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  1. Cheers pz3, some very good prizes I like the ICRC one, that would be well cool.
  2. Hi, Guys, yes its real cool. This year maybe will change our dreams about gaming into reality.
  3. I found this on the UBI site its date this year. Dedicated WXP Borg Hive Medic Station Den Recon Chile FEAR - HOST Heros - 100Mbit Server Force [DK-F]{A&O}Nuraghe* Naked Dwarfs **TEK*SERVER OGR WAR-Zone SóloMatch
  4. Decker I think the server situation has not been resolved yet, I am sure it will be soon though. There are a few Teams with servers around, 9MS is one http://www.9mansquad.com/ I expect there are a couple more around too.
  5. Colin

    UDK editor

    I have been dropping hints for ages but he wont bite, but one good thing is he has done it, and its UDK so can be used for more than one game. This alone is great news, so we can have the best of both worlds
  6. Colin

    UDK editor

    I told you, you would be fine. amazing work good job Tink love it. PS try find a way to finish that Moscow map. Please.
  7. Hi Tink yer, on my system MSI GT 780DXR WINDOWS 8 ULTIMATE. Game was crashing, but the other main problem I had was I just hated the new interface I`m afraid I am a desktop man. So with these two things I uninstalled it and put on Win7. Now all is fine in the world. Windows 8 will not be for me.
  8. I havn`t been here too much over the years, been on the GB site waiting for that one game that comes along every few years although its been more than just a few now. I poped in last night to post about a problem with GR1 and Windows 8 and I got it sorted. Well the thing is this is the first place I thought of and typed into my search engine. Its one thing that has always been here, ok it`s changed over the years and become a huge monster of a forum, but you can still come here and get answers to a game that is years old. I stayed a while and had a read. I just wanted to say thanks Rocky for keeping it going. This place keeps the game alive it is still a fantastic game.
  9. It was a bomb shell when it was posted but after reading and a lot more explanation it does make user sense. The news section has a lot more now. NEWS PAGE. http://www.groundbranch.com/ one major one was the different stances that will be available, why so many and the reasons given. Stance. http://www.groundbra...ions/#more-1366. Some have doubts about the game coming out, I would say this no one man works on a game for so many years just to give up, when the end is just around the corner.
  10. Well Ghost Recon does work with windows 8 and it looks great too. The problem was the file on the disk, not the game or the OS. Thanks Chris for the help. As far as W8OS goes if you like 7 stay with it.
  11. Yes on now. I think there is a way round it just need to do some leg work.
  12. Hi guys, well my old PC packed up the other day and I got a new Laptop with Windows 8 I know yuk. Well GR 1 CD installs fine but DS gets to 36% and I get this failed to read Data.Cab Cyclic bla bla. Tried the normal load file to Dtop but same error at the same place. Also re installed using windows xp setting, it worked fine on xp and windows 7. I have a feeling it might be a Drive error and not a disk error but what do you guys think. ??
  13. Why do a survey just visit this place they will have all the answers they could ever want. Too easy though.
  14. Ground Branch is not meant to be a game for the masses, it is a game that fills a void. A lot of people miss a slow pace thinking mans game that is team orientated that what GB is. The game is not trying to be COD/AA/etc. The comment about fun all games are fun no matter what the title is, it is the individual that makes it fun as part of a team you can have a lot of fun. People will always like this type of game, because it is different. It sets itself apart from other titles. This forum is full of posts re please bring back the old style of play, as in GR/ Rainbow, Ground Branch will do that.
  15. Seven nights a week, different game types on certain days. Unless a few people on want a certain game type, but the settings should be returned to default when that is over. There are not many GR dedi servers these days, people need to respect that and the players in the server as well.
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