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  1. Our soft release is no quite as soft as planned. Oh well. Yes, we've released the tech demo (finally). The tech preview is freely available right now. No multiplayer support. No AI. It helps us get an idea how she runs on multiple systems. That's all you get for 7 years...
  2. New post and just to be different, a couple of in-game videos:
  3. 2 engines, 1 kickstarter, but who's counting? Greenlight is weird... no one but Valve seems to have any idea how a game actually makes the cut. Votes don't seem to matter. Valve early access is interesting, but I think that like you, Valve wants to look at and play with something first. As do we, but we went and did a DNF by swapping engines Worth it though... honest!
  4. For anyone who backed the Ground Branch Kickstarter, be sure to check your email for a KS update and help us out by filling in the included survey.
  5. Support is a major factor for any game, which decent mod support can help with. Whether a patch or mod can be created that will make it playable and make people forgive its very poor launch, who knows...
  6. A bit late, but we're done with another update. Shows off the in-progress, but fairly decent, doors. Quickie... doors are opening.
  7. Another update - getting there, slowly Quickie… behind closed doors.
  8. Shared this with John a while back. Apologies if this has been posted here before: tl;dw - Pimp yourself like crazy. You are your product.
  9. The SOCOM community got behind Serellan, much to the annoyance of many old-school tactical FPS lovers (myself included). Even with that support, Takedown struggled, right up to the end and got lucky with various posts/tweets/what have you by 'high profile' people. Ground Branch did remarkably well - more then $100k with out major endorsements or compromising on its vision. I'd imagine it would have done better if there were less naysayers and more people willing to put a little bit of money where their mouths were. To finish, should I give a who twcrash is? They appear to do nothing but stroke their own ego and whine at people.
  10. General skeptisism is to be expected by the tactical gaming crowd. We've all been burnt before. Moving on. I've posted another semi-weekly update. Commands and key bindings.
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