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  1. Looks interesting I'll have to try it out. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. im not sure I have that one. What was it called when zipped up? I have a ton of addons for VBS1 stockpiled.
  3. OK just reupped USAL to G Drive without any archiving or compression. Someone wanna test it for me? Here ya go: VBS2 Lite U.S. Army
  4. Happy New Year! May 2022 be better for us all!
  5. This is a reply to an aging topic so excuse me if it isn't allowed. I just reinstalled OGR via Steam and it is working flawlessly! I can say I forgot just how damn hard this game actually was(is). I just completed my first Firefight and have yet to complete a mission! I did a few Recon tries and got my butt handed to me. I forgot how fun this game is and even after all these years it still kicks butt. Anyways currently it's only GRPA and AFZ Firefights installed but am having a blast with just those.
  6. shakes the cobwebs off the bones... may have to install something..... awesome.......
  7. This is gonna be a long one sorry in advance. Read below about hardware requirements for DX12. I doubt any Win8.1 based machines had (I use had since now Windows10 machines are being built and sorry to tell you alot of them are recycled Windows 8.1 machines rebranded) DX12 hardware in it. It probably has todo with the fact you are learning how to tune your own system better. Not to be mean but you have complained over the last couple months about Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 not running correct, or installing stuff you don't like or nt installing stuff you liked or invading your privacy yadda yadda yadda. Simple fact is GR does not run any better on DX 12 especially since only 1 or 2 cards support DX12 natively. Also GR doesn't have the built in items that would be needed to take advantage of by a DX12 based card. Frame rate is tied to monitor as much as your system. Example is my monitor is maxed at 70 Mhz. Meaning it will only refresh max 70 FPS before it starts doing what they call "half frames" and I start seeing screen tearing. So I have made it a habit of limited my frame rates to match my monitor and believe it or not, my gaming experience has gotten smoother. When it does half frames you actually get the next frame showing before the previous frame finishes. Also using GR as an example. What do I gain playing it in 1920x1080? absolutely nothing except extremely smaller hud icons, command map etc. because the game doesn't make the textures any better for me at that resolution. So I crank them down to something in the 720 range. I could go even lower since I don't think GR is even 480p EDTV anyways. This frees up GPU resources for when I do those 200 Tango Hunts on the laggiest GR maps lol. I also do this for other games as well. It is amazing the framerates I get when I lower from 1080P to 720P. And the resolution has nothing to do with texture detail I see BTW. The first thing to understand is that DirectX feature levels aren’t the same thing as DirectX point updates. A point update (DirectX 10.1, DirectX 11.1 / 11.2) is an additional set of standardized capabilities that allow developers to perform certain tasks more efficiently or offer specific capabilities. DirectX 10.1, for example, implemented new standards for visual quality, new shader instructions, and support for cube map arrays. It wasn’t a significant enough update to define an entirely new version of DirectX around it, but it was a large enough step to warrant its own extension. A DirectX feature level, in contrast, defines the level of support a GPU gives while still supporting the underlying specification. This capability was first introduced in DirectX 11. Microsoft defines a feature level as “a well defined set of GPU functionality. For instance, the 9_1 feature level implements the functionality that was implemented in Microsoft Direct3D 9, which exposes the capabilities of shader models ps_2_x and vs_2_x, while the 11_0 feature level implements the functionality that was implemented in Direct3D 11.” In terms of GR It didn't have Direct3d 11 implemented into it so all those "features" of DX11 won't be used. The issue has been further confused by claims that Maxwell is the only GPU on the market to support “full” DirectX 12. While it’s true that Maxwell is the only GPU that supports DirectX 12_1, AMD is the only company offering full Tier 3 resource binding and asynchronous shaders for simultaneous graphics and compute. That doesn’t mean AMD or Nvidia is lying — it means that certain features and capabilities of various cards are imperfectly captured by feature levels and that calling one GPU or another “full” DX12 misses this distinction. Intel, for example, offers ROV at the 11_1 feature level — something neither AMD nor Nvidia can match.
  8. shakes head.. i give up.. we can never just be happy it runs lmao. Umm if a game doesn't support DX12 I have some news for you. It ain't running any better on DX12 as it did on DX8 or 9.0c
  9. lol what? explain a little more maybe someone can help
  10. See if Privacy Badger can help you guys. you can blacklist sites you get redirected to and it should fix that issue from what I hear. Take a look at it at least and see if it helps. Stopped me getting ads from one site I visited appearing on other sites. https://www.eff.org/privacybadger
  11. and in all fairness we or I did post it in the Steam forums as well and it got copied a few different times so it should be there as well.
  12. yeah there is a thread on this fix already I personally had this issue a few months back and it was figured out by the community then. Good looking out tho.
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