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My pleasure guys!

Sorry for letting the project go dark for a bit, but due to outside contracting there just wasn't time or resources to make timely progress on the project. And forum discussions had already run their course a couple times over. I don't believe in trying to drum up hype unless there is something to hype up.

Anyway, it's good to be engaging the communities again. :thumbsup:

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Since the other thread was closed to keep things in one, I'll address here.

twcrash said:

"Yeah well calling me a hater is a bit much.I mean if you are gonna act like you did something great by releasing an alpha after 5 years and expect me to go Oooo you are mistaken. I am very skeptical tho. I see that Allen guy doing it before you guys ever do. Copying him with the kickstart thing is a good start tho. I mean if you cant beat em copy em. And I gotta be honest I looked at your screenshots and I think the RVS 2.0 mod looks better than the screens you posted with the MP5's Your other screen look like Amerca's Army 3 (which is how many years old now) and I think the video looks like a mod someone did for ArmA 2. "

And you think calling you a "hater" was a bit much? You sure sound like one. I don't know why people seem to think we are a big studio that has worked on this game full time non stop for 5 years. Doesn't anyone read anymore... or do they just skim items and draw conclusions without any critical thinking? It's good to be skeptical in today's world, but it's also good to know the facts.

I'm friends with Christian and won't be drawn into an us vs. them situation, but you seriously think I am coming in "after" him? The guy has an idea and a sales pitch and barely made his goal... only thanks to some fancy celebs last minute tweets. not to mention his goal with the KS was never to make the game with the money, but to set up his studio and get more funding. Good for him, but to somehow think that that path gets him more chance of completing a project is crazy. Our only problem over the past few years has been money. I have sunk 10's of thousands of my own money into this and simply reached a point where we wanted to move at a full time pace and that needs external funding. That is why we are where we are today. So your "if you can't beat them copy them" remark has no merit.

And knocking the screenshots is a textbook way to knock something just for the sake of knocking it. Seriously, it's the first line of attack for someone with nothing to fall back on. I'll put it to you... find me a screenshot of RVS 2.0 or AA3 that betters, or even compares to ours. I know your just trolling, but you caught me in a good mood. :thumbsup:

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Don't really like jumping into arguments when I'm not sure of the details, but when you say

'if you can't beat them copy them'

Is that supposed to mean Sonedecker is copying Serellan's ideas? If anyone's copying anybody, it's Serellan, because I just heard about his little project a few weeks ago. The BFS forums have been around for quite a while and so has there project.

Secondly, I don't think you can really say that America Army screenshots are better than GB when GB isn't even released yet. I would think textures and graphics would be improved as they moved along, and a pre-release beta screenshot is definitely not the finished thing. When I post pictures of my mod's weapons, that doesn't mean this is what you're getting.

You might be a little more considerate of BFS considering they're trying to give us a decent FPS game for once. I'm actually more interested in Sonedecker's project than Serellan's. We've actually got some proof of realism and much more details on it. But then again, Serellan just started his project. On the other hand, Serellan's game is reminding me too much of the Ghost Recon series, which is so terrible (not the first one of course) that I can't really get too excited about it yet.

I really don't think that a 'which one is better' or 'this looks better than that one' competition is really necessary here.

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Well I'll say i'll wait to see. I mean you were part of a team that did bring a few of (in my opinion) greatest games ever made. hey, prove me wrong and i'll eat the crow. And nothing to this date is "GResque"

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Fair enough. I would hope that my actual real experience and past accomplishments would garner some acknowledgment that I know what I'm doing (and I see you have). :thumbsup:

I can appreciate the wait and see stance and am confident that as you wait, you will be pleased with what you see.

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the vision was always there with GB, and faith in the producer, thats why ppl were prepared to put money up front in the hope that it would help BFS make the dream a reality.

but money is the key and ppl have to support families first before all else.

so jsonedecker, still hope that your dream. our dream. becomes a reality one day.

and i have noticed things moving forward more rapidly on the site of late. so good luck and i hope that big financial boost to see this project to fruition comes soon.

and I also hope Serellan gets his baby up too.

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