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  1. Just a lack of animations at the moment. The MP5 is actually using the M4 motions right now and that one has the offhand index finger out along the rail when in lowready. Weapon specific animation work has just begun yesterday.
  2. There it is!!!!! Send me your address.... I'll ship you a free Ground Branch T-Shirt just so you can remember me since you won't be following the game anymore. Seriously.
  3. Ummm... Others took it off track by adding GB to the discussion not me. Then GB got the standard trash talk that it does here so I simply do what I can to protect the integrety of myself and my intelectual property. That is all. Moving on......
  4. Fine with me. Oh, if you're going to respond to part of my post please acknowledge the rest of it that actually pertains to the conversation. Sure why not... I fully understand the opionion that Cpl Ledanek wrote and simply offered up my view on it. No excuses or twisting of words, just how I viewed it. By the time we tried a Kickstarter, KS was well on its way with multiple projects asking for and recieving over $500,000. It had already become a place where projects larger than the $50k and under type were prevelant. So us coming in and asking for such an amount was neither unheard of nor unusual. Although, a lot of the people that did take interest in the project simply did not understand the unique approach of Kickstarter and what it was all about. They chose to nitpick the project and worry about what wasn't there instead of embracing what was and what could be. Anyway, I fail to see why you think I was avoiding his viewpoint.
  5. It will be shipping on multiple platforms this year, at least according to the press release that their new publisher put out. I'm sure we'll hear more details during E3. http://www.gamasutra.com/view/pressreleases/186743/505_Games_Joins_Forces_With_Serellan_To_Bring_TheirKickstarterfunded_Tactical_Shooter_To_The_World.php Cool... missed that one. Probably because he got banned for stating his opinion on your website. No, that was you. And it wasn't for an opinion, but personally attacking other forum goes and staff. Lets not go down this road again please.
  6. Why must you always misrepresent and trash me twcrash? Not exactly sure why you have a grudge. We started doing some initial design stuff to try to sell the idea to a publisher in 2008. No money, just the idea and some the hope that our background carried weight. It didn't. Then production went off and on for a few years as best we could while working full time jobs, all the while trying to find funding. I have a family to support and for various reason have not been able to crack that funding nut, so I have to work many long hour contract jobs. It's just life. No hidden agenda, no conspiracy and certainly no blame for others. As for the KS, I put forth an in depth plan and a true represenation of the costs involved to make the game as it was presented. Nothing more, nothing less. Serellan took a different approach and put forth a goal to get enough money to produce a Alpha build to use to achieve further funding. It also can not go undaid that the Playstation SOCOM community stepped up in a big way for Takedown because they promised a console version of the game at some point. We made it very clear there was no console game in the plan. When will a console Takedown come out? No one knows. One is not right or wrong, just different approaches. I can guarantee you that when Takedown is complete, they will have spent a lot more money than I had spec'd out for GB. What would have happened if he didn't get any further funding? I'm sure there would be a lot different conversations going on. Christian decided to take a risk that I was not willing to do and it paid off for him. As for "sticker shock"... that one really boggled my mind. Everyone knows that AAA games like this take $10-50mil to make so how $400k "blew people's minds" I have no idea. As for the donations a few years ago.... I recieved about a total of $900 in all. That has paid for web site hosting so far. Not something I would look at as anything significant or noteworthy.
  7. That program has changed so much I wouldn't even know how to get around in version 5!
  8. Cool stuff! If I could get the mod tools to work in a modern version of 3dsMAX I would make some new maps. Anone ever try to decompile the old exporter?
  9. It's a game so I would think FUN would be implied.
  10. In our effort to better shape our plan for Ground Branch moving forward, we put together a quick survey that we would appreciate people taking if you have the time. It's only 6 questions and shouldn't take more than a minute or two. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8JWQGPP Thanks for your continued support!
  11. Don't worry... we are working out the details for moving forward. Should be available soon.
  12. I would just like to thank those that supported us during the Kickstarter. And also give a special thanks to Rocky for helping to promote it here! Time to regroup and figure out the best path to move ahead.
  13. It was 35 days in total. There has been a lot of research done that found 30-35 day was the best time period by far. I did 35 to help cover the E3 week. In hindsight maybe pulling back and starting it now instead of then would have been better. Who knows.
  14. It's all good. I appreciate even the good thoughts. Again... no worries. And I'd like to give a public appology to you directly. I know all you were trying to do was help. So sorry for letting frustration get the best of me.
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