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  1. This is gonna be a long one sorry in advance. Read below about hardware requirements for DX12. I doubt any Win8.1 based machines had (I use had since now Windows10 machines are being built and sorry to tell you alot of them are recycled Windows 8.1 machines rebranded) DX12 hardware in it. It probably has todo with the fact you are learning how to tune your own system better. Not to be mean but you have complained over the last couple months about Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 not running correct, or installing stuff you don't like or nt installing stuff you liked or invading your privacy yadda
  2. shakes head.. i give up.. we can never just be happy it runs lmao. Umm if a game doesn't support DX12 I have some news for you. It ain't running any better on DX12 as it did on DX8 or 9.0c
  3. lol what? explain a little more maybe someone can help
  4. See if Privacy Badger can help you guys. you can blacklist sites you get redirected to and it should fix that issue from what I hear. Take a look at it at least and see if it helps. Stopped me getting ads from one site I visited appearing on other sites. https://www.eff.org/privacybadger
  5. and in all fairness we or I did post it in the Steam forums as well and it got copied a few different times so it should be there as well.
  6. yeah there is a thread on this fix already I personally had this issue a few months back and it was figured out by the community then. Good looking out tho.
  7. OK start over.. uninstall your ghost recon. Scan your system for anything wonky (Malware etc) Install your Windows updates if you haven't Update your video drivers Install Ghost Recon in this order: Ghost Recon Desert Siege Island Thunder Patch 1.4 Run the game If it crashes is it under Steam? if it is disable the overlay and start it again. If it still crashes drop the 3 dll's into the main GR folder And start again You can try and run in Compatibility mode but it should work. If it still crashes I would almost bet it ant the game from that point. Something machine wise. I wo
  8. I.. am not sure what to tell you besides hit up the download section. They are alot of things there that you should look into. I would start with maybe Heroes Unleashed. It has a few weapons... I think lol.
  9. try dropping these dll's in the main GR folder. It can't hurt because Windows 8.1 and up doesn't install 9.0c which was a problem for most of us with Windows 10 issues. You can get them here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-qGIsrjq9B6NkQ3SFRLc3NvZXM These are off my G Drive and removed from ENS Series mod located on these forums (If you don't want to trust my download) Anyways hopefully that does it.
  10. twcrash

    DA 4.9

    yeah not trying to diminish your wanting to play but there are some great mods and gametypes out there. If are serious about GR I would suggest the flashdrive set Rocky is offering. It is the best thing you can purchase to enhance your GR fun. I also hope you recover quick as well.
  11. twcrash

    DA 4.9

    Not to beat a dead horse but Seawolves used to play this mod and if this is your style of game then you can find it if you look hard enough. Problem with it is that once you play it you lose all sense of gameplay and tactics. I watched guys who were great DA4.9 players get humbled by playing non super weapon mods like Navy Seals,CENTCOM and Bloodoil. They thought they were bigtime GR players and simple weapons made them rage quit many games. These more realistic mods make you work to achieve a positive outcome and are way more gratifying, where DA4.9 lets you have a P90 that shoots like a snip
  12. I just watched Jeza play a couple rounds via steam. And it seemed really easy to setup and do. Check out steampowered.com
  13. Ok what am I doing wrong because I can't seem to find it when I start the game. All I see is a mission and a Content file. What is it list as under missions?
  14. You're dealing with a game that in all intents and purposes was built when there were no refresh rates over probably 70 Mhz. I run a monitor that is 1920x1080 @70 Mhz and it is fine. I would assume that is the issue. And a heads up for everyone else who thinks that a 15 yr old game should adapt to new hardware, it ain't gonna happen. You either figure a way it works or you don't play it. We are lucky the game still plays as well as it does. If it was up to Apple nothing would work after a couple OS upgrades. Which are only a 1/3 of that amount of time. Here is a pretty good article on Ref
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