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  1. Many many moons ago, long before the First Men, I put some beer tokens into the hat for this game. The shock of seeing it available on Steam has made me a very happy man. I will now spread the word. Alleluia brothers.
  2. Simply brilliant. Maps are huge, well thought out and diverse. Personal favourite map is 'Seine Crossing' which, has the feel of WWII street fighting to it especially when battered about a bit. Writing from experience, you can get killed very easily just wandering about sight seeing. The graphics, due to the blue icons, look more GRAW than BF2 which, is not a bad thing. Made me feel at home. The various AA options and friendly air cover have put a stop to the 'copter domination of BF2. The air side of things normally fight amongst themselves and leave the grunts alone. You even have s
  3. I'm deeply hurt by that comment. p.s. But all the guns are bloody wrong tho
  4. I like the game a lot and mainly play 'Conquest'. The big maps are very nice after the 'Domination' maps of CODMW. My only real 'er ######' comes from why some guns have been made into left handed versions. I keep muttering on about why are the ejection openings on the wrong side.
  5. I have received my PC copy and I am very impressed with the game. The game plays and feels like Ghost Recon so I'm a happy soldier. The graphics are excellent (I have 2x8800 SLI). The audio is spot on and the voice messages are very acceptable. None of the bizarre robot speak of ArmA2 As a confirmed Co-Op player I was even pleased with the few MP non-Co-Op games I've played. 'Run & Gun' seemed to be, and rightly so, dead and buried. And, I saw no bunny hoppers! My only minor disatisfaction, and it is a very minor one, is the 'overtones' the guys above have mentioned. If it's a
  6. I'll follow DS lead and borrow Rockys headers. 1. Tactical - Non-linear, access ALL areas, tactical play based on large maps. 2. Team play - Above and beyond anything else a game has it has to have the ability to be played co-op. Real co-op as evidenced by the tournaments not just catering to PvP. 3. Realism - Compared to the current breed of games GR lacked the visual but it still stands head and shoulders above the rest solely on its ambience. If you have to resort to vehicles then make the vehicle options viable to SF troops. Flying aircraft and gunships is quite a distinct bra
  7. Been the same since the dawn of time. Society likes to have it's heroes but it also finds them an embarassement on many levels. Read the histories of how societies have treated it's returning war veterans from the legions to the present day. Been ever thus. Rudyard Kipling covered it in 1890 with "Tommy". As pertinent today as it was then. I went into a public-'ouse to get a pint o' beer, The publican 'e up an' sez, "We serve no red-coats here." The girls be'ind the bar they laughed an' giggled fit to die, I outs into the street again an' to myself sez I: O it's Tommy this, an'
  8. @ Zebb Get it mate, it'll be a SIM based around building a "new military theater" in Bovington. Some of the fights in the old theatre there were pretty intense.
  9. Outstanding work Brett. Just think, with characters that looked like yours, more maps and some decent coop gameplay GRAW2 could have been a winner.
  10. If there is a shotgun fixation doing the rounds perhaps a SPAS-15 might do the trick.
  11. Real life imitating art? Anyway, Happy New Year! By God, I'm drunk!
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