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Well, I think most users here have accounts either on BFS or BIS forums (like I do), where most discussion is going on.

But, in fact, the users in this forum are a bit divided: pre-Future Soldier users and post-Future Soldier users. The second group is pretty happy with the game they are currently playing, and probably don't even visit the other subforums, and I can't blame them for that, lol.

Apart from that, a good share of the BFS forums is populated by GR.NET members. So, I'd say this community is pretty interested in GB, but prefer to discuss about it on it's own forums.


Edit (June 19th)

So, there's already an article on joystiq, and now rockpapershotgun picked up Ground Branch too. It's really helping the kickstarter campaign!

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KS Update:


We have heard the message loud and clear and are happy to announce that we are going to offer ALL of our Kickstarter backers that pledged from the minimum $15 reward up, the Singleplayer/Co-Op portion (with advanced AI) of GROUND BRANCH for FREE. Every copy of the game gets this; So for example, if you get a FIRETEAM EDITION then all 4 copies will be eligible for the additional release.

This will be available some time after the initial release that will include full multiplayer (objective-based TvT, PvP) and core single player/co-operation gameplay (e.g. terrorist hunt against bots) from the start.

Let the world know so that we can all enjoy GROUND BRANCH!"

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small update


Combine leaning blends with the existing crouch/stand blends and you get your RavenShield style fluid stance. (click for video)

Head tracking – via TrackIR or Kinect (or Oculus Rift icon_smile.gif ) – adds another way for people to precisely control their stance.

Using this analogue approach is handy, but not all that natural or quick. In reality, it is easy for a person to quickly match their head and body position to peek around – and over – what ever obstacle they choose, with out exposing too much. To help with that, we are using checks based on a players surroundings, weapon position and underlying stance.

For example, to peek around a corner, press E with your weapon down – you’ll lean just enough to expose your right eye and get a good field of view.

To lean and shoot, press E and bring your weapon up – you’ll lean a bit further out then before to accommodate your weapon and let you take the shot.

In addition to the programming changes, related animations are also being reviewed and updated as need be. We’re trying to avoid awkwardly bending the character at the waist and go for a more full body oriented lean from the legs up.

Being a feature that will be utilised often, we feel it is well worth the effort.

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Yeah I can't wait til 2015 when this game will be released. Its gonna be TOTALLY AWESOME.

Well. They tried to do a kickstarter thing and some people were keen while some people refused to support it and went out of their way to poopoo Ground Branch because said persons wanted to see more. And that is silly considering the number of other games and whatnot that get massive support with just a bunch of hype and nothing at all to show.

There is no sarcasm when I say that I want to see Ground Branch succeed. I just wish that more people wanted the same thing.

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Yeah I can't wait til 2015 when this game will be released. Its gonna be TOTALLY AWESOME.

Sarcasm is really not appreciated Crash, posts like that just lead to arguments. If you want to start something like that, go to the source, you know I don't like arguments like that here.

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It was a bomb shell when it was posted but after reading and a lot more explanation it does make user sense.

The news section has a lot more now.

NEWS PAGE. http://www.groundbranch.com/ one major one was the different stances that will be available, why so many and the reasons given. Stance. http://www.groundbra...ions/#more-1366.

Some have doubts about the game coming out, I would say this no one man works on a game for so many years just to give up, when the end is just around the corner.

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