBB BO 105), model in progress

Hkp11 (Agusta Bell 412HP), in progress

Hkp14 (NH90), in progress

And there will be a quick glimse of this,

FA 18 Hornet, model completed with minor tweaks left.

We can't take credit for the FA 18 model though as I found that on an aviation page over a year ago, I have applied a texture to it though as it was un-textured.

Did contact the webmaster to find out who made the model but he had no idea to its origin.

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I'm pretty much done with the Hkp9, just adding in the "dashboard" left. Did take some shotscuts and borrowed the pilot and his seat from the original Blackbird though.

Just a shame that doing that bumps the polygon count up some 1100 polys :angry: Was a nice 3000 polys before I tossed him in.


Sweden's answer to the Littlebird...Originally an antitank bird armed with TOW2 that I have used some artistic freedom on and removed the doors plus mounted external seats. :rocky:

Now to fix up a quick dashboard and then try to texture the outside with M90 camo.

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Even though I've pretty much have my hands full with testing out VBS1 I've still managed to get some time to start texturing the exterior of the helicopter model (interior is fully built and textured with dashboard textures from a real BO 105 bird), mainly focusing on the transparent parts. Still alot left to do though.

I've also remade the texture for the rear rotor giving it its proper 2 bladed rotor, all textures for the animation of it are done and linked.


And to give the external seats some styling I decided to make them as a strap mesh instead of solid seats.


With any luck I'll have a finished product to show early next week.


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Awesome stuff SF. Always liked the bird after I saw it in a documentary about heli pilots, in the case of the BO 105, German fliers. Gonna look great in-game.


This just in from Janes

Swedish NH90 mission system nears completion

The multirole Tactical Mission System (TMS) that Saab Tech is developing for the 18 Hkp14 (NH90) helicopters being acquired by the Swedish armed forces is in the final stages of design and development.

[Jane's Defence Weekly - first posted to http://jdw.janes.com - 14 May 2004]

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@Mike: unfortunately just the bird itself as we still have a long way to go before the mod will be completed :(

@Stewy: I acctually wouldn't have a clue if the Swiss use that bird, I do know that both Sweden and Germany uses it though.

@Slink: depends on how I tag it mate :devil: Might even make an air support version ;)

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Well, it might not be the finished product but atleast its ingame ;)

I just couldn't help myself again and just had to get this thing ingame to see if the model would hold up, its acctually fully mapped so I shouldn't have to touch the .max file any more just paint in the texture. :rocky:

Some ingame testshots, using original characters as passengers.




Click pictures for 1024x768 images.


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Looks sensational Snow - are the Swedish Choppers all green? Or are you going to put a cam on it?

Looks awesome - the standard of vehicles coming through from a number of Modders has taken GR to a new level! :yes:

As for the Swiss version, I think I'm thinking of the Alouette III, which is slightly different isn't it?

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