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  1. Nice interview. Interview was done by WhiteKnight Also, as announced today, they've got an AI guy on board to help develop the AI framework for Ground Branch and the Unreal Engine.
  2. A roadmap has been posted online, giving an idea what they want to implement for the Early Access Steam build. You can view it here: https://trello.com/b/Th9370Gy/ground-branch-roadmap It's still being tweaked and changed where needed, it's not a list of everything, but the global goals and features they want to have for the EA build should be in there.
  3. I must admit GR is starting to be a go to game within my collection atm. Haven't played it for a long time, but it still is a great classic and doesn't get old, especially with all the custom content I never touched. Love the SP missions as well, so maybe I'll just play all the mods mentioned in this thread for the upcoming years or two combined with regular co-op sessions with Tangodown members. Still so much valuable content available to enjoy. Didn't expect, after all these years, that GR would still be so enjoyable
  4. Tactical community, http://www.tangodown.nl Currently we play mostly Arma, but I like to bring back some classics like oGR
  5. Sounds good! We will be playing our first mission next week, at least that's the plan. Can't wait! After browsing the download section and playing with GR a bit I'm really pumped Mind you, I never played GR in co-op or MP. I always played stock SP, I never knew there was this whole modding scene going on (until 2006 or so). And I also never really "saw" this Multiplayer button in the main menu lol. But never got back into the game, so never got into this MP and customization thing with GR.
  6. I'm currently checking the suggestions above. Just to be sure, for CENTCOM, there are several patches on the download page. http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=538 There is a patch 1 "v3.0" and a patch 2 "no version number". BUT in the description there is also a patch, "v3.0". Should I just apply the v3.0 patch, even though it's "patch 1", or do I need to do something with patch 2 as well (which has no version number)?
  7. Awesome, so many goodies. Thanks for the suggestions!
  8. Awesome, sounds good! Thanks for the recommendations. Will look into it right away
  9. Hey guys, I always played GR without any mods. Now I want to organize a weekly coop session to play one of the many available custom campaigns over at Tangodown and I'm looking how to create the best experience. As in, what are the top must have mods if you were playing this game for the last time? I'm looking for a great custom campaign and maybe some additional mods graphics wise or weapons wise. Any veteran tips greatly appreciated! I might try to see if I can get the lightspeed 2007 tournament stuff maybe? Sounds good and I like the setting
  10. KS Update: "WE ARE ADDING SP/CO-OP FREE TO BACKERS We have heard the message loud and clear and are happy to announce that we are going to offer ALL of our Kickstarter backers that pledged from the minimum $15 reward up, the Singleplayer/Co-Op portion (with advanced AI) of GROUND BRANCH for FREE. Every copy of the game gets this; So for example, if you get a FIRETEAM EDITION then all 4 copies will be eligible for the additional release. This will be available some time after the initial release that will include full multiplayer (objective-based TvT, PvP) and core single player/co-operation gameplay (e.g. terrorist hunt against bots) from the start. Let the world know so that we can all enjoy GROUND BRANCH!"
  11. Developer walkthrough with commentary:
  12. Yes, let's get this thing funded! This is what we've been waiting for all those years. This is what we've been pleading for at Ubisoft to no avail. This is your chance to bring back the Ghost Recon experience and so much more!
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